December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!!!!

hey!!! sorry i haven't posted in a while!!! Merry christmas!!! it is almost 2005!!! hopefully i will be able to accomplish my resolutions. i will post them when i know them!!! anyway i have had a christmas. i got a lot that i wanted. i got a digital camera!!! i have already taken some pictures of Murphy. i will post them when i get them off my camera. i got princess diaries 2. some giftcards. lots money. i didn't get a lot but i didn't exactly want a lot. but i got money and giftcards to buy what i want. and i had said that i didn't want any clothes so i didn't get any. i think we might go shopping this weekend. i want to get another pair of jeans. i got some jeans at the beginning of the school year that are very comfortable. i want to get another pair. and some more shirts but i am so picky so i want to go pick them out myself. i am going to go up to college station with my best friend Robin when she moves back in and stuff. we will definitly go to Freebirds!!!! and maybe we will tour around. it will be fun!!! 18 days until school starts. i can't believe it. i am going to go figure out where my classes are during the 18 days i have left. and i might get my books.

December 22, 2004

harry potter!!!

harry potter and the half blood prince is coming out july 16!!!!!

family is a pain

i hate it when people get on you about your faults. i know i need to lose weight. i don't need to eat salad all the time or drink water all the time. at lunch today i was going to just have a sandwich and then andrew says that we need to get ride of the lasanga we had last night so we can go shopping for the food for christmas and so i was like ok i will have that instead. so i get a peice and warm it up and i sit down and get ready to eat and then grandma was like you should have a salad instead. well we don't have salad!!! and then they were like you should drink water instead of milk. and they get all on me about my weight and hello??? i am not a rabbit!!!! that is what rabbits eat!! i eat salad but not all the time!! and you know what? whenever something has been eaten like in between meals or whatever it is always blamed on me because i am the fat one!!!! you know what?? i maybe fat but i don't eat junk in between meals expecially cookies. my dad had gotten the fudge mint oreos or something the other day and yesterday we opened the box up and the first row of cookies were gone!!! and who gets blamed for it!!! ME!!!! it isn't fair because i didn't even know that we even HAD them until they were pulled out!!! and everbody was saying that they didn't eat them and i didn't either.... someone is lying and letting me get blamed for it!!! just because i am fat!!! you know i don't eat tons of junk! i just have a really REALLY slow metablism and it is really hard for me to lose weight. it doesn't just fall off. and i really hate it when people are like so how much weight have you lost or are you working out or similar questions. it not like i sit around being a slug. and then last night my dad was like yeah she sleeps until 11am but i don't sleep that late!! i have been getting up at 8am every morning!!! (or around there but certainly not that late) but i get up between 8-9 am!! it is like everyone thinks that i am the worst kind of person in the world but i don't think i am that bad. i even have low blood pressure. JUST STOP ASKING ABOUT MY WEIGHT!!!! as long as i can fit my pants and still do stuff i am not concerned. yes i am working on it. no i don't know if i have lost any weight or gained any or even how much i weigh. so stop asking!!!

December 15, 2004


i am very happy that i have gotten over 2000 visits to this site!!!! thank you!!!

alan alda

Alan alda is going to be on the tony danza show today at 3pm!!!!!! you guys should definitly watch it!!! i am!!!! i am very excited!!!


it has been a long time since i last posted!! well a week. i have been doing lots of stuff. we got our christmas tree this last weekend. we haven't decorated it yet but we will soon. my mom got a new car. i think i am going to get her car. well anyway we all will get a car because we have 4 so there is plenty to go around. i have a dentist appointment monday morning. andrew is coming home on sunday.

December 08, 2004

don't you just love mail?

i got lots of mail today. well only 2 things but that is a lot for me!! i got a christmas card from my best friend!!! and a letter from Annie!!(finally!!) so i am in a happy mood tonight!!! and i have been on a cleaning thing lately. so my room is pretty clean. and i have been going around making all the beds in my house!! i know i am wierd!! but making your bed makes your room look a lot cleaner even though there is a lot of junk on the floor. i really found that out when i was at school and had to share a box with someone!!

December 05, 2004

I got spamed!!

for the first time i got spammed on my site!!! if any of you guys saw that i am sorry!! but i deleted the comment so hopefully no one else will have to see it!!! anyway i have had a good weekend. my mom and i got andrew a new bed yesterday. it was a good deal. it was only a little over $300 including delivery and a box spring. and the guys that delivered it assembled it too!! and we had seen the same bed at another place for over $400 and that was just the bed and it didn't include delivery and a box spring. we already had a mattress from his previous bed.

December 02, 2004

i don't have a creative title to put here

i can't believe it is december already!! wow!! i have gotten a few people's christmas presents already. i still have some more to get. i actually went to the gym 3 days in a row this week!! since my mom has been out of town i get to use her car!! but i amazed myself!! we put up some of our christmas decorations. still need to get our tree but we will do that soon. that is pretty much it.we have to be carefull where we put the tree too because andrew is bringing murphy home and we know that murphy is just going to run into it somehow if we put it where we usually put which is in the middle of the living room so we are going to have to put it in a corner so he can only hit it from one side if he wants you know? anyway for all of those who don't know who murphy is he is a golden retriever puppy. i have posted pictures of him here. i think he is barely 6 monthes old but he has gotten so big. i am not sure if he is used to wood and tile floors either because i haven't seen andrew's new house so i am sure he will slip and slide like ben does sometimes.

November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving weekend summary

so this weekend was fun!! lots of good food!! i had my best friend's family come over thanksgiving. we have been doing this forever. anyway this year her brother, wife and kid come too. it was very entertaining. she would run around in circles saying nonsense stuff but it was so cute. but it was fun. this weekend we put up the christmas decorations. my mom got my dad 3 reindeer for their anniversary. so now they are outside with all the lights. i know that doesn't sound like a great anniversary present but every year my dad wants to get some reindeer to put in our yard. but every year we don't get them because either they are too expensive when we look or they are sold out or something. so my mom found them on sale and she had a 20% off coupon so they ended up being a great deal. on friday we went to the Taste of Texas for their anniversary. very yummy. i have posted this wish list thing that i found on someone's site. try it.

Wish list

Step One:
- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
- Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ, or link to this post (it'll be public) so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two:
- Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.
You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.
There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

so here is my wish list (maybe a little stupid)
1. Movies (pretty much any kind. i would really like any of the simpson seasons dvds except for #1 because i already have that and any of the mash season dvds except for #1&3 because i have those too)

2. cds ( i don't know what kind but i am pretty much open to any kind)
3. a trip to England or Disney World
4. a car (i would like to get a blue bug)
5. an orlando bloom poster or orlando bloom himself! (yeah that is never going to happen!)
6. gift certificate to barnes&nobles
7. gift certificate to best buy
8. GameCube games
9. anything to do with harry potter
10. harsher punishments for parole violaters......and World peace
or just christmas cards!! i am sure i could come up with other things but oh well.

November 25, 2004

happy thanksgiving!!

well today is thankgiving!! i have already watched some parades. right now i am watching harry potter......brilliant movie. i have already swept the front walkway. we were moving the tables around so that all of us can sit in the same area. because there is going to be 12 of us this year. lots of food!! yummy!! so now i am on to the important things like getting ready and cleaning my room and my mom is still cooking. we are going to shoot for 3pm for when everyone comes over!! i am very excited!!

November 23, 2004

harry potter

so i got Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban dvd today!! i am watching it right now as i am typing this!! 1 day until thanksgiving!! not much to say. i finished some more books.....

November 21, 2004

Polar Express

last night we went to see Polar Express. it was a great movie. go see it!!!

I love this picture. this is my desktop!! elves are so pretty Posted by Hello

i don't have a title for this

i just feel like posting even though i don't have much to say. today is laundry day. i haven't been doing much lately......lots of reading. and lots of time on the internet. so if you guys want me to go on about the books i have been reading i will leave.
i can't wait until thanksgiving!!! 3 days!!

November 16, 2004

isn't orlando bloom so hot? Posted by Hello

murphy has grown a lot since this summer. i can Posted by Hello

This is an updated picture of murphy. isn't he adorable? Posted by Hello

November 15, 2004

why try to come up with an interesting title....i just went on and on and on

so i was able to get up at 4am this morning to go to practice. and i got there at about 4:20am. i was the first one there!! i was pretty surprised. anyway only one other person showed up and none of us had a key to get into the pool area so practice was cancelled. i will have to try again on wednesday. so anyway i love driving in the real early morning. no one is on the road. so i went home and had breakfast with my mom and i helped get ainsley up for her practice. and i made sure my mom got off to work because she was tired and didn't feel too well this morning. and then about 6:45am i went back to bed. i slept for a little while and then started doing laundry and started dinner. we had spagetti. and i like to let it cook in a crockpot all day long with meatballs or sausages in it. that is pretty much all i did today and read. oh and my mom sent me more pictures of murphy that she got from andrew. he has gotten so big. and he is still a puppy. i will try to post some pictures later.

November 14, 2004

class schedule and swimming

so i signed up for my classes next year. after i signed up i noticed that i had NO FRIDAY CLASSES!! isn't that awesome??? i didn't mean to do that but i did!! i am taking: English, college algebra, U.S. history and some computer class that i forgot the name of.
this saturday i tried out a swimming group that swims everyday except for sunday in the morning. Mon.-Fri. is from 4:30-5:30 am and saturday is from 6:00-7:00 am!!! so early!! i was so tired after the first practice on saturday. i guess from the combination of getting up early and from swimming. i was so sore afterwards too. i am sure it will get better. anyway i can come home and crash. so tomorrow will be my second practice. well i need to get to bed if i am going to be able to get up in time for practice!!!

November 12, 2004


so the week is almost over. ainsley gets to go to court tomorrow for her stupid ticket. some policeman gave her a ticket for not wearing her seatbelt on private property!! yes klein high school is private property. that is why they have their own policeman. and the guy that gave her a ticket was a sheriff not with klein police. so i get to take care of some kitties again this weekend. i like taking care of pets. i want to go see polar express sometime soon. i think it just came out. i also want to see the incredibles. but i would like to see polar express first. might go with my mom soon because she wants to see it too. we have the book. we got it when it first came out because we were little back then. ainsley has a swim meet tomorrow. i might go help i might not. depends on how i feel. i will probably at least go watch. i will probably go and bring a book to read. ainsley is moving to klein aquatics. i think it is a good move. brian (coach) is cool. i can't wait for the holidays. lots of people come over and lots of food and presents and fun. i am still trying to figure out which classes to take next semester.

November 09, 2004

a summary of the weekend

so this weekend wasn't too bad. i didn't get much sleep but it was ok. most of the time i watched tv or movies that i had rented or i would chat with people on AIM. i got to take care of 3 cute little kitties this weekend too. and i get to take care of them this next weekend too!! yeah!! and they pay very well too!! i got $30 for saturday and sunday!! isn't that awesome?? did i tell you guys that i got a new dvd player for my tv? yeah my first one was a cheapy one that i got for $30. i spent a little more than that on the new one. anyway it is the same maker as my tv and my tv works pretty well. i need to return my movies tonight. i will probably do that after dinner which i am making!! i love to cook!! yummy....spagetti!!
i can start registering for classes on-line today. but i really haven't figured out what i am going to take. i know i am going to take a math class. probably college algebra. i will probably take english and a history. maybe a science class. not sure what else. i would like to take 15 hours. but i guess i should figure out which classes i want to take and then see what kind of a schedule i can make.

November 05, 2004

i saw a shark tale today. it was cute. i stayed up until like 3am this morning and then i got up at like 9am. i am a little tired but not too tired. ITS THE WEEKEND!! nothing to special happening this weekend. i am going to get together with annie on sunday!! i haven't seen her in forever. but that is all i have planned after today. i get to take ben to the vet in an hour. not much to say.

November 04, 2004

this weekend

so i have started my weekend by myself. it feels like friday. but it isn't. i keep thinking about inviting someone over to sleep over tonight but everyone i think about inviting over has school tomorrow. maybe i will tomorrow afternoon. i get to take ben to the vet tomorrow. all by myself. this will be a first and an adventure. i rented a lot of movies for me to watch
-new york minute
-mean girls
-scooby-doo 2
-raising helen
-legally blonde 2


my parents are leaving today to visit andrew. so i get to be home alone. i am happy, sad, and scared. i am always scared of burglars and stuff like that. like what would i do if someone broke into my house while i was there? other than calling 911? let them find me? hide? or what if they find me before i can do anything and they kill me? yeah i am a scared-cat. the cool thing is that i can do whatever i want. but i am sad that i am not going with them. i am trying to find a friend to come stay over one night but no success yet.
yesterday we went up to cy-fair college and i applied and everything. i talked to a counselor. so i am all ready to register on november 9th. i am ready to go back to school. that is sad. oh well at least it is true.
i am glad bush won again. it will be interesting to see what he does in the next four years. anyway kerry gets to go back to his rich wife and continue on being a trial lawyer. my mom said that is what he did before he was a senator. at least i think it was a trial lawyer.....well some kind of lawyer. and his wife is rich because she was married to a i think it was a hienz and he died so she got all his money.

November 02, 2004


well today is election day. i voted for bush. i think so far bush is winning. i hope he does win!!
anyway today i went and got a new dvd player. i even tried it out to check if it works and it does so far
on sunday i went to barnes and nobles and got some new books. i have been reading this series called Daughters of the moon. i got 6 of them this summer and read them. and then i got 4 more of them on sunday and i have been reading them. i am on #10. there are 12 total so far. so when i get some more money i am going to go get them. i am also getting into another series called the A-list. i got the first 2 this summer and another one just came out so i got that on sunday too. i just can't wait until the next harry potter comes out. if you want to get me a gift, get me a gift card to barnes and nobles or just buy me a book!! i love to read if you can't tell. well i am going to go watch the news some more to see how the polls are going

November 01, 2004

i am talking to a friend on im and she told me about one of her friends that was wearing a shirt that said "friends dont let friends vote democratic" then it had a pic of kerry with a bottle of katsup and it said" would you like some katsup with my lies?" isn't that so funny? anyone been on it has the funniest songs on there!!! go check it out!!!
i am already to vote tomorrow. i even found my voter's registration card. i wasn't sure where it was for a while because of when i moved back home i wasn't sure if i had put it in my desk or what. but i found them. i know i am going to vote for bush and ted poe i am not sure about the others but i guess i will figure it out!!!


so today is the first day of november!! yeah!!we are entering the holiday season!! i love the holidays!!! i went to randalls on saturday and they already have christmas stuff out!! i am serious!! i can't believe it!! i have barely gotten down the halloween stuff!! well i have gotten them together but i need to pack them up and put them in the attic. then i will get out the thanksgiving stuff! and then it will be christmas!! i love christmas.
yesterday we only had one set of trick or treaters!! i couldn't believe it! we had our lights on and everything!! grrr.... oh well their lose!! they don't get our candy!! we do!! last night we watched the haunting. (the original one) it wasn't too bad. a lot less scary than i thought it would be. sorta like when i saw the ring it was a lot less scarry than i thought it would be. and then we went to a different channel and the new the haunting is going to be on that channel next weekend!! i think that is so funny!!

October 30, 2004

so we get another hour of sleep tonight!! i look forward to that!! i watched the original Psycho and Casper.... the one with christina ricci in it. i only got to see a little bit of it but i watched as much of it as i could. i haven't been to a halloween party yet and i haven't been invited to one either. maybe next year i should just through my own halloween party. maybe i should start earlier and have a christmas party or something. we'll see what i feel like doing. i might feel up to throwing a party. expecially since my dad finally fixed the spa pump.
i think my mom is seriously going to let us get a better internet. probably whatever is offered through time warner because they provide our cable too so i think my mom is going to go with the cable/internet/phone plan thing all through time warner. because right now we are going through 3 different companies. so i think we might be getting that installed this week if we get it because mom will be home. that is something to look forward to. last night i was up until 1am downloading the antivirus stuff. took me 3 hours. it was 29.9mb and you can imagine that on DIAL-UP!!! ugghh. and then i got up early to go help out at the jv invite. i trained someone on the computer. i am glad i did that because i am not sure if i want to keep going back. i mean i don't mind if ainsley is swimming but if i don't have a real reason to be there i don't want to be there. anyway we all know that a certian coach who i will not name hates me- if you really want to know ask but it really doesn't matter. i never did anything to her and she hates me. i hate people that do that!! i got a catalog from tomball today. so i have been looking at all the classes that they offer. they offer a lot more than i would expect. they even have a swimming pe class!! because everyone has to have a pe credit to graduate or move on from there or whatever you wanted to do. but it is a lot more than what i expected. my dad was trying to convince me that they let everyone in but i know for a fact that someone didn't get in. can you believe it? i can. because it is true.


yipee!! tomorrow is halloween!! anyone doing anything something special? ainsley is going to some haunted house tonight with the swim team. mom and dad are going out with some other parents so i get stay home by myself. yipee........ not much to say. i went to help out at the jv invite. that is pretty much it.

October 29, 2004

secret service

oh my gosh!!! i was just looking around at some of my friends blogs and i found this link on one of their blogs to this person's blog. this person had the secret service come to her house because of some things she had said about the president on her blog!!! that is so wierd!! check it out!! click here!

swim meet

so tonight klein had a varsity meet against elkins. it was at klein. but klein football also had a game. at every meet we always have 2 or 3 trainers there. we started at 6pm and the football game started at 7:30 pm. so i am sure you guys can figure out what happened from here. the stupid trainers left the meet early to go to the football game. but wouldn't you know it that something bad happened? yep!! you got it!! a girl fainted or something in the 2nd to last event!! and was there anybody there to help her? well there were plenty of us but none of knew what to do! that is why we have the trainers there in case something bad happens. but one of the people that trains the trainers come from the stadium i think but we finally got the girl up and everything turned out fine but what if something bad happened? that made me so mad!!! why couldn't they stay for 1 stinking more half hour? i think we finished around 8pm. all i know is that i got home about 8:30pm and i helped clean up a bit!!! gezz!!
well i am downloading some new virus scan software because i had put the virus scan stuff from the school on my computer in august but of course i don't go there anymore and i had only a trial version before that so i didn't have any virus scan software on my computer. i like the trial version that i had so i am buying the full thing and downloading it. it is McAfee. does anyone else have that or norton?
Ainsley swam pretty well tonight. she swam a lot better than she has in a while. she is thinking about switching to KA. she has been swimming with them for a few days and i think it has done some good already. brian who would be her coach there used to be a backstroker i think so i think that is good. but i am starting to think that it is a good idea. she needs to decide pretty soon so she can swim on relays at sectionals in febuary. because when you switch teams you are unattached for a certian amount of days after the last meet you swam at with your previous team. and when you are unattached you can't be on relays and when you score points it doesn't go towards the team that you swim with. in this case it would go to unattached-KA.
my mom is taking next week off!! yeah!! i am excited. instead of going to visit colleges today, my mom finished up some billing at work so she can take all of next week off instead of having to go in a few days. but we are going to go on some tours next week. we will probably look at cars too and search for a job!
tomorrow is the jv invite. i am going to work at it. and then sunday is HALLOWEEN!!! i am not going trick or treating or anything but i did put up decorations. then next week we get to put up thanksgiving decorations!! yeah!! then comes christmas!!!! i love christmas!! my 2 favorite holidays are christmas and thanksgiving. mainly for the food and then presents!! i know i am a greedy little person!!just kidding!!

October 28, 2004


yeah!! i have learned how to put codes on my page here without having it done for me. like they just provide you with the picture and you have to put it on your page and link it back. but i have figured out how to do that. sorry if they all don't line up they all seem to like to just be right next to each other so it runs onto the the next line. or is it only me that it does this? anyway if you would like to be on my links list comment!!
yeah!! boston won last night!! st. louis didn't even have a chance!! i have been reading a lot lately. i am rereading the left behind series again. i don't know how many times i have read those books. the only other series that i reread as much as i do this series is harry potter. i can't wait until the 6th book comes out. that is what i want for christmas if it comes out before than. another thing that i want for christmas is the 3rd harry potter movie. that will give you guys a head start on christmas shopping if you want to get me anything. mom and i are hopefully going to look at some colleges tomorrow. i need to go look up about some tours so i am going to go now!!

October 25, 2004

this weekend

i am very tired. this weekend i was volunteering at one of fleet's meets. very long day. and it was all the way out at cy-springs. it is at the end of the world!! but they are actually starting to build neighborhoods out there!! but it takes like 45 minutes to get out there! but last night we went to this italian restraunt that my mom used to go to with some friends before she went back to work. it was so yummy.

October 22, 2004


Well it is official!! Klein SUCKS!!! We lost to klein collins 31-10!! can you believe it? well at least that was the score half way through 4th quarter. we left early because we were losing by so much. i might look in tomorrow's paper for the official score but i don't think it will change much. i saw a couple of people that i knew. i am going to be pretty busy this weekend because i am going to be helping out at a swim meet for most of the weekend. and it is at the end of the world. all the way out at cy-springs. yuck. it is like 45min-1 hour drive depending on the traffic.

October 21, 2004


as you guys can see i changed the template. the last one started acting funny (at least on my computer) so i decided to change it. anyway i didn't like the dots in the background anymore. so we will see how this new template works out. i added more links to the links list. i had the worst time getting the haloscan commenting back up. every time i went to change something in the template it would change the commenting back to the blogger commenting. i don't really like the blogger commenting so that is why i have haloscan commenting. oh well. on the wall that my computer faces i put a whole bunch of pictures on the wall like orlando bloom and some harry potter. i can't wait to get a car. i need to find something to do. i really want start going to the gym again and by the time i have access to a car i don't want to go anymore because it is usually after dinner because everyone gets home at dinner time so we have dinner and then i am full and tired so i don't feel like going anymore anyway who wants to work out on a full stomach. but i would like to get a job or at least have something to do everyday. but i am still glad to be home. i play with the dog a lot and write people letters and surf the internet.

October 20, 2004


hey!! i haven't updated in a few days so i thought i should at least say something. yesterday we went to look at cars. we test drove a camry. it was a nice car. i hope i don't end up with the taurus. i wouldn't mind having my moms car because it has a cd player in it. i am reading the adventures of huckleberry finn. i like the book. i read it junior year and i am reading it again. i am also going to read the adventures of tom sawyer. i have never read it before. if anyone has a suggestion on good books to read please comment!!!

October 15, 2004

books and things

i finished 1984. it was good. i am so glad that life isn't really like that!! i am now reading the adventures of huckleberry finn and the adventures of tom swayer. i am also going to read the left behind series(again). i have lots of different books that i want to read. maybe i might post a list of books i am going to read this semester while i am not in school. i was proud of myself for finishing 1984.
ainsley has a meet in fort bend tomorrow. she is swimming the 100 im and 100 breast. not exactly her best events but ok. might be able to show coach that she is good at breast too. i think she is probably the best breaststroker on the team which isn't saying much since that is not her best event. oh well. the team stinks this year. ainsley and kirsten and maybe mariam and jayme are the team this year. that is not that great. we don't have it much better on the boys side but the fish might surprise us!! oh well.
not much is going on. i was looking on the CarMax website to see what kind of deals i can get on cars. so i looked up my ideal car which is a blue bug. i found a used one for only $10,000. i think that that is a pretty good price because it only has 50,000 miles on it. and only a '99. there was a picture and it looks in good shape and they are pretty new!! so i printed out the page and told my mom about it. well then she informed me that most likely my mom will be the one that will get the new car or at least the new used car and either ainsley or i will get the altima. i think that is a little unfair because mom just got that car less than 2 years ago. and andrew got to pick out his 2nd car after he wrecked his first car!! i think it would just be fair to let me get a car. but life is not fair is it? i had the initiative to look online and look and what do i get? a big lousy you are not getting a car i am thing. thanks a lot!!

October 14, 2004


so my mom says that we can get the time warner high speed internet if they can give us better pricing. because we have cable with them so they might give us a good pricing on both of them together. but it is hard to tell because i can't find prices on their site. i will just have to look harder! anyway we might be getting faster internet!! yeah!!

October 13, 2004

my orlando bloom picture

hey!! in the mail today i got my copy of the signed picture of orlando bloom!! it is so cool!! i have put up some halloween decoration today. i love holidays. i watched home alone 2 today with ainsley and i can't wait till christmas. can't wait until thanksgiving too!! good food, good friends and good family!!!yeah!! cheers everyone!!

October 11, 2004


well i have applied to 3 different places: Randalls, Krogers and blockbuster. i hope i get a job soon. and you know what is interesting is that all 3 of them you can apply online!! so i did that for randalls and blockbuster. i did the krogers application there because they had a desk with a computer so i did it there anyway i didn't dress nicely to just come home and apply online. but i guess most places you can apply for a job online. oh well.
i had a really weird dream last night. i was at college but it was all different. anyway i was in my dorm which was really different because everyone stayed in this big room and you had a bed and a desk. anyway it was the weekend and annie comes to visit me!! i was so surpised. then hilary duff and frankie muniz come to visit me! then my computer went freaky on me and everyone left. so after i ficked my computer i went to look for everyone. and to get out of the dorm you had to swim across this pool. then i found hilary and frankie at a restuarant. then i woke up. weird dream. don't know what it means. oh well.

October 09, 2004

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find the 4th sentence: He "sounded like a preacher,"one boy said;and for this reason he was generally left alone and not persecuted, as many boys who were suspected of disliking or fearing fisticuffs. Rainbow Valley. L. M. Montgomery
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? a stack of printer paper and my printer
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? halloweentown high
4. Without looking, guess what time it is. 11:30pm
5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?11:42pm
6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?the tv
7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?dinner we went to IHOP
8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?my tv
9. What are you wearing?t-shirt and shorts
10. Did you dream last night?yes
11. When did you last laugh?dinner
12. What is on the walls of the room you are in? a clock, cork board, and some pictures
13. Seen anything weird lately?not really
14. What do you think of this quiz?ok
15. What is the last film you saw?Princess diaries 2
16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? i nice house all paid off!!, a car, furniture for the nice house, maybe help out a friend in need of $$, and then hopefully live comfortablely for the rest of my life but of course i would still work
17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
18. If you could change one thing about the world, what would you do? feed the poor
19. Do you like to dance? When I think no one's watching
20. George Bush:noocewlur
21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?jenny or ginny same name different spelling
22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?jake
23. Would you ever consider living abroad?yep in england
24. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?allison, come in and enjoy your stay


i was looking at the view counter after i post that last post and i am amazed at how many people have looked at my blog!!! yeah!! and it has only been up there for a couple of months!! yeah!! i am glad that people like to look at this page!! spread the word!!

random things

ainsley took the sat this morning. she said it was hard. hope she got a good grade. i found a disposable camera the other day when i was finishing unpacking. it has 12 pictures left on it. maybe i will find something to take a picture of. i am still trying to find a college that i could take a correspondence class with. i am somewhat leaning towards texas tech-mainly because i have taken a correspondence course with them before. we will figure it out soon. still cloudy. the power went out yesterday for really no reason at all. usually it goes out when it is raining really hard out but it was not even drizzling out. it was a little cloudy but that was it. anyway it came back on in about an hour. still haven't heard from randalls. ainsley doesn't have school on monday so i am going to take the car and go apply to a whole bunch of different places. might even go talk to the people at randalls first. see if i could have an interveiw on monday so i turn up for an interview all hot and sweaty from walking up there. i will have to look for a bike rack so if they do i could ride my bike to work. i don't think i will get so hot and sweaty doing that and i will get there faster. anyone selling a car for somewhat cheap? comment or e-mail me!!

October 07, 2004

so when i was talking with my mom today, she suggested taking a correspondence course. sounds like a good idea. need something to do until i hear from potential employers. not that i haven't been doing anything. i am cooking tonights dinner. and i am going to make a cherry pie!! this summer i found that i really like to cook. actually i liked to cook before this summer but this summer i actually made dinners for my family. that was something i missed when i was at college because you couldn't cook your own meals. you could warm stuff up in a microwave that everyone has to share but that is pretty much it. no fun to that. and it has been raining out so i can't really take my dog for a walk. i like doing that too except for when it is really hot out but in general i like it. it is a form of exercise. i need to start going back to 24 hour fitness. thank goodness my mom didn't cancel my membership!! maybe once i get a car i can go during the day when no one is really there so i can use the machines whenever i want and in the order i want. because oround 5-6 pm everyone that works during the day comes to work out and it is really busy so sometimes you have to wait for a machine. while i was at school i actually lost like 5-10 pounds. but most of it was from stomach aches......if you know what i mean!! and i am sure some of it was from walking too.
i am sorry for being so mean in the last post. i was just tired of everyone saying the same thing. i know you guys were just trying to help.

October 06, 2004

i don't think i should have to explain why i left. it was MY CHOICE!! i am pretty much incapable of trying to explain my feelings. anyway.....i did not have that much homework. the professors pretty much expected you to read the chapters that they were going over. it does not take that long to read that and then maybe review it before the test.
well i am glad for the many comments on the last post. let me say something in response to them: i know college is the best way to learn how to live away from home. but i have many years to learn how to do that. and when i get a job that will occupy most of my time and thoughts. i may even be lucky to live close by to be able to see my family often. i am just not ready yet. i know birds pretty much push the baby birds out of the nest to learn how to fly. but we are humans. i am not exactly ready to learn how to fly yet. maybe in a year. just not right now. get off my back.

October 05, 2004

You are Rerun!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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i am home!!

well i got home last night. today i am unpacking. i have already put in an application to work at randalls. the question is when i get a job how am i going to get there? because my mom told my sister that she wouldn't have to share a car with me. if anyone is selling a car call me!! i don't care if it is the junkiest car in the world.....i need a car. it feels good to be home. i wasn't ready to leave home. i was ready for college just not to live away from home. do you understand?

October 04, 2004

i going home!!

well i coming home. i am not quiting. i am going to look for a college closer to home. but for the rest of the semester i am going to hopefully be working at randalls. i have already applied. last time i went home i saw that they were hiring so hopefully it will work out. making some money. i hope you guys aren't disappointed. i am happy. this is the right thing to do at the moment. i did go to the counseling services that they have here. they made suggestions that i don't think i could do at the moment.

October 03, 2004


i feel so alone.....why do you ask? my parents will not answer the phone!! i have called and left messages and everything but do they call back? NO!!!

going home

well i think my parents are pretty much ignoring me now. if anyone would like to move me out please e-mail me or call me or im me or whatever. your help would be very um....helpful. and i will give you $25 for your helpfullness

October 02, 2004

i am a big idiot

so why did i think a private room would help?? my reasons seem really stupid right now. now i have no tv, a longer walk to everything, i don't know anyone here, and it is too quiet. but at least i can sleep. i took a nice 3 hour nap today because i was so tired from moving last night and i still am tired. so i am going to bed soon. but i guess i just want to figure things out and the best way to do that is to write in my blog and i can have people comment on it. sorry if i scare you guys. i should be committed or something. but i need more structure in my life. i sorta liked how high school worked. you went to school everyday from 7:30-2:25 every day and then you went home and studied because you had all your classes the next day. here you only have classes only 2 or 3 times a week. not as much structure to life. you were pretty much told what to study in high school. here you have to figure it out for yourself. here school does not take up most of your time. i sorta want to go back to high school. even though i didn't like it that much but i like it better than i do here. at least i knew people and knew where everthing was and i lived at home and had a homecooked meal pretty much every night and i would see my friends everyday and i had a car. here i don't know where things are and i don't know that many people and not many i would consider friends, and what ever they are serving in the cafeteria you get to eat and they are only open at certain times and i don't like the gym here very much (i actually miss 24hour fitness!!) and the swim team practices during my classes and never even told me when the interest meeting was even when i asked!! forget this i am going home to my family and friends that are still there and hopefully i will be able to see friends soon that aren't there and access to a car and better gym and maybe even a swim team that i can practice with and maybe i will soon find somewhere that i would like to go to!! and i am going to make sure that is what i want before i say i am going to go there. i am going to visit the campus and talk to people and everything before i decide on where to go. so hopefully by monday i will have this worked out and i will know if i am coming home or what. but if i have it my way i will be home. hopefully i will really know by tomorrow. but i think i will withdraw anyway. check later to see what happens.


I think I am going to withdraw on Monday. I would have already but reality keeps me grounded. Like how I would get all my junk home. I don't have a car with me so that would be a little hard. And whenever I talk about it with my parents they are like you are not a quitter. But I am. They say I can transfer next semester if I have good grades but that isn't going to happen. I probably won't get higher than d's considering my test grades. *hangs head in shame* that is why I would like to withdraw now and start clean next semester somewhere closer to home. Maybe U of H or something like that. I could probably even commute to U of H if I wanted too but my mom says that the drive is a killer which is probably true. But at least if I lived there it would be so much easier to go home on the weekends and maybe at nights during the week. Or I could even go out to lunch with my mom because it is somewhat close to where she works. So tomorrow I will pack up my stuff and see how I will get me and all my junk home. Hopefully one of my parents will come up and help but if they don't I think I might look into renting a haul truck or borrowing someone's car. We will see but of course in a perfect world my parents will come and help but we know that it isn't a perfect world because if it was I would totally adapt being here or I would have withdrawn a long time ago. anyway i was thinking about getting a job at randalls or krogers until next semester if i am able to go home which hopefully will happen but with my horrible luck i know my parents will be like stick it out. but i think i will stand up for myself for once and just do it. yes, i think i might just do it. no matter what myparents say.


well i have just spent my first night in my private room. i am really lonely. it is really quiet here. sorta miss sharing a room. at least there was someone there making noise and stuff but a lot of the time it wasn't at a good time. i miss tv. i don't have a tv in my room anymore. because i have a tv in my room at home and then amber brought a tv so i have had a tv in my room for a while now. but of course my parents won't let me bring my own tv up here but i don't know if i will be here that much longer...... there is nice one downstairs but if there are more people in there than just you than you pretty much have to watch what they are watching!!! this is really hard. but i got my wand!!! hehe!! i think i might watch harry potter today and practice wand movements and spells with them!!

October 01, 2004


well here i am in my new private room!! i am very tired.....but i made it. i really haven't unpacked my stuff but since i am the only one in here i don't care. i am going to go to sleep and tomorrow i will organize my stuff.......again!! and i don't have to pay a lot extra i think they said $300 but they usually charge like $500 or something. they are giving me a discount because it is so far into the semester. hopefully i can make it through the rest of the semester!!

private room!!

guess what!! i am moving into a private room!!! yeah!!! it isn't here in todd but it is griffith!!! but i get a private room!!!! hehe!!!! next post from my private room!!!

September 30, 2004


i am bidding on this signed orlando bloom picture on e-bay and only 9 minutes until it is mine!! i will post in 10 minutes when it is mine!! hehe!!!

September 27, 2004

so i am thinking about getting a private room. i think it might be too late to change rooms but if they have an empty one maybe they will let me move into there. so i ordered some books online last friday and the last time i looked at the tracking it was in memphis and that was at 730am so maybe it is on a plane here and hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. i think that is what is holding my sanity. i have talked to my parents and they give me the we will be very disappointed and mad at you if you withdraw. grrr....someone is pounding on the door to the room next door. grrrr.......i am glad i am not trying to sleep right now!! the only thing right now that is keeping my sanity is the prospects of future mail!!! there are people outside that are talking so loudly......that makes me mad if i was trying to study or sleep or whatever i would never get anything done!! i so want to get an apartment. get somewhat away from this close living. at least in apartments you live a little further away from your neighbors you know? and you have your own bathroom and bedroom and kitchen. i am so mad that you have to live in the dorms until you get 60 hours which is basicly 2 years unless if you take summer school and a lot of hours your first year. i think that is part of my problem is that i hate this close living with a bunch of people that you don't know. i think i am coming down with a cold or something. i had the worst headache this afternoon. i feel better now but still. amber just left again. she barely stays in here for 5 minutes. that is probably why i am having a problem with this whole roommate thing. she barely stays in here long enough to get to know each other and when she is in here she has one of her friends in here and she just talks to her!! college is turning out to be something way different than what i had always imagined. i thought i would be staying up late talking and getting to know my roommate!! well she doesn't get in until really late!! so it is a little hard to get to know her!!!
i actually cried real tears today. because of all my eye operations i have never had those tears that roll down your check and stuff but i had them today. usually when i cry, my eyes just get really fogged up and wet you know?? but i actually had a tear go down my check. i know that isn't something to be proud of but if you have never had it happen to you before you should be glad or something. i don't know.

school and stuff

i still want to go home but i am finding that it is impossible. but i am feeling a lot better today. this weekend i felt horrible. i spent most of my time in the bathroom if you know what i mean. i really don't have much to say. i am tired from being woken up so many times last night

September 26, 2004

i hate my room at the moment. it gets so cold and then it gets really hot and then cold again!! grr.... we need our own air conditioner/heater in our rooms. and i hate how you can hear the people in the rooms around you. have you noticed that all i say now is i hate i hate i hate? one thing that i like about my room is all my orlando bloom pictures that i have put up and the nice internet that i get here!! but it is a shoebox!! with 2 people living in it. i am starting to get embarrassed because i am usually around here and then amber startes talking to her boyfriend and i fell like i should leave but i have no where else to go and then they get mad at each other because amber has all these guy friends and her boyfriend is all jealous or something!! oh well!! and then she was going to bring a guy up here to watch a movie and i was ok with that except for if i wanted to go to sleep and they were still here then i wouldn't be that comfortable with him being here but in general i would have been ok with it but guess what she comes up here and says that they are going to watch the movie somewhere else. she probably thinks i don't really want anyone up here or something!! roommates are so complicated!! i wish i had gone for a private room!! then i wouldn't have to worry about who my roommate brings up here and where she is and what time she gets in and how she wakes me up every time she comes in late. like this morning she didn't come in until like 4am or something and yesterday i think was the day she didn't come in until 7:30am!! then she calls her boyfriend when she gets in to say goodnight and she wakes me up and her boyfriend up too!! i am glad that they are trying to stay together but no offense but it probably won't last!! because her boyfriend is obviously jealous about all of her guy friends here. anyway i think she is going to get tempted sometime to do something bad. and she drinks and that will lead to bad things that she obviously didn't really mean to do even she didn't have a boyfriend!!
as i get to thinking about this. i think part of my problem is with my roommate!! i mean i like her but i am just not used to sharing a room with anyone expecially with someone i really don't know. i mean i have had to share a room with ainsley when we have had company to stay over and stuff but that is different because she is my sister and that is usually at the longest a week!! this will be at least until christmas!! because i think amber is moving out at semester to go to a different dorm or something and i will be transfering at semester. but the question is where? and my parents are like you need to have good grades to transfer!! i need to have good grades to do anything!! grrr....... anyway what if i want to just come home right now and start clean over at some place new!! i could always find a job somewhere for a couple of months!! save up some money!!
i think amber also might have some problems with me but she has not said anything to me which makes me wonder but of course she might not have a problem with me but she probably does because she doesn't really talk to me except i am going somewhere see you later. or can you leave the door unlocked when you go to sleep. i am sorry if i like to go to bed early i would like to get up on time to go to class!! i don't want to stay up until the early of hours of the morning because i know i won't get up in time to go to class!!
it is so boring here!! i really haven't found anything i would like to get involved in!! the swim team is what i really wanted to get involved in and i can't go to it because of my classes!! and my classes are so boring!!! grrr.....just my luck!! i have been looking into greyhound buses to go home. i was sorta thinking about running away but in the opposite direction. i want to go home and when people run away they run away from home not to home!! but all my parents talked about this weekend is how i should join a group or join a church or something. but i have not found anything that i want to join yet. then they say that i should find people to play card games with and stuff. but i haven't found anyone yet because it seems like most people like to go to clubs and stuff and i am not that interested in going to clubs! and i am so scared about failing my classes. but they are so boring!!! ugh!!! anyone have any suggestions?
i want to go home!! anyone want to help because i don't exactly have a car to get me home.
well guess what!! i actually went to a football game last night. we won too. so guess what else? i am not feeling good at all. i think i might be coming down with a cold or something. my parents gave me the join a group talk and how to say hi to people talk. i do say hi to people they just ignore me!!

September 25, 2004


well it is parents weekend. i just went out to lunch with my family. i am suppose to be going to the hypnotis right now but i got a stomach ache and i told them to go on so they wouldn't miss it because of me so i am now waiting for them to get back. they are going to check into their hotel room then i am going to show them where my classes are then we are going to have dinner and go to the game. i am an idiot. why did i think i could come to college? i know i failed my psychology test! the main questions people have asked me today is where are you from and what are you going to major in? i probably wouldn't mind it here so much if i could just live in an apartment and had a car so i wouldn't have to eat cafeteria food and i could just make the food that won't give me a stomach ache!! and i won't have people making loud noises all around me and run up and down the hallways. i would probably have less distractions and i might be able to actually get some studying done!! and i hate going to the library because i don't want to have to walk back in the dark. creepy people come out at night. i would like to join the swim team but they practice during my classes and i would go practice with ETEX but they practice far far away and anyway they if they did practice close by they practice really early in the morning and i don't like walking alone in the dark. i just want to go home!! *take a moment to dry tears* i have to go

September 24, 2004

ordering online!!!

i just ordered 3 books on the internet from barnes and nobles!! i hope they get here soon!! hopefully by early next week!! yeah!! i love to read books!!

the weekend

ugh. it is raining. i hate walking in the rain so i am going to skip my last class. i have this fear of getting struck by lighting. i know that the chances of that happening is very low but still..... but i do like rain when you can just sit in your room and not have to go out. i am going to clean up my stuff because it is parents weekend and everyone is going to be coming in and out of my room and i don't want to embarrass amber by having a trashy side of the room and embarrassing her in front of her family. anyway i don't want to look like a pig in front of my own family anyway. so i started out and made my bed!! then i sit down here to type out my thoughts here and look at other people's blogs to see what a normal person acts like. JK!!!
i finally got the stupid atlas that my geography teacher wanted us to get. she seemed to be in sorta a bad mood today. i don't really care.
i am really glad that the weekend is here. i so wish i was home this weekend.

September 23, 2004

i hate school

today has not been that great. we got back our essays in english today and i failed it!! i don't really understand how she got the grade i got on it. i asked her how she got it and she said she averaged the grade on the rough draft and the grade on the final draft together. but the rough draft is out of 50 and the one on final is i guess out of a 100 because i got higher that a 50 on it but i don't think something out of 50 should be averaged with something out of 100. it is like adding 1/4 with a 1/3 if you know what i mean. they have to be out of the same number of points right? so i should have gotten a passing grade if they are out of the same number of points. then i had a psychology test and the stuff that wasn't suppose to be on the test was on it!! so i probably failed that too!!!
but the good thing about today is that i deposited the refund of the art history class!! so yeah!!! i got lots of money today!! the walk to my bank felt longer than i thought it would be but i made it to and from in 30 minutes and i felt really good afterwards. but i was stinky so i took a shower. i feel really good right now. but when i came back into the room and amber had some guy in here that i don't who he is and that was really embarrassing. i am not really mad because she wasn't here when i went to take a shower so i don't blame her but it was really embarrassing
i need to do laundry today. so that is what i am going to do after i post this.

September 21, 2004

orlando bloom

i so love orlando bloom!!! i printed out some more pictures of him to put on my walls. he is so hot!!! i love his smile, eyes, hair, and accent!! i so wish i could meet him or even marry him!! but i would be lucky to even meet him!!! the closest i will ever be able to see him is in my dreams and on tv and in my thoughts!!! Orlando Bloom if you are reading this: comment or e-mail me!!
today another one of my classes was canceled. they didn't say why but it is so wierd to have 2 classes canceled in one week. i am a little nervous because i have my first psychology test on thursday and the professor has not talked that much about psychology except for today. today he started talking about the brain. but all the other days he seems to center it all about physics and chemistry. oh well i am going to read the chapters in the book and hopefully that will help me at least pass!! i have a couple of test next week that i need to start studying for.
i was craving for pizza tonight so i ordered a small cheese pizza from papa johns. good pizza. then when i went downstairs to wait for my pizza, i was talking to the person at the front desk and she told me about this place where you can order pizza and get it for free!! i don't know if it applys to all colleges but i know it does here!! yummy!!
i got a couple of cards today to send out to friends and stuff. hopefully i will send them out tomorrow!! so hopefully they will get to the people i send them to by the end of the week!!

September 20, 2004

i never say things outloud....but now i am!!

i never really say what i mean to say. i don't know if i am scared that someone will read it and get mad or what but i need to say some stuff.
amber says hey girl or bye girl. i guess that annoys me a little bit because i have a name. she might say that to everyone but still. it annoys me. her boyfriend calls all the time. early in the morning and late at night. and in between. her friends always come in a go through her closet. so i will be sitting here doing something on my computer and in walks someone i don't know who has ambers key. they say i am a friend of ambers. they start going through her closet and stuff. on friday i come back and there are clothes everywhere!! amber wasn't there (she went to take a shower because she walked in a few minutes later and she had left the door unlocked) and her clothes were on my bed and on her bed and on the floor. amber never invites me to go anywhere with her and i don't want to invite myself because i sorta think that is a little rude to invite yourself places. but she has never asked me to go anywhere and she has never asked if i need to go to walmart or anything (she has a car) you would think that would be considerate to invite your carless roommate with you places since you have a car and they don't!! i would if it was the other way around!!
List of reasons why i should stay:
-i like my classes even though some of them are boring
-my bed is pretty comfortable
-i like my sheets and how i have everything set up on my side of the room
-it is somewhat close to home but my parents complain about the drive (it is a 6 hour round trip)

List of reasons of why i should go home:
-all the people i know are upperclassman and i never see them and they live off campus
-i don't have a car and most of the things i want to do are off campus and are a little to far away to walk to.
-i miss my family too much and obviously they need me! (i did their laundry this weekend and i took the dog for a walk. no one has time to do these things that still lives there!)
-good old home-cooked meals that doesn't give me a stomach ache or diarrhea!!
-i have access to a car there so i can go places and see my friends that are still there or see friends when they come home for the weekend
-mom and dad would not have to come and get me to see me since they don't seem to have the time anymore to come and get me and then take me back here again!!

i sorta wish i could just go somewhere that i can live at home or closer to home so i can see my family more. and mostly that involves tomball or U of H and i don't know if i can get into U of H!! i don't know if i am that smart. but i could always try. oh well. my parents keep trying to solve my problems for me. they are like join a club or work out more or meet more people. well so far i have not found a club that i want to join and i think i work out enough thank you and it is a little embarrassing when i can't remember all the names of people i have met!! and guess what i found out today!! the swim team started without me!! even though i keeped e-mailing the person in charge of it about when we were going to start and then i find out they had a meeting without me and schedule the practices during on of my MWF classes so i can't go to the practices either!! that makes me mad!!
anyway last friday i got tons of mail!! i got a card and care package from my best friend's mom and a check for dropping the art history class and a letter from my pen-pal!! yeah! and today i got my debit card even though i don't have that much money to spend. i need to save money anyway!!
sorry for the long depressing blog. i just need to sort things out.


well i am sitting here at my computer instead of in class because my class was canceled!! my professor is sick. but of course this is the class that i actually like to go to!!! all of the other classes are just ugh. i like sfa 101 too but if i had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Geography. i don't know why. i guess the teacher makes the difference.
i got my debit card today. the bad thing is that i only have $70 in my bank account so i better save it until i get my allowance. but i have some cash too so i am not too poor.
so i went home this weekend. my mom brought me back up here this morning. i had to get up at 5 am because my mom had to be in conroe by 10-11am. i pretty much rested and talked to my mom the whole time. tried not to think too much. i wish i could have stayed at home a little while longer. it is ok here. it is nice a cool today. but there isn't much to do here. you need a car to go to lufkin and do stuff there. lufkin is where all the shops and restuarants are.
on the way home friday, we past lufkin high school because the school is right on the highway. and they were having a football game and people had to park along the highway i guess because they don't have that much parking or something. or at least not a nice 1000+ parking lot that klein has. oh!! klein this summer spent over a million dollars on astroturph for the football stadium!! they did not need to do that!! they should have spent it on the pool!! the pool actually needs repairs!! they had the perfect reall grass and they didn't need to replace it!! spend it on something they actually need!!i hate it how they really ignore the swim program and spend all their money on football!! i wish football would disappear!!

September 16, 2004

i dropped my art history class. so now i have 13 hours instead of 16 hours. so now on MWF I don't have classes until 11am!! i have class at 11am, 1pm, and on just MW i have class at 3pm. on TR i have class at 8am and 11am. i hate getting up early to go to my 8am class but it is only 2 days a week. most weekdays i can sleep in!! i love to sleep.
i sent some letters today. i love mail. i wish i got more mail! mom is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow. i hope i can go home this weekend too. it isn't what i expected here. a lot of people leave on the weekends. a girl on my floor has already left for the weekend!!! can you believe it? it is thursday and people are already leaving!! my roommate says that there are like 3 parties every night except for sundays because people i guess rest and study.

September 14, 2004


sigh..... i called my mom today and i asked if i could go home this weekend since she is already coming up here to have lunch with me on friday. and she said no!!! you would think she would want me to come home. no one is here on the weekend. even last weekend a lot of people left. and we had a football game!!! and it wasn't a holiday weekend or anything!!! and i can't stand the food here!! it gives me stomach aches all the time!! and i don't want to complain about my roommate but her boyfriend calls all the time!! he calls early in the morning and late at night and in between. i am glad she is trying to work with this long distance relationship (her boyfriend is still in high school) but it is so annoying!!! next year i am going to get a private room. that is another thing. here you have to been in the dorms until you have 60 credit hours and that is basicly 2 years. grrrr........

September 12, 2004

isn't he adorable?? Posted by Hello

this is murphy (andrew's dog) isn't he so cute!! Posted by Hello

September 08, 2004


the 2nd week into school is almost over. it is going ok. i am still homesick. i have had a lot of english writing and in all the other classes i just have a lot of reading. i think my favorite class right now is my geography class. i went to talk to my geography teacher before class today. she is really nice. she asked me a lot of questions about where i am from and stuff. she is the one from Belguim. she has a cool accent but you can still understand her. i went home last weekend for labor day weekend. i had the best food this last weekend than i have had since i went to school. i didn't have a stomach ache. i don't have a lot to say.

September 02, 2004

so my first week of school is almost over. it has been ok. my classes are pretty interesting. i dropped my PSC 141 class because it wasn't exactly what i expected so i signed up for PSC 142 because that is the class that i really wanted to take. so i signed up for it yesterday. so tomorrow will be the first day i go to that class so i don't know if i like it or not but hopefully i will!! but i like all the classes that i have been to.
i have met so many new people i can't remember all their names but i can remember some of their names!! yeah!!
dinner yesterday made me sick. you guys probably don't want me to get into that but if you want to know what happened just ask. i am so tired. i haven't been on a schedule in a long time so waking up at 7am every day for classes is very tiring. i will eventually get used to it.
my longest walk is to my art history class. it is all the way on the other side of campus. but the rest of my classes are pretty close by.
i had the bookstore box up my books so i could just pick them all up when i got here but guess what they gave me the wrong art book and they gave me an extra book for my PSC 141 class but i ended up dropping that class anyway so i had to return a total of 3 books. but i got a full refund of it so it is ok. they told us to go to our english class before we buy our english books. so i went to class and found out which books i needed. so when i went to buy it guess what? they were all out of one of the books i needed. but i don't need that book right away so it is ok. i did get the english book that i need right now. i am going to buy the PSC 142 books after i find out which ones i need from the professor tomorrow. hopefully they will still have it!!
i am going home this weekend. i have to admit it: i am homesick. my room is mostly organized. i am taking home some stuff that i don't need here. i might also bring some stuff that i forgot back with me.
i am getting along with my roommate so far. but she is always talking to her boyfriend on the phone and stuff. it doesn't bother me that much because i don't know how it would be if i had a boyfriend still at home so i can't get mad. anyway i know i can sleep through pretty much anything so it is ok i guess. anyway i can watch her tv!!
it has been pretty cool here in the morning like before 8 am but it warms up as the day goes on but it isnt too bad!! yeah!!

August 30, 2004

such a hottie!!!! Posted by Hello

isn't he soooo hot?? Posted by Hello

another Orlando Bloom!!! Posted by Hello

Orlando Bloom!!!! Posted by Hello


1. Starting time: 5:59 PM
2. name: Allison
3. School: SFA
5. Gender: Female

Have you ever...?
6. Been so drunk that you blacked out: no
7. Missed school because it was rainy: don't remember probably
9. Kept a secret from EVERYBODY: yeah
10. Wanted to hook up with a friend: nope
11. Cried during a flick: yeah
12. Ever liked a teacher: yeah
13. Ever thought an animated character was hot: nope
14. Ever prank called someone: no
15. Been on stage: yup
16. Fought with your parents: yup
18. Laughed until you cried: almost
19. Watched a sunrise or a sunset: yup
20. Went to the beach at night: no
23. Are you happy: i'd like to think so
24. Are you talking to someone online right now?: yep (hi Robin!!!)

26. Shampoo: Pantene
27. Soap: don't know
28. Color: blue or purple
29. Day or night: night, it's cooler
30. Kind of music: almost anything
31. Soda: coke
32. Car: taurus
33. Perfume or cologne: perfume
34. Favorite radio station: 106.9
35. Web Site: other people's blogs
36. Subject in school: none
37. Least favorite subject: english
38. Food: almost everything
39. Movie:
40. Place: my bed
41. Holiday: christmas and thanksgiving
42. Lace or satin: satin
43. Place to chill at: friend's house where there is a tv and food
44. Ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
45. Cartoon character: the simpsons

Friends and Crushes
46. Have a bf/gf: no no
47. Loved anyone: yesDo you believe in...?
59. God/Devil: yup
60. Love at first sight: sure
61. The Big Bang Theory: no
62. Heaven/Hell: yupMisc.
63.Who named you: my parents
64. When was the last time you showered: yesterday
65. What is right next to you: other than my computer??
68. What was the last thing you ate: crackers
71. How's the weather right now: hot
72. What's the weirdest thing you have ever eaten: chicken gumbo
75. Scary or happy movies: happy ones
76. Talk on phone or in person: in person
79. Boxers or briefs:don't care, just wear something
80. Bacon bits or croutons: croutons
81. How long can you hold your breath? not very long!!
82. Disneyworld or Disneyland: disneyworld
83. Do you do drugs: yuck!!
84. Do you make fun of people: no that is mean!!!
85. Have you ever been convicted of a crime: nah
86. One pillow or two: one
88. What's your bedtime: whenever i want
89. Adidas, Nike, or Reebok: adidas
90. Most embarassing moment: which one?
91. Do you attend church regularly: somewhat
92. What do you look for in the opposite sex: eyes
93. Favorite quotes: "Frank, it's after six, you can stop being snotty!" Henry Blake
94. Do you like to swim: yup
95. Do you have a job: no
96. Pools or ocean: pools
97. Pencil or pen: pen
99. Do you sing in the shower: all the time, but who doesn't?
101. Best way to die: in your sleep
104. Would you ever go bungee-jumping: no never
105. Would you rather be short, semi-tall, tall: semi-tall
106. Do you enjoy reading: yea
108. What was the last movie you saw: princess diaries 2
109. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes
110. What is your zodiac sign: taurus
111. Would you ever have cosmetic surgery: nope
112. Do you like to dance: not really
116. Do you think men and women could ever be just friends: yea!
117. Do you bite your nails: no
118. What is your worst habit: don't know
120. Who in your life is the biggest role model: not sure
122. Do you organize your cds: yeah in order that i get them
123. Who makes fun of you the most: i am not sure
124. Ending Time: 6:11 PM

August 27, 2004


it is so hot!! i just went to lunch.....had to walk so now i am all sweaty and yucky. i hate hot weather!! this weekend we are suppose to have cool front come through!! i hope it stays for a long time!! climbing up 3 flights of stairs isn't as bad as i thought it would be!! and walking to and from lunch isn't that bad. it is when it is very hot that i don't like the long walks. i think i will tour around campus tomorrow or sunday when it is cooler. when i was walking back from lunch someone gave me a free cd! it was with some promotion or something. college life is ok so far. wish i had a car so i wouldn't have to walk everywhere. well i would walk to class but i would want a car to go to a restruant or walmart or something like that. but my roommate has a car so maybe she will drive me places once in a while. and i saw some buses so maybe i can get see where they go.


hey from school!!i am all moved in. i have bought all my books. it cost $430!!! can you believe that? and i haven't gotten my english books yet either. they say you should go to class first before you get your books because they say that english teachers change their minds sometimes. i am ok with that. but so far i like my roommate. she is a morning person. i am not much of a morning person. but amazingly i got up at 9:30 this morning. the shower stalls are so small!! but so far i am having a good time. that might change after school starts on monday. if you guys give me your addresses i will send you a card!! i love ethrenet!! it is so much faster!!

August 25, 2004

well i am avoiding packing. so i get on the internet and look at other people's blogs, update my own, and check my e-mail. i will eventually get bored so i then i will get off and start packing. i pretty much just need to pack clothes because a lot of stuff i am leaving in the bags we got them in.
i hear that it won't rain tomorrow but it is suppuse to be hot so joy!! anyone want to come help me move in?
i saw Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement on Monday. it was good. i think i like the first one the best still. it is hard to say. but i would suggest that you go see it.
my family went to Hido last night as my last meal at home thing because my parents won't be able to go out tonight because they have some meeting tonight.
i better get to packing. i will probably start with throwing all the clothes i want to take on my bed. that way i will have to pack if i want to go to bed tonight. then i will throw other things i need to pack on my bed and then actually pack them. next time i post i will be at college and all moved in and stuff!!

August 21, 2004


yeah...i might be moving in on thursday instead of Saturday. i can't wait to get to school so i wouldn't have to mess with dial-up. I HATE DIAL-UP!!!! i am getting all of my stuff together for school right now. i am not going to pack it all up until Wednesday. i will probably gather all my stuff together between now and Wednesday. then i will pack it. i have tons of stuff on my floor right now. it does not feel like saturday. i have been reading and watching tv a lot recently. so i don't have much to say. i am trying to coordinate with my roommate so we can arrive at the same time on thursday because she will be moving in on thursday too.

August 20, 2004


3) WHAT SONG MAKES YOU CRY? Beauty And the Beast

PIERCINGS: 2 holes in each ear
TATTOOS: none at the moment

Right Now:
WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: i am watching tv but i was listening to Manheim Steamroller a little while ago
HOW ARE YOU? i am tired and my lower back aches a little

Do You:
GET MOTION SICKNESS?: i don't think so
HAVE A BAD HABIT?: being unbelievably lazy
GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: sometimes - no, sometimes - yes
LIKE TO DRIVE?: sometimes

TV SHOW: MASH and the simpsons
CONDITIONER: Herbal Essance
MAGAZINE: Seventeen and YM
THING TO DO ON THE WEEKEND: Surf the net, sleep, and watch tv
USED YOUR PARENTS' CREDIT CARD BEFORE: yes, online but with their permission

Have You:
BROKEN THE LAW: probably
BEEN IN A SCHOOL PLAY: yes. 6th and 7th drama nights and 4th-8th school musicals
LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: it's always open but the friend's don't come

SEXUALITY: straight
CHILDREN: maybe 3
BEEN IN LOVE?: i think so
YOUR GREATEST REGRET: letting myself gain a lot of weight and not studing as hard and not doing that great in school
DO YOU HAVE A JOB: unemployeed
YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW: manhiem steamroller
MAKES YOU HAPPY?: friends and family
WHO DO YOU CONSIDER GOOD FRIENDS?: robin, julia, brittnay, amanda, ashley, lindsey, and a lot of people i can't think of right now
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO?: eat,read, watch tv

When/What Was The Last:
TIME YOU CRIED?: Yesterday
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: a couple days ago from a pen-pal
YOU GOT E-MAIL: awhile ago
MOVIE YOU SAW AT THE THEATER: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Your Thoughts On:
ABORTION: i think it is wrong because people should learn from their mistakes unless they were rapped when they are really young then i think they should get an abortion because they are too young to take care of it.
SPICE GIRLS: totally yesterday
DREAMS: to graduate college and get a good job that i like and have a happy life and to lose weight

August 19, 2004


hey!! not much has happened. i dropped my sister off at school today so i could have the car today and i went to visit some of my favorite teachers lik Mr. Rock and Mr. Schrader. it was fun. i saw Coach harwood after school when i went to pick ainsley up from school. when i was driving there it was pouring rain and i could barely see where i was going!! it was a little scary but i knew where i was going so it was ok.
my parents are thinking about taking me to school on the day that the dorms open on August 26th. i am ok with that. that is the day that my roommate is moving in too. we haven't totally decided yet but they suddenly changed their minds about when we will move in. i don't really care but oh well. did you guys see the women 800 free relay?? that was awesome!!! Dana vollmer is from Texas. she swims with FAST according to ainsley. but ainsley would know because ainsley has swam against her. i can't wait until i don't have to use dial-up. my room is such a mess right now because i am going through all the stuff that i want to take to school.

August 17, 2004

Ainsley started school today. it felt so wierd to not go with her but i am don't totally to miss it. it just felt wierd. i just miss a couple of people. and once everyone goes off to college, i won't see them until thanksgiving or christmas. but i am somewhat excited about going to college. i changed the layout of my blog but i think i had it before but i like it. Ainsley has Mr. Rock for pre-cal. yeah!! i liked pre-cal.
i got my checks for my own checking account!! i think i will be getting a debit card in a couple of days.
i am going to move-in in 11 days. yeah!! i am sorta excited about going to school again. probably more because it isn't high school and i got to pick the times, teachers, and classes. also no one knows you. you are starting all over. no one knows anything about you and you haven't done anything stupid in front of them.
i hope i get along with my roommate. that is the one thing that i am most nervous about. i don't know much about her except a few thing. i have never seen her. i am sure i will get along with her. i am going to go into this thing with a good attitude because if i don't then it won't work. i am going to be living her for 9 months. unless i switch rooms when they do the hall change stuff. but that is such a pain i would have to move all my stuff again. and i am on the 3rd floor!!
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August 16, 2004

hey!! i am back. vacation was very fun. Ainsley got to see Kelly. they are so stupid together. they boiled a JELLYFISH!!! have you guys ever known anyone that has done that??
anyway. ainsley starts school tommorrow. it sorta feels wierd that i am not going with her you know? i have been going with her to school for 2 years (at the same school). but we have been starting around the same time forever. and i don't even move in for another 2 weeks. and i start school on August 30. but anyway at least i can be lazy for another couple of weeks. yeah!! anyone want to go see princess diaries 2 with me? you know julie andrews sings a song in it? that is so cool. she hasn't sung a song in a long time because of that stupid doctor that messed up on throat surgery or something. we went to the beach. it was sorta gross because there was so much seaweed. so after i went swimming in the ocean and went into our condo to take a shower. when i took off my swimsuit there was so much seaweed on me and even more in my suit!! it was so gross!!we played put put golf one day. i think i got the highest score. kelly won. but it was fun. that is the point. mostly we spent our time on the beach. but it rained almost every day except thursday and friday and saturday because of the tropical storm bonnie. but then it changed direction so we didn't get any rain after that. we had tons of seafood. i gained weight. but i am hoping to lose lots of weight once i get to school because i will be doing tons of walking and i am on the 3rd floor of my building and there are no elevator so i will be climbing lots of stairs. expesially on move in day because i will have to get all my stuff up to my room. i hope my roommate doesn't hang up all these wierd things before i move in you know? i mean i don't care if it is like on the wall by her bed or whatever but if she puts stuff all over the place then i don't know if i would like that unless i like the stuff she puts up. but hopefully she will stick to her side of the room. it will be an interesting day. i am going to go get some posters to put on my wall. maybe of orlando bloom or someone like that. i have two weeks to figure it out.

August 07, 2004

vacation and stuff

hey!! tommorrow i leave on my vacation!! finally!! yeah!! today we went shopping for the stuff to go into my dorm room. it was fun. i got this hawiain theme for my sheets and comforter. the bedspread has a blue background with surfboards and stuff on it. i like it. then sheets have surfboards on them too. we also got towels and a lamp, phone, extra rod to hang in the closet, a towel thing that attaches to the closet door to hang towels on. we got a thing to put all my bathroom stufff in, a trashcan, and a pillow. i think that is all the things i need for my room. if you guys can think of any more things to put in room tell me!!! i also got some jeans and pajama bottoms. i can do some more clothes shopping later.
anyway i won't be updating for a week because i am going on VACATION!! YEAH!! i will try to send people cards. i might be able to update if i can but don't worry if i don't post for a week!!

August 06, 2004


VACATION!! it is almost here!!! yeah!! it is official. we are going on vacation to Destin, Florida. we finally got a place to stay. it is a pretty nice place to stay for last minute. it has 3 bedrooms so everyone can have their own room. mom and dad obviously in the master bedroom with the KING SIZED BED and ainsley is going to stay in the loft with a QUEEN SIZED BED and i am in the room next to the loft with bunkbeds but if i understand this correctly that the bottom bunk is QUEEN SIZED!! i will figure it out when we get there sunday. anyway i am excited. it seems like a nice place but get this we have to bring a whole bunch of stuff like toilet paper and stuff!! because you don't get daily maid service. they just have maid service come and clean up after you leave and get the place ready for the next family. oh well as long as i have clean sheets. that would be so gross if they didn't change the sheets....ewww!!! hey robin do you remember the conversation we had junior year on the way to school when we were listening to the radio and they had those questions in the morning to win prizes or something? do you remember the question that was "what is one thing they do not clean in hotel rooms?" and it turned out to be the bedspread or something? and we were wondering what the answer was before they annouced it. it really makes you think what they do clean and what they don't clean. like do they always clean the toilet and shower and sink? what if they didn't? what would you find if they didn't? ewww. i don't want to think about it. i am going to think about something else. tommorrow we are going back to school shopping. mostly i think it will be for me because i have more to get before school and ainsley has already gotten a lot of new clothes this summer but knowing ainsley she will want to get something else. oh well i think she will have fun shopping for stuff for my room so it will be ok. my dad says we are going to be leaving a like 5 am on sunday for vacation. we are driving to destin and it is 10 1/2 hours according to map quest. if we do leave that early we will be there like by 3pm but we will probably stop for lunch and pit stops and stuff so it will be like by 5pm. i am going to bring tons of books to read. i am thinking about rereading the HP series so that will keep me occupied for a while and there are tons of other books that i am going to read so i am not going to be bored. i am also going to bring my cd player and gameboy advanced. i have a ton of gameboy advanced games so i will be ok. i wish i could find andrews old gameboy games. andrew had the first gameboy that ever came out and i am supposed to be able to play them on my gameboy advance but i think he gave them away. oh well. i will get over it. i have one of the harry potter games for gameboy advanced. i also have the quddicht (i am not sure i spelled that right but you guys know what i mean right? game for gamecube. i have only played it once and it was only $19.99 and best buy said they were going out of stock so i bought one. i love to shop and there is suppose to be a lot of shoping in destin so i am going to be happy and i am going to go to the bank tommorrow to get some $$ for the trip. i hope i don't spend it all in one place!! lol!!

August 03, 2004

98% of teenagers do or have tried pot. If you're one of the 2% that hasn't, put this in your journal.

August 01, 2004

a week gone by

i can't believe that a week has gone by and i haven't posted here. but i have posted on my other blogs so if you would like to see what i posted look at them. the links are in posting below.

the biggest news in the past week is that i got my hair straightened on friday. it is a little bit longer now. i like it a lot.

next biggest news is that andrew got a dog.

i saw harry potter again last thursday. amazingly the theater was pretty crowded. but we were in one of the smaller theaters but still. and it has been out for almost 2 months.

the past 5 days have been fun. everyone is coming home tonight. they won't be home until like midnight but still. they haven't seen me with my new hair. but i have had fun. i rented lots of movies. i rented Agent Cody Banks 1 & 2 and all the Austin Powers movies which i think are hilarious. and i also rented Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen movie. i think it is pretty funny too.

i got my roommate assignment yesterday. my roommate's name is amber. she lives in paris.......... Texas. which i think is close to nacogdoches i think i will have to look at a map but all i know about it is that it is a small town. anyway i hope we get along. i haven't talk to her yet but i will eventually. i still can't believe that we still have 4 weeks until school starts. i am getting really bored. i can't believe that i am going to say this but i am ready to go back to school. at least i will have stuff to do. even if it is school. but this year will be different. don't have to be in classes for 8 hours straight and you can pick your classes and times and stuff. so it isn't as bad.

well we are suppose to be going on vacation in a week. i don't think that the plans have been made yet. surprise surprise.

ainsley starts school in 2 weeks.