September 20, 2004


well i am sitting here at my computer instead of in class because my class was canceled!! my professor is sick. but of course this is the class that i actually like to go to!!! all of the other classes are just ugh. i like sfa 101 too but if i had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Geography. i don't know why. i guess the teacher makes the difference.
i got my debit card today. the bad thing is that i only have $70 in my bank account so i better save it until i get my allowance. but i have some cash too so i am not too poor.
so i went home this weekend. my mom brought me back up here this morning. i had to get up at 5 am because my mom had to be in conroe by 10-11am. i pretty much rested and talked to my mom the whole time. tried not to think too much. i wish i could have stayed at home a little while longer. it is ok here. it is nice a cool today. but there isn't much to do here. you need a car to go to lufkin and do stuff there. lufkin is where all the shops and restuarants are.
on the way home friday, we past lufkin high school because the school is right on the highway. and they were having a football game and people had to park along the highway i guess because they don't have that much parking or something. or at least not a nice 1000+ parking lot that klein has. oh!! klein this summer spent over a million dollars on astroturph for the football stadium!! they did not need to do that!! they should have spent it on the pool!! the pool actually needs repairs!! they had the perfect reall grass and they didn't need to replace it!! spend it on something they actually need!!i hate it how they really ignore the swim program and spend all their money on football!! i wish football would disappear!!

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