September 28, 2005

September 25, 2005

mini vacation

so my 4 day weekend has been extended to a 6 day weekend! i don't have to go back to school until wednesday!! wohoo!! guess what i have been doing to my computer the past day?? i have been reloading everything onto my computer. i got that trojan through instant messanger in may and i have never been able to get it to go away because it replicates itself so if you delete it and then turn off your computer and then turn it back on it will reappear. and then for some strange reason yesterday i could log on to the internet with my computer but i could do it on everyone else's computer. so i just decided to clear everything off of my computer and reinstall everthing. even xp. so i was up until 5:15 this morning just clearing everything off and reloading xp. then i went to sleep. i got up right before noon and started reloading drivers and utilities and the internet on to my computer. that is how i can be on the internet right now. it sorta gave me a change to clear off all the things that i don't want on my computer. it was a pain but now i can just load back all the fun programs that don't require you to think when loading. i still haven't gotten the sound driver to load back yet. i will have to keep trying or call dell. hopefully i can fix it. i had a tough time with my wireless card because i got andrew's old wireless card and he had lost the installation disk so i had to search all around the internet for the installation file but i eventually found it. i had to load the old dial up stuff to get it but that is ok. it is probably not a bad idea to have it just in case the dsl goes out.

September 24, 2005

i survived!! hahaha!!

so hurricane rita was kinda a joke for me and where i live! so it was supposed to be really bad but all i got was a lot of wind. it barely sprinkled. we had power out from 2:30 am this morning to sometime between 6:00 and 7:30 pm. i am not sure because it was getting hot in my house and we weren't sure what we were going to do for dinner so we went for a car ride for the air conditioning and so we could listen to the radio and see how things looked around the area. most people had just lots of branchs down. someone around the corner from me had a tree tip over. but it didn't go into their house. we have power now. so when we got home it was on. i took some pictures that i will post in a few minutes. i don't have school until wednesday. neither does my sister. my mom doesn't have to go back to work until wednesday either.

September 23, 2005

the wind.....

right now we haven't had anything yet. we have had some gust of wind. we haven't had any rain yet. just wind. we have brought in all of our stuff from outside and we have taped up some windows. we still have power. i am hoping that it will stay on because they say that the hurricane is turning a little bit but you never know what we are going to get. i will probably not update until next week because i am going to take apart my computer and pack it all away in my closet where there are no windows to break and get water into. i hope that doesn't happen either!!

September 22, 2005

getting prepared

so we are mostly prepared. we got food and some water and all that. we have brought in most of the stuff that was outside. just a few little things left to bring in before it comes. today my mom had me go around and take pictures of all of our stuff just in case we get totally flooded out and have to go to the insurance and i took tons of pictures of inside and the outside of our house and cars and stuff. then i downloaded it to my computer. then i burned it to a cd. so all these pictures are in 3 different places: camera memory card, cd, and computer so hopefully at least one of those will be left if we get flooded. i don't think we will get flooded out that bad where i am. i think at the worst just the roads will be flooded. i just hope. we will just to see how much rain we get here. oh i also did laundry just in case we lose power and don't get it back for a while. we found all this camping stuff that we used to take out on camping trips so we will be able to cook even if we don't have power!! yeah!! ugh i am so tired of the news. it is on 24 hours a day. i mean it is good to hear about it but i am just tired of it. i want to watch my regular shows!!


so i was watching the news and they have reporters down in galveston. they were talking about how the moon was blood red down there. i think that is kinda creepy.

September 21, 2005

getting prepared....

so my parents are at the store getting batteries and food and all that. i charged up my phone and my ipod is still charging. i want to be prepared. i want to keep these things charged up for when the power goes out which i hope doesn't happen but i am sure it will. i am starting to get scared about this. but of course everyone is going to make a big deal about this and then it won't be that bad and then everyone will get mad about freaking out. i sorta wish we were leaving but then i would worry about my house and all my stuff. i am sure once it gets to where i am it won't be as bad. hopefully we will just get a lot of rain and hopefully we will get to keep the power. i don't mind rain.

school cancelled!!!

yeah!! school is cancelled for the rest of the week starting at 3pm!!! check it out here! i am going to enjoy my 4 day weekend!! expecially since my economics class has a test tomorrow and now i don't have it!!! but i bet i will have to go to the store to get water and all that. but i heard some funny stories about trying to get water at walmart. my history teacher saw these 2 ladies fighting over the last thing of water at walmart. it is so funny. we have some water but it is in those little bottles. be carefully you guys and evacute before it is too late. i probably won't have to but you never know!!

September 20, 2005!!

so school has been really busy. i can't believe it is almost 4 weeks into it! a 1/4 of the way through!! yeah!! only 12 weeks left. but it feels like school just started. it is going so fast. i can't wait until christmas.september is almost over. just 10 more days until october.
i am reading the runaway jury by john grisham. it is a good book. i am about 300 pages into it. i have another book by him called the street lawyer. i am going to read it next! i hope it is just as good.i love to read. i still have a huge stack of books that i want to read. i will eventually get through them. i want to finish most of them by next august if i can so when i move to a new school i would have finished most of them and i won't have to worry about them. and it will just get them off my floor.

an update!

so i guess i have finally decided to update. life has been crazy. i got a new phone on sunday.
andrew came home this weekend. murphy was so happy to have him home. he got so mad at andrew when he was packing up to go home on sunday. well i have to go take the dogs on a walk right now.

September 15, 2005

a not so daily update

so i gave the dogs a bath today so that andrew can see that i am taking care of his dog just fine. he is coming home tomorrow for the weekend.
britney spears had her baby.
i got an 89 on my first chemistry test.

September 11, 2005


so today is the 4th anniversary of 9-11. everyone still remember where you were 4 years ago? i do. sophomore year. it first happened at the end of first period but we didn't really hear about it until 2nd period. 2nd period we went and watched the news in one of the other classrooms. i think most of the rest of the day we watched the news in the rest of my classes. if you want you can comment and post where you were or do it on your own blog.

September 10, 2005

my doggies.....

so i was watching the news this morning and they had this part about rescueing all the animals that were left behind after the hurricane. most of them have been starving for a week. and there was the farm that had a goat. it was still fenced in its cage and when the water got really high he tried to keep his head up above the water. so when they found it after the water had gone down they found it caught on the fence dead. it basically hung itself trying to stay above the water. it was so sad. they actually showed it on tv............i started to cry because it was so sad. think of all the animals left behind when the owners left. so there is an organization going into all the houses and collecting all the animals and feeding them. they said they are leaving notes behind to tell the owners that they took them and where to find them. and then they showed reunions with the owners. it was so happy. i would not leave without my doggies!!!! i love them too much!!

September 09, 2005

something more than pictures.....

so i hope you guys like all the pictures i put up. the dogs are both curled up next to me on both sides of my desk. they are tired. i took them on 2 long walks today. it is the end of another week. only 14 weeks left of the semester. my brother is coming in next weekend. you know i always think of great things to post and then i forget them when i do post. the humidity has been pretty low this week. it feels so much better here even thought it is still in the 90s. i think we are about to go out to eat so i will update later!!

the turtles are cool too!! Posted by Picasa

i love finding nemo!! dori is so funny!! Posted by Picasa

this is murphy in my brother's room. we will find him curled up in there sometimes usually after we are gone and then come back we will find him in there Posted by Picasa

all the dogs like to lay in my room and sleep!! there is ben by my door. and you guys can see all my books next to my bed and all my shoes by the white cabinet where my tv is. i told you i read a lot there are even more books on the other side of my room!! Posted by Picasa

he likes to sit on the stairs and just wait for you to come up or down. but this day i saw him just lay down on the step. it is really cute!! Posted by Picasa

murphy likes to curl up on my bed and sleep. he is so adorable! Posted by Picasa

my chem teacher has these hard candies that taste like coffee. they are so good!! so during class she would just hand them out to people that want them Posted by Picasa

September 03, 2005


so today we hooked up my sister's computer to the DSL. she is happy to have her AIM again.

September 02, 2005

the week in summary

so it is friday night. i am watching forrest gump on tv. i love the dsl because i can be anywhere and still be on the internet. my sister is swim team captian. she has a whole bunch of people over from the team so the rest of us are in my parents room so they can have the tv in the playroom. so i am here watching tv and posting here.
the first week of school is over. i only had a half day today. i love that. so i was home for lunch. i got to relax all afternoon. i feel asleep in front of tv. i took the dogs on 2 walks as i always do.
so i like most my teachers so far. my math teacher sometimes doesn't seem like he knows what he is doing but he seems nice. i am glad i got the study guide for the book so hopefully i can understand all the stuff. anyway i learned a lot of this stuff in precal.

September 01, 2005


so i all yesterday i thought it was september 1st!! but i didn't figure out until today that today is september 1st!! so i am still glad that it is finally september. the first week is almost over. tomorrow i only have a half day!! i get out at 11:20 AM!!! yeah!! this is the first semester i have had to have classes on friday. oh well at least it is only a half day.