April 17, 2008


i have always liked to sing. not necessarily in front of people but i always sing to the radio on the way to school and in my room by myself. anyway i think it would be so much fun to write my own songs and then record them. then i thought it would be so cool to have my own recording room in my own house and all that. i went on youtube and did you know that you can actually build your own recording studio in your house. there are videos of people doing that! it is so cool. i wish i could do that. anyway i might do that when i get my own place and actually write songs. but i don't know how easy/hard it could be. but hopefully it would be fun. i remember when i first heard of hanson, we used to want to learn how to play instruments and form a band. it would still be cool to do that.
i have found out that i don't have classes on my birthday! :) how lucky is that? exactly one week until my birthday!

April 08, 2008

graduation and the end of school

so this semester i am graduating from cy-fair college. i thought i would take the one extra english class and get my AA. i don't know if i already talked about that or not. anyway i was like what if something horrible happens and i can't take the rest of my classes at UH? then i would definitly be glad that i got the AA. anyway yesterday i got my cap and gown. and actually i think they are the same color as the ones that will be used at UH graduations. maybe i will be able to reuse it in december when i graduate from UH. anyway for anyone that would want to come it is on may 10 at 12pm. it really isn't a big deal. i am just getting it because all i had to take was 1 class so i am taking it.
there is only a couple of weeks left of class. most of my class i am doing pretty well in. i have an A in statistics, at least a B in management (i am hoping to get at least a B+ or maybe even an A- in there). i think i will end up with a B in english. so far if i don't do anything else in english, i know i will pass. i am not sure how i am doing in the economics of globalization class. i am pretty sure i will pass. i am hoping for a B but i guess i will be happy if i just pass. that teacher is just a pain. she has an accent so sometimes you really have to listen to understand. also she just reads from the slides and doesn't fully explain everything. really if i just looked at the slides, i know mostly what she would say during class.
my birthday is in 2 weeks. birthdays don't seem to be that exciting anymore. mostly i would be happy if people would just remember and say happy birthday.

April 04, 2008

my birthday

so my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. i was thinking about having a party but i am not sure it is a good idea. the big birthday was last year but there isn't anything special about turning 22. i was thinking about just having a party at my house and kind of having just like a swim party/cookout. but i don't know if anyone would be that interested. maybe i should just put the invites out there and see if anyone is interested. i should probably ask my parents for permission first.