October 23, 2017

so I recently had an interesting spam email come to my email. a guy saying he found me through some website. he continues to tell me that he is a soldier in afghanistan and that he wants to send me a box of cash. so i was like ok… i figured it was a scam but decided to waste his time and entertain myself and see where this went. he said he was sending it through the red cross. (didn't know they were there but who knows) he says the red cross lady will contact me about how to get this box. she emails me and says that i have to pay insurance on this box and that this company will call me. they call me at like 2 am. they end up telling me i have to pay $850 for the insurance on this box. so that is the scam part. so i tell them that hell no i don't have that kind of money and hang up. i email the original scammer and tell him hell no too i don't have $850. he then says get a loan. i am way too smart to get a loan for scammer.  i tell him i can't get one and he keeps pushing and pushing the subject of getting a loan. i tell him no i can't qualify and all that. still kinda playing along. i tell him that is almost more than what i make in a month if i don't pay bill and don't eat and all that. he then says do it! save a month and send it. so this guy is pretending to be a soldier and pretty much tells me to be homeless and not eat or drink for a month just so he can have this money…. this is the worst person out there to tell me that. there are scammers out there that will scam you out of money but this one kinda went above and beyond that to say be homeless just so he can have this money. he was also sending me pictures of this guy and his kids to try and convince me that he is this person. they are probably pictures off of some guys Facebook or something because he had several of the same guy with his kids. so not only is he scamming people out of money he is stealing this guys pictures and trying to pass himself off as this guy.

September 11, 2017

This day a year ago changed my life. It put me on an emotional roller coaster that I don't understand. It was an amazing experience that I am glad I shared with you. It is something I will always remember and it is something I hold close to my heart.
I am back! I know it has been a few years since I have been on here but I thought many times about going back to blogging and here I am. I didn't have a computer for many years but I bought a used macbook a few days ago and decided to log back in. I have been thinking of different topics I can post about and hopefully keep people interested and wanting to come back here! I would love to have a group of people to that could keep up a conversation.
I am back to living in north Houston. I moved from Hitchcock, Tx. I really like living there. I love the small town feeling and no traffic. It is kind of like Gilmore Girls. I love that show and I always wanted to live in a small town. I would move back if I had the money to. Right now I feel like I am living a fantasy of a lot of people. Who ever watched the Suite life of Zach and Cody? Where they lived in a hotel? Right now I am staying in a Studio 6 Extended Stay. I am having trouble getting approved for an apartment so here I am. It is really nice. It is about $1000 a month but it is all bills paid and the cable includes some HBO! They do come around and clean the rooms but since I do have a dog and I am scared that if they come clean when I am not there, something will happen to her like getting loose or hurt. So I have one of those nice do not disturb signs out. But I frequently take in my towels and sheets to be washed for me and get new ones. (but I still have to wash my own clothes. LOL) No room service here on the food but they have one of those Order Inn menus here that is pretty much the same but I think it comes from maybe nearby restaurants. I enjoy the kitchen in the room instead. I moved from renting a room in a house that I did not have access to a kitchen so having a normal sized refrigerator is a big deal to me right now. I have that and a stove and microwave. No oven yet but I am hoping to get an apartment soon (or an RV but that is another story). I am also excited to have my own bathroom again. I had to share a bathroom with many very gross people that I don't think ever thought about cleaning the bathroom. There were many times I had to clean the tub before I took a shower. But I always had thought it would be fun to stay at a hotel for a while. Now I get to live it for a little while!

June 15, 2014

I haven't been on here in more than 2 years. What has happened in that time? Everything from going from having savings and a job and a car and computer and pretty much anything I want and people that I at least thought cared about me to being betrayed by those people or having my heart broken by them stepped on. Broke and having absolutely nothing. Having clothes that are 3 and 4 sizes too big but not being able to get new ones. I guess I am lucky enough to have clean clothes. I got no job. I have seen shoot outs. Learned about life that I never thought I would. I had book smarts before but I know have learned street smarts. Am I happy? No. I am hungry a lot. I am haunted by my past and it hurts me every day. I crave the love I thought I had from people but I see how easy people disappear when your life gets bad. It makes me want to go down the rode that people already assume I have gone down. Sometimes I want to do drugs and get fucked up to just forget everything. To numb the pain. I can't even talk to no one anymore. I got no one. I am one step away from living on the streets and no one cares. No one knows that pain until you are here. And I hope you never are. Because once you are here there is no way out. Everyone hates you and everyone that you thought was real is just fake.

February 29, 2012

Why do I keep hoping that you will just even talk to me? I feel so stupid every time I text you and I get no response. What happened to us? I think back to a year ago and how things were so different. It kills me to think how close we were and now... I just don't know. All I ever did was care. And give and give and give. Until I have nothing left. But I feel like I carry the world on my shoulders and you don't seem to care. I have kept my word, when will you?

February 27, 2012

Sometimes I feel like I am just a big joke to everyone. I put my heart out on the line and all I do is get stomped on. Be there and be my friend or show yourself the door. I don't have time for part time friends. My life for the past 2 or so years has been full of people that will just take and take and never give anything back. I am just so tired. Show me your real and it could be the best thing you ever did. I am loyal and I feel like I am special. But everyone just is never there unless they need something. I am tired of that.

February 22, 2012

i guess it is time that i really realize that you don't care about me at all. that i am not even on your list of people to care about. i am dying inside and it hurts so bad because i care a ton about you. even just as friends. i make time for everyone that i care about and you don't even seem to try. it just feels like i am drowning and you are just watching me and not doing a thing. i need a sign that someone out there really cares about me. do you even remember what today was? i guess i am stupid. i can't do this anymore. i hurt inside and i feel like i am screaming inside and i can't do anything about it. i just wish i didn't feel like a big nothing to you.

February 14, 2012

I guess I was stupid to think that you would think about me today. Or even return my happy valentines day text. I guess people really are too busy to send a 2 second text.
I just feel so ignored. Not important enough to even talk to. I might as well be invisible
I need some kind of sign that you still care, still think of me, that I cross your mind at all. Because I do. And I am dying inside at the thought that it was all fake. I want it all to be real. Maybe I will never know. And that is what scares me.