September 25, 2004


well it is parents weekend. i just went out to lunch with my family. i am suppose to be going to the hypnotis right now but i got a stomach ache and i told them to go on so they wouldn't miss it because of me so i am now waiting for them to get back. they are going to check into their hotel room then i am going to show them where my classes are then we are going to have dinner and go to the game. i am an idiot. why did i think i could come to college? i know i failed my psychology test! the main questions people have asked me today is where are you from and what are you going to major in? i probably wouldn't mind it here so much if i could just live in an apartment and had a car so i wouldn't have to eat cafeteria food and i could just make the food that won't give me a stomach ache!! and i won't have people making loud noises all around me and run up and down the hallways. i would probably have less distractions and i might be able to actually get some studying done!! and i hate going to the library because i don't want to have to walk back in the dark. creepy people come out at night. i would like to join the swim team but they practice during my classes and i would go practice with ETEX but they practice far far away and anyway they if they did practice close by they practice really early in the morning and i don't like walking alone in the dark. i just want to go home!! *take a moment to dry tears* i have to go

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