January 17, 2007

new semester!

so it has been freezing here for the past couple of days and raining and all that....every school around here has been cancelled but does u of h cancel? no of course not! i still had class! at least it was only the first week of school and the teachers aren't expecting you to do anything! yay! it was very easy to get to school today because no one going to work or school or anything! the cool thing about this semester is that i have 4 day weekends! :) i did some great scheduling! half of my classes don't have finals! how cool is that!

January 15, 2007

spring semester

so tomorrow is suppose to be the first day of school!! not sure if there is really going to be school tomorrow because of the weather! it is super cold and wet. it is suppose to freeze overnight and we are suppose to get ice. maybe snow?? probably not but you never know!! i still need to go by my books. maybe i will just ride with my parents to school and just have them drop me off... i don't know if i want to drive myself if there is ice on the road... i would never survive in the north! i have been enjoying my break and i am kinda ready for school to start. that feeling will go away after the first day of school. i have been a little bored.

January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

so i had a good christmas and New Years! everyone was home. i made the regular new years resolutions of lose weight, study harder, get organized, and the usual things people make. i got a couple of things for christmas. i knew what some of them were going to be because i picked them out. i got a new backpack, a new calendar, 2 books of sudoku which is pretty addicting, some clothes, a new bag and watch, some giftcards, and books. so i bought myself a new iPod that can play videos and movies and all. the pictures on it is pretty clear! very surprising!
this is a picture of my favorite christmas present!! i got it from by best friend Robin!!