December 30, 2005

Happy New Year!!

for all those who read this.....Happy New Year!! have you made your new year resolutions yet?? mine are the basic lose weight and study harder and all that kind of stuff. but this next year i also want to find myself......
and for the guy update: no word yet....i am not exactly sure what to do...probably just wait to see if he does anything... i am nervous about it.

December 29, 2005

crushes part 3

so i think i really scared him off. he hasn't responded at all. i know he has been on because he has updated his webpage. it isn't a blog or anything. it is a history page. anyway.... i think i freaked him out or something because i haven't gotten an ok or anything. i think no response is worse than a turn down or ok sorta thing you know? i am such an idiot. i shouldn't have said anything. i am an idiot. i have no idea how to tell a guy that you like them!! i am so mad at myself.

December 27, 2005

crushes part 2

so i e-mailed him telling him that i liked him and all that. i couldn't really tell him in person because i haven't seen him since school ended and i don't have his phone # but i did have his e-mail address so i e-mailed him. i am not sure if that is the right way to tell a guy that you like him but i did. he hasn't replied or anything and he probably won't either. i probably scared him off. for thos who are interested his name is Chris.
talking about girlfriend/ brother's girlfriend is coming to visit for like 10 days. you know what i just realized? my brother has a girlfriend, my sister has a boyfriend and my parents obviously have each other. i am the only one in the family without someone. i have never had a boyfriend either. that is kinda sad. i have never even kissed before. hopefully someday i will find the one....
sorry about the past couple of post about my lack of love life....

December 23, 2005


so how do you tell a guy that you have a crush on them?? do you go right out and say that you like them or what?? i just really want to tell this one guy that i really like him and all but i don't want to say it and then have everything become wierd because he doesn't feel the same way you know? grrrr..... this is so complicated!! anyone's input will be good!!


so i wrapped my christmas presents this morning. i am officially done with that!! :) i want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. and for everyone else that doesnot celebrate christmas i want to say happy hannuka, kwanza, or whatever you celebrate.
i saw harry potter again yesterday!! it is kinda funny i really don't like dumbledore in this movie and i like snape in the movie. it is kinda the opposite than what i liked/didn't like in the book.
i am rereading my harry potter books during the break. i am also rereading a lot of other books that i have.
we are going to the race track tonight. it is going to be fun i hope!
i can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

December 20, 2005

grades part 4

my trig teacher just posted the grades! so here are the final results:
Trig: A!!
Economics: A!!
History: A!!!
biology: B
chemistry: B
so my GPA is a 3.39 that is the highest it has ever been! so i have totally surpassed my expectations by getting 3 A's and 2 B's. last spring and summer i only managed to get 1 A and i was going really going to try to get 2 A's this semester but it turns out that i got 3 A's!! i am so happy. i thought i was going to get a B in trig but i think i got an A. i think he curved it a little bit. i think i had an 88 so he probably gave a 2 point curve or something.

December 16, 2005

grades part 3

Economics: A!!
History: A!!!
biology: B
chemistry: B

yea!! i am so happy about my economics grade!! now i just have to worry about my trig grade!! but it could be forever before that grade is posted.

grades part 2

history: A!!!!!!

i am so happy about the A in history!! so now i am waiting on economics and trig. i think i might get an A in economics. no idea about trig. that A made my day!! :)
i just got back from doing some christmas shopping. i went to barnes and nobles and got 2 books for me and 2 christmas presents. so 4 down and 2 left. i think that is pretty good. so i have more than a week to get 2 presesnts. i first have to get some $$ out of my savings account.
the 2 books i got are City of the Beast by Isabel Allende and Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by the same person. they are actually in a series. i read the City of the Beast in hight shool. i thought it was pretty good. so i am now going to reread it and then read the 2nd one.


my teachers are taking forever to grade my finals. i should have them by monday. i wonder what happens if the teacher doesn't put up my grade by monday because that is when they are due......
i am going to go christmas shopping later...i have 4 people left to get something for....

December 15, 2005

grades part 1

so here are my grades so far today:
Biology: B
Chemistry: B

i don't know what my other grades are so far. my gpa has gone down from last semester. but hopefully some of my other grades will pick it up again. kinda hoping for an A in economics and history but i don't want to be disappointed if i totally messed up on those finals. going into the finals i think i had an A in those classes too. i really don't care about trig. nice teacher but he was totally disorganized and i don't think he was the right teacher for that class.

i am free!!!

i am finally done with finals!! no one has posted my grades yet. i don't really want to know either... i am so glad that it is christmas break. i don't have to worry about school or studying for a month!!

December 12, 2005

the new AIM

so has anyone seen the new AIM? it is called AIM titan or something like that. i am trying it out. i think i like it better than the old one but i am not sure yet. i just got it sunday so i am not sure what to think about it. but no problems yet. i have been writing my review of the harry potter movie but i am not done with it yet. i will post it when i am done. it will be probably thursday or so.
did i ever write about the Jingle Jam concert? i don't think so. so i will write about it now!!
it was so awesome!! most of the acts i really didn't know much about. i had recognized some of the songs that i had heard on the radio but i didn't know who they were by but now i do! the best act was of course the Backstreet Boys!! i so totally loved it!! and we had really close seats. about 10th row!! we weren't exactly sure how many rows were in the section before us but we were only 25 feet or less from the stage. i mean really close!! thanks Robin!!! she was the one that got us the great tickets!! :)


2 finals down, 2 left. just trig and economics. i don't want to see my grades. i don't think i will look at them until after christmas. anyway none of my next semester classes depend on them so i will be ok no matter what happens. well i don't think i actually failed but you never know what happens. i have tomorrow off and then a final on wednesday and thursday.
i sold back some of my books today. i got $220 for them. i only returned the ones i had finals in today.

December 09, 2005

next semester

i get to see BSB tomorrow!!! YEA!! i am excited!!! i think we are also getting our christmas tree tomorrow too!! i love christmas trees. they smell so good!
finals are next week. i have 2 on monday. tuesday off. wednesday and thursday each have one final and then i am done!! i will be off for a month!! i love college. well in the sense that we have long christmas and summer breaks.
next semester i have a pretty cool schedule. here it is for those that are interested:
1:30-2:50 Art History
10:00-11:20 Math
11:30-12:50 Speech
1:00-2:30 English 2
9:00-12:10 Government 1
1:30-2:50 Art History
10:00-11:20 Math
11:30-12:50 Speech
1:00-2:30 English 2
so it think it is pretty cool. pretty much all my classes are in the middle of the week and mondays which are the worst days in the week i don't have to go in until 1:30!! and i love not having any friday classes again!! that was a pain this semester.

December 08, 2005

i am finally updating!!!

it was so cold today. i finally got to wear my Gryffindor scarf!! :) yea!! i was going to buy a blue book for my history final next week and the checker was like where did you get your scarf? and she knew it was a gryffindor scarf too!! and she was said she had lots of harry potter stuff like the movies and a wand just like me!! made me feel good. only finals left except for tomorrow's morning classes!! wohoo!!! i am so ready for christmas break!!