July 25, 2004


anyway. we finally hooked up the desktop that was in my room into the playroom so now ainsley can get on her instant messaging without geting on my laptop or coming into my room. i am happy about that. maybe she won't take over my room after i go to college this year. 5 weeks from tommorrow school starts!! ainsley starts 3 weeks from tuesday. still haven't planned vacation yet. my dad keeps saying that we haven't decided on where to go yet. and i was like yeah destin. and then he was like well not everyone wants to go there. that was after he said we probably wouldn't like it there and wouldn't have fun and stuff because all you can do is deep sea fishing and shopping. and i am like i love to shop. if you give me money, i would probably spend it all in an hour. anyway hopefully it will be planned asap. we are suppose to be leaving in like 2 weeks. anyway, i couldn't sleep last night. i couldn't fall asleep until almost 5am!!! but at least i could sleep until like 11. but hopefully i can fall asleep easier tonight. i thought about getting sleeping pills while i was at the store but i didn't because i don't know anything about them and i don't know if you need a perscription or anything. i have been having a lot of trouble falling asleep this past week. if i haave anymore trouble i will really look into them. i am somewhat scared at staying home by myself this week but i am sure i will get over it. i am thinking about having a friend come sleep over each night so i won't be as scared. if you guys read this and can come over call me or im me so we can talk about it!!!! anyone have any ideas about what i can do this week so i wont be so bored while everyone is gone? i think i might go to the movies a couple times to see some movies. i will probably see harry potter again. i don't know what else i will see but i will have to look at the listing and decide on what i would like to see. if you guys want to go see a movie call me!!!

July 24, 2004

some cool quizes

oh so emo

Who should your boyfriend be like?

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

i am most like dumbledore!! cool huh? Take the Quizes!!

survey and stuff

can you guys fill this out?
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went shopping today. i got some things for my computer. i got microsoft office, ethernet cable, and a usb cable for my printer to my computer. i also got a new phone!! it is so cool. is a motorola v60 color. obviously it is a color phone and it is also a flip phone. it is cool. it has a caller id on the front. mainly i wanted a color phone. i found one that i like that just happened to be also a flip phone. i can also finally print from my computer!!! yeah!! i am excited. i am enjoying the new books i bought yesterday. only a few more days until i am ALL BY MYSELF!!! yeah!

July 23, 2004


i am about to update my website so check it out. i added some more books to my list. i went to the barnes & nobles today and got 4 more books. 2 more Daughters of the moon books and a sequel to the a-list and a new one that isn't in a series that i thought was interesting. read them along with me!!!

More ramblings

well...... I get to go shopping this weekend for stuff for college. I love to shop. I saw a Cinderella story on Wednesday. I thought is was cute. Loved Chad Michael Murray. Is he any way related to you robin? Just kidding. But that would be so cool if he was. I will post more later when I have something interesting to say like what we are going to do for vacation. Hopefully we will get that planned for this weekend. I get to stay home alone next week!! Yeah!! E-mail me if you will be in town next week!!!

July 22, 2004

More Ramblings

i want to go on a road trip. i want to get away from here. but if i don't go on vacation at least i only have like 5 weeks left here anyway. i would still like to have a nice long trip away from here that does not include school. i am a little nervous about school anyway. i found my mom's old art history book and it is huge!!! i am taking art history!!! anyway you guys should sign my guestbook. i signed it.
i can't believe that they have made a pill that only makes you have only 4 periods a year. i don't think that is safe!! i think it would be better for you to have one period a month. i think it is just safer and better and healthier for you. i mean yeah periods are a pain in the butt but it is part of the cycle of womenhood. oh well.  lance is still in first place still. well as of last night anyway. he was ahead by 3 min and 48 sec. so i don't know if anyone will catch him now. i would like to see him win for a 6th time in a row!! that would be cool. i am not sure if he will be able to win again next year but i will be rooting for him again but i am just not sure if he can do it again. i don't know if i am making any sense but oh well.
 i can't believe that july is almost over!! i should be getting my roommate assignment soon. this weekend i am going to be getting some more stuff for my computer! i have to get a printer cable and an ethrenet cable  and windows what-it-called......i am having a brain fart.........oh well i know what i am talking about. i am still reading tons of books. see below to find the whole list. anyway i am doing pretty good on reading them. i finish one everyday or two. on my webpage you can find the list too and i have crossed out the ones i have finished.  go to my web site!!! not all the books i have read this summer are on there.

July 21, 2004


Hey!! I went to the movies today with ainsley to see a Cinderella Story. It is a cute movie. Chad Michael Murray is SOOOOOO CUTE!! I wish I had a secret admirer but that will never happen. Well maybe in college but it wont be a guarantee. oh well i can wait. i sort of can't wait until college starts.

July 20, 2004


View my BuddyZoo popularity
This is pretty cool. you can load up your buddy list and it will tell you your popularity from all the people that have loaded theirs on there and it tells your popularity from how many lists you are on. or something like that. anyway. i am reading The Hobbit right now. i have read it before but that was like in the 7th grade and i don't remember that much from it so i am reading it again before i read The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


only 11 days until i should get my roommate assignment. i can't wait!! hopefully i will get it soon!!!

book list and stuff

Tell me what you guys think of these books if you have read them List of books to read:The Canterbury Tales, The Inferno of Dante, Robinson Crusoe, The Mysterious Island, The Invisible Man, The Great Train Robbery, The Professor and The Madman, Into Thin Air, Gone With the Wind, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Prince and The Pauper, Pudd’nhead Wilson, The Politics of Upheaval, The Jungle, Elizabeth the Great, Reader’s Digest Great Biographies on: Elizabeth I, Charles Darwin, Martin Luther, Samuel L. Clemens, Abraham Lincoln, Anne Frank, Albert Schweitzer, J. Pierpont Morgan, Charles A. Lindbergh, Florence Nightingale, Thomas A. Edison, Hans Christian Anderson, For Whom the Bells Toll, The Story of the Family Trapp Singers, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Moby Dick, Froissart Chronicles, Little Women, Another Planet, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Return of the King, The Hobbit, The Secret Scroll, Anne of Ingleside, Rainbow Valley, Rilla of Ingleside, A wizard Abroad, The Wizard’s Dilemma, Insatiable, Eragon, The Hermit Thrush Sings, Bridget Jone’s Diary, Fast Food Nation, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The Man in the Iron Mask, Cheaper by the Dozen, Belles on their Toes, Lord of the Flies, Frankenstein, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, My Sister is Driving me Crazy, Life on the Mississippi, Slaughter House Five, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Wuthering Heights, 1984, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Across Five Aprils, One-Eyed Cat ,The Slave Dancer, Silas Marner, Waterloo, An Old Fashioned Girl, This is My Story, The last of the Duchess. That is the reading list i have made for myself for the summer. have you guys read any of those yet? it will be a challenge on myself to finish them by the end of the summer. but i still have over a month until i go back to school so i should be able to finish most of them. i will post a list at the end of the summer that i haven't read yet and hopefully i won't have to do that at all. hopefully i will have a family trip somewhere in that month so i should have plenty of time to read!! anyone else read a good book this summer? anyone going to be in town next week from Thursday to sunday? IM me if you are! not much has happened this week but i have enjoyed it because it has given me time to read the books i have above.  i enjoy being alone most of the time..

July 18, 2004


Hey!! i am back. anyway, i have rearranged my room a bit. i switched a couple of things around. i have pretty much been reading, sleeping, watching tv......that sort of thing. waiting for something interesting to happen. my sister is getting on my nerves so much. she wants to use my computer all the time to just instant message people. i wouldn't mind letting her use it if she would do something more constructive than just IMing people. like i would let her use my computer if she had a website to keep up or a blog to update but just to IM people is not a good reason to use someone elses computer. so i tell her that i could set up my old computer in her room and then she could get on it for IM and she wouldn't have to use MY COMPUTER. it is just that she isn't the best at using computers and i am just scared she is going to mess up my computer. it seems like i always have to help her with stuff. i also don't mind if she only got on every once in a while but she gets on every day when she should be doing something constructive. and she lets it just sit there until her friends get on. and that could take forever and then they talk about the stupidest stuff. and if she has something really important to tell them then she should call them! i can't wait to go to college and get away from these people!!!

July 15, 2004


my guestbook i wish you guys would sign my guestbook. anyway, i finally finished the swimming stuff!!! yeah!! i have accomplished so much stuff in the past 15 hours. i actually cleaned my room!! i can now get into my closet. now it will be easier to clean out my room. tommorrow is the start of a long weekend. summer champs starts tommorrow. it is 3 FULL DAYS!!!! I am going to be very tired by the end of the weekend.

July 14, 2004

my other blogs

i have been blogging on my other blogs i write different things on the other ones so by the time i get to another blog i don't know what to say and i don't want to just copy and paste that would defeat the purpose of having many blogs. anyay check them out! Blurty, GreatestJournal,and Livejournal. go check them out. it is pretty much garenteed that i will write on at least one of them a day.

July 12, 2004

land of nothing

not much is going on right now. i went to work with my mom yesterday. had to work on my thank you notes. i hate writting them. why do you think i have waited so long to write them? anyway i am half way done with them. i have gotten the important people done so far. i am just so lazy now. i am going to have to shape up soon for when i go back to school! i am so excited about going to college. almost a 100 viewings of my page!!! yeah!! i didn't think that many people would look at my page so much!!i have only had it up there for like a week!

July 10, 2004

webpage hits

i am surprised to see how many people have visited my page!! i am excited about going to dave and busters tonight. i have never been there before and i hope it is fun!! what do you guys think of the pics i put up??

off screen picture of alan alda and mike farrell Posted by Hello

last scene in last episode Posted by Hello

Radar giving sofie (horse) to colonel potter Posted by Hello

July 09, 2004

This is my dorm building that i will be living in next year!! Posted by Hello

that time of the month

i think i am going to have that special thing at the special time of the month soon because i was so moody yesterday. does anyone else have mood swings before their period? anyway i started cleaning out my desk yesterday. i threw away a lot of junk! but that is just the beginning. i have so much more cleaning around my room!! once i finish i think i might rearrange my furniture because it is so cluttered in my room but i need to clean it out first! i am going to rearrange my room when everyone else is at sectionals.

books and sleep

i have noticed that i don't get tired at all until after midnight. oh well at least i am not sleeping until after 11am anymore and i havent taken a nap in the middle of the day yet in a while so i am staying awake once i get up!! hopefully i will get back to a normal sleeping schedule soon meaning getting up around 8-9 am instead of 10-11 am you know? i will have to figure it out before i go back to school because i have an 8am class twice a week!! and a 9am class the rest of the week. anyway i would recommend reading some of these books that i am reading i will update these recommendations as i read the books!!i have pills of books i am going to read this summer and i am going to tell which ones are good!
......Miss Smithers by susan juby (sequal to alice, i think)
......night shade by lynne ewing (#3 in the daughters of the moon series)(i also recommend the rest of the series)
......insatiable by eve elliot
......the a-list by zoey dean
they are pretty good books. if i read any other good books this summer i will post them! and if anyone else reads a good book tell me!!

July 08, 2004


Start time: 7:00 pm
the LAST...

-movie you rented= MASH, Kindegarten Cop, and Miricale
-movie you bought= Bend it like beckham, X-men 2, and uptown girls
-song you listened to= don't remember
-song that was stuck in your head= don't remember either!!
-cd you bought= Hanson
-cd you listened to= hanson
-person you called= don't know that was too long ago!!
-person who called you= mrs. donahue
-tv show you watched= The simpsons
-person you were thinking of= Robin


-you have a crush on someone= Yeah of Course!!
-you wish you could live somewhere else= NYC
-others find you attractive= probably not but you never know
-you want more piercings= Nope, I am content
-you like cleaning= Somtimes when the mood hits me to clean
-you like roller coasters= NO
-you write in cursive or print= Print
-long distance relationships work= maybe
-you like using someone= no
-you like killing people= Crap no!!!
-you like teenage smoking= I don't like Smoking
-you like driving drunk= that can kill u
-you like soap operas= not really


-ever cried over a boy/girl= Yeah
-ever lied to someone= Yes
-ever been in a fist fight= No, I don't think I wanna be
-ever been arrested= Nope


-shampoo do you use= herbal Essence
-shoes do you wear= tennis shoes
-are you scared of= being alone late at night sometimes i scare myself


-of times I have been in love?= lots of crushes but not IN LOVE
-of times I have had my heart broken?= 0
-of hearts I have broken?= 0
-of times my name has appeared in the newspaper= 1
-of scars on my body?= Many
-of things in my past that I regret?= Too many to count


-funny= sometimes
-hot= hahahaha No
-friendly= Yup
-amusing= not sure
-loveable= Yeah
-caring= Yup
-sweet= probably unless you get on my nerves
-dorky= Yay!


-slept in your bed= Me
-saw you cry= the pillow
-movie that made you cry= i am not sure
-you went to the movies with= robin and ainsley
-yelled at you= Mom
-sent you an email= some kind of spam


-said "I love you" and meant it= Yes
-gone out in public in your pajamas= Yup Lots
-kept a secret from everyone= yup
-cried during a movie= Many times
-planned your week based on the TV Guide= No
-been on stage= painting the set for Musical comedy murders of 1940
-been to New York= Yup
-been to California= no
-been to Hawaii= no
-been to Japan= no
-been to Canada= no
-been to Europe= No
-been to Asia= no
-been down South= Yup
-what time is it now= 7:09 pm


-apples or bananas= Apples
-blue or red= blue
-walmart or target= Walmart
-spring or fall= Fall
-What are you gonna do after you finish this= Write in my journal
-what was the last meal you ate= lunch
-are you bored= Yup
-last noise you heard= the tv
-last smell you sniffed= food


-do you believe in love at first sight= Yes
-do you want children one day & if so, how many= Yes 2
-most important thing to you in a friendship is= Trust


-criminal record= Not yet
-do you speak any other languages= some spanish but not much
-last book you read= Cold Fire
-name some of your favorite things in your bedroom= My bed, all of my books, computer, and cds
-who you love= I don't know yet
-who you miss= no one
-nickname(s)= Allie, Frick
-initials= Asc
-how old do you look= not sure
-how old do you act= it changes all the time
-glasses/contacts= Glasses
-braces- no but i need them
-do you have any pets= yep a cute doggie and a kitty-cat
-you get embarrassed= Yeah *blush*
-what makes you happy= Books, my computer
-what upsets you= No trust, being used, people dying


-i love to...sleep and watch tv
-i miss...my bed
-i wish...certian people would write me back
-i am...lazy
-i want to be...skinny
-i would never...have a boob job
-i'd rather...spend my money on better things
-i am tired of...being treated like a child
-i will always be...here

Finish time: 7:16 p.m.

boredom relieved

i am getting excited about the girl scout party we are going to have on saturday! it will be something different to do and we are going to dave & busters and i have never been there before so it will be exciting. it sounds like a fun place. i actually did something constructive today. i cleaned out my desk today. i also did some computer work for the swim team today. i also read a book and i almost finished it.

other peoples blogs

shiny objects Larkin has an interesting blog. i am so surprised at how many people have been to visit my blog!!

July 07, 2004


is anyone as bored as i am? not much to report. have been reading books and doing laundry.

July 06, 2004

Pictures and things

i have a new blog that i made the other day but i will probably use this the most. Greatest Journal also i had created another one a long long time ago that if you go look at it you can see that i sort of forgot about it and then i remebered it. so you guys can look at that too. it wouldn't be as good as this one but if you guys look between all three of these blogs you will be able to figure out what is going on in my life while i am in college.Blurty i included the links for those so you can look at them too. anyway...did everyone have a good 4th of july? my family and i went to the race track. we bet on almost all the races except for i think the 1st and 2nd ones. but ainsley did such a good job on picking horses! a couple that she picked got 1st the one that i picked got 4th. they had a psychic so ainsley and i went to see them and it was sorta interesting. it would be interesting to see if all the stuff that they said would come true. they said i will get married at 29 and have 3 kids and live a long life. they also said i will meet a guy in 2 months and he will be tall and blonde-ish. they said some other stuff but that is the basic stuff that is easy to explain. i am watching le tour de France right now. it would be interesting to see if lance wins again this year. that would be amazing. 6 in a row!! there was a crash in the stage that i am watching...i think it is stage 3 because they are showing stage 4 live tommorrow morning. i am trying to get my parents to let me stay home during sectionals this year. i don't really want to go up to austin but if i do go i will probably take my computer and stay on the internet the whole time. that might be fun. it will be a way to get away from home and still have fun by staying in the hotel and surfing the net. do you guys like all the pictures i have put up recently?

Radar with the lamb that he sends back to the states because they were going to cook it in a festival with the greek unit i think but it is replaced by a "Spam Lamb"!! Posted by Hello

this is probably my favorite cast! Radar, Trapper, Hawkeye, Klinger, and Henry Blake Seasons 1-3 Posted by Hello

Gary Bourghouff as Radar Posted by Hello

Radar Posted by Hello

Radar Posted by Hello

July 05, 2004

Gary Bourghoff as Radar Posted by Hello

Alan Alda Posted by Hello

Alan Alda again Posted by Hello

Another Alan Alda picture Posted by Hello

July 04, 2004

Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in M*A*S*H
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4th of July

today is the 4th of July!! um....we are going to go to the race track tonight to see the horse races and firworks and stuff. not much has been going on. i went to the gym yesterday and then i went to target (which is right across the highway from the gym) and i got 2 new cds. i got the new hanson cd....i know i am wierd but i still like their music but i am not gagga about them...just like their music. i also got the disney movie soundtrack where there are songs from disney movies on it like from freaky friday and the princess diaries. it is pretty good. i also got some new books to read. i finished one already! it was good. it was the first book of a series call the daughters of the moon. it is pretty interesting i think. i might get the second book soon as soon as i finish all the other books i haven't read yet. i am now reading Alice, i think i have so many books i want to read. i also want to read the lord of the rings trilogy i have already read The Hobbit but i think i will read it again because i read it in the 7th grade and i have sort of forgotten some of the things in the book so it might be good to read it again. i also have lots of different series that i want to finish up too like the so you want to be a wizard series and the anne of green gables series. email me or comment on what you guys think of these books!!does anyone have a copy of the Microsoft Frontpage that they would like to lend to me so i dont have to go out and buy it? i am trying to save money since i spen a lot of $$ yesterday on books and cds. i think it is easier to make a website in frontpage than in word. if you guys go to you can see my webpage that i made in word. its not that great.i need to redo it soon. it needs more color and it just has boring info in it anyway. i am thinking about making a top ten list page for it. you guys tell me what you did today. i wouldn't mind just having a couple of people over for swimming and a cook out but i think my girl scout troop is doing that next weekend so i guess i can wait until then but yesterday we made hamburgers on the grill. they were so good. i cant wait until the next harry potter book comes out. anyone know when?? i also cant wait untill the next movie comes out. ron and harry have become very cute!!

July 02, 2004

ravings of me...

you know what i noticed today? Lamar looks like mike farrell! i am not kidding!! if you don't know- i have a major crush on lamar....not going to say last name... so no one knows who i am talking about! i should have done that from the begining but i am going to do something right for once. anyway...i couldn't stop thinking about him last night...probably the reason why i couldn't get to sleep last night until after 2 am last night. i am going nuts!!! i am having another crush on another person that i can never have!! for one thing he is married! and has a kid! that is like 1.5 years old!! but as a coincidence her name is the same as my middle name!! how wierd is that! so what is the chance of him getting a divorce and marring me? -1 million!! in fact i don't want him to get divorced and marry me! i am so terrible!! it is one of the many things in this world that i can NEVER EVER HAVE!!AUGH! WHY OH WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!! i am going to go rethink my purpose in life. someone come slap me silly and knock some since into me!!