August 07, 2004

vacation and stuff

hey!! tommorrow i leave on my vacation!! finally!! yeah!! today we went shopping for the stuff to go into my dorm room. it was fun. i got this hawiain theme for my sheets and comforter. the bedspread has a blue background with surfboards and stuff on it. i like it. then sheets have surfboards on them too. we also got towels and a lamp, phone, extra rod to hang in the closet, a towel thing that attaches to the closet door to hang towels on. we got a thing to put all my bathroom stufff in, a trashcan, and a pillow. i think that is all the things i need for my room. if you guys can think of any more things to put in room tell me!!! i also got some jeans and pajama bottoms. i can do some more clothes shopping later.
anyway i won't be updating for a week because i am going on VACATION!! YEAH!! i will try to send people cards. i might be able to update if i can but don't worry if i don't post for a week!!

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