March 31, 2006


so i applied to U of H over spring break. they finally got all my transcripts and all my classes transfer. but they haven't said if i got in yet or not. i will probably know by next week. on friday we are going to visit the campus. i think i will get in. if i don't i guess i will be going to Sam Houston. it will make my decision easier. but i think if i get in to U of H i will go there. i won't have to take anymore english classes there other than English 1 and 2. at sam you have to take another english class after that. blah. i hate english classes.
for the minisemester i am taking Sociology 1301. it is from 2:30-5:35. i am so glad it isn't at 8am! i hate early classes even thought it means you will get done early but i don't like getting up early either.
for the summer session 1 i am taking:
8:00-10:10 Economics 2302 (microeconomics)
10:20-12:30 Government 2302
12:40-2:50 Math 1325 elements of calculus
i am taking all this at willowchase which is like 5 to 10 minutes from my house depending on traffic. so i don't mind going to an 8am class. and it isn't far from my gym so hopefully i will go to the gym after school more often! i am not sure what the math class is like. it is required for business at u of h so i am taking it. i am not sure why they don't have us take regular calculus but maybe this class will be easier. we will see.

March 17, 2006


so i went and bought my first lottory ticket!! i just did the one where they automatically pick your numbers. the jackpot is $15 million!! what would you do if you won all that money? i am not sure what i would do. that is a good thing because then i won't be too disappointed if i lost!

Spring Break

so my spring break has been really boring. i really haven't done anything. i have been pretty lazy. i have pretty much been reading some books. i went to barnes and nobles one day. i got this A-list book and this other book that i forgot the name of.
today i applied to U of H. i put in a request for my transcript to be sent. so at least i was somewhat productive. i hope i get in!
i registered for summer school. i am taking 4 classes. this summer i am going to take them at willow chase. it is so much closer. i am taking sociology 1301 in the minisemester because it sounds like a really easy class. then in the summer session 1 i am taking government II, microeconomics, and elements of calculus. i am not sure what the elements of calculus class is like but that is a class they require for my major at u of h so i thought i would go ahead and take it. i decided to take them at willow chase because the classes start at 8am so i didn't want to drive 30 minutes to an 8am class you know?
enough about that! i hope everyone had a good spring break so far.

March 09, 2006

Spring break!!

so spring break has started for me since i don't have any classes on fridays!! it feels so good to not have to worry about anything for a week. but it would be a good opportunity to catch up/ get ahead. but i am sure i will be a procrastinator and not do anything. oh well. no plans for spring break. anyone want to do anything?

March 07, 2006

harry potter

so everyone should know that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out on DVD today. so i went out to get it. then i come home and open it up and there is only one disc. so i was like ok they were able to get it all onto one disc. but then i saw on the news that there are 2 different DVDs that you can get. one with just the movie and then there is one that has the movie and the special stuff. i was stupid enough to not look at it and i saw that i had grabbed one with just the movie. so now i am feeling really stupid because i want the special stuff too. but since i have already opened it i can't return it. so if anyone wants to burn a copy of their 2nd disc that has all the special stuff on it to give it to me that would be so great!! you can consider it as an early birthday present!! just e-mail me!

March 03, 2006

more random stuff

i am watching the news right now and they were talking about the rodeo show tonight. they showed a clip of Raven and she has chopped her hair off!! well practically.... it is pretty short!
i meant to write about this yesterday since it happened yesterday. i got a letter saying that i made the president's list for last semester. i think that is like the dean's list where you have to have a certian gpa for a semester. so that made me feel pretty good. hopefully i can keep it up this semester. i am not sure if i can but i am really going to try.

i can't believe it is march!!

i can't believe that it is already march!! a week until ainsley's 18th birthday!! and a week until spring break starts!! i can't wait!! anybody doing anything this weekend??
in a month this blog will be 2 years old!!! yay!!! :)