April 30, 2005

found this survey


Name: Allison
Birthday: 04-24
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Current Location: Klein, Texas
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blondish brown
Height: 5'5"
Right Handed or Left Handed:Right
The Shoes You Wore Today: Sketchers tennis shoes
Your Weakness: Laziness, food
Your Fears: Death, the dark
Your Perfect Pizza: Cheese
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: pass all my classes and lose weight
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: probably yeah or lol
Thoughts First Waking Up: ...need…more…sleep
Your Best Physical Feature: none ask me when i am skinny
Your Bedtime: somewhere between 10 and 12
Your Most Missed Memory: i like the memories from the vacations we used to take to mertil beach (i am not sure if i spelled that right) but we used to meet my grandparents and first cousins there every summer but it stopped after like the 3rd grade and i miss it
Pepsi or Coke: none of the above
McDonalds or Burger King: neither
Single or Group Dates: I would probably prefer single if I ever go on one.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Don’t know.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: neither
Do you Smoke: No
Do you Swear: no
Do you Sing: Yes, when no one is around
Do you believe in love: Yes
Have you Been in Love: sorta. i have had lots of serious crushes!!
Do you want to go to College: I am in college
Do you want to get Married: Probably someday
Do you believe in yourself: sometimes
Do you get Motion Sickness: No
Do you think you are Attractive: no way.
Are you a Health Freak: no why do you think i look the way i do?
Do you get along with your Parents: mostly
Do you like Thunderstorms: yes
Do you play an Instrument: no but i wish i could
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: No it is gross
In the past month have you Smoked: No
In the past month have you been on Drugs: No
In the past month have you gone on a Date: Never been on one.
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: yep!! i love to shop
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: nope
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: No.
In the past month have you been on Stage: No again.
In the past month have you been Dumped: No
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: nope
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: no
Ever been Drunk: No
Favorite Band:i am not sure
Number of CDs: lots in the 100s probably
Number of Piercings: 2 in each ear
Number of Tattoos: 0
Number of things in my Past I Regret: lots of things
Ever been called a Tease: i don't think so?
Ever been Beaten up: No
Ever Shoplifted:No
How do you want to Die: In my sleep
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: ummmm......i am not sure yet
What country would you most like to Visit: England

In a Guy...
Favorite Eye Color: Brown or blue
Favorite Hair Color: brown, blonde or black doesn't matter as long as it is nature
Short or Long Hair: short or semi long nothing longer than mine!!
Height: taller than me
Weight: umm i guess a natural, healthy weight for a guy
Best Clothing Style: it doesn't matter. i don't want a guy that dresses like a slob but he doesn't have to wear expensive clothes either

so i found this long survey. it was sorta fun to do. i like to do these kinds of things.

April 29, 2005


well i updated my links. if you want your webpage on there,just comment!! the same if you don't want it on there!!


so i paid for my summer school this morning. only 1 more normal week until finals. yeah!!
it i so hot outside. well i guess it is just really humid. anyway it is yucky. it has looked like is going to rain all day but it hasn't. why won't it rain?? i love rain.
Andrew sent me a barnes and nobles card today!!! yeah!!! and yesterday i got the book the guide to the galaxy and kelly clarkson's cd!!! yeah!! so i am now reading the guide to the galaxy. and hey!! it comes out today too!!

April 27, 2005


so i think i officially have a cold but here i am at school. my parents are so happy that i haven't missed any days of school this semester that i am not going to let a little cold get in the way. anyway finals are coming up and i don't want to miss any school because the day i miss, something important is going to happen and i would fail. so nothing has been going on. i have been doing the same thing every day. get up, go to school, go to the gym, go home, study, have dinner, watch tv, go to bed. so no one has given me any daily questions yet.

April 26, 2005


so yesterday i loaded all my favorite songs from my cds onto my ipod. i was going to make an itunes account but you have to have a credit card which i don't have so that is going to have to wait for a while. so i have a cold. it started yesterday morning as soon as i woke up i realized i had a sore throat and then later on my nose started running and everything. so i have taken medicine all day today and sucked it up and went to school and to the gym. so now i am home and i should be working on history but i am being lazy.

this is the one year anniversary of this blog!!! yeah!! who knew i would stick with it this long??

April 25, 2005

my birthday

so i have been 19 for 2 days now. i got an iPod mini for my birthday!! :) i also got this protective covering for it and it came with this band that i could attach to the protective cover and then wrap the band around my arm. that will make it easy to work out and listen to my iPod at the same time. so today i spent the whole afternoon (well from the time i got home from the gym/school to like an hour ago) putting songs from my cds onto my iPod. so i think i ended up with only 179 songs on it but that is a lot but i think i can have like 1000 songs on it. iTunes has free songs every week so i will definitly take advantage of that. i had a good birthday. we had blueberry muffins for breakfast. we went bowling in the afternoon. my highest score was a 104. then we came home and opened presents. then we went to TGI Fridays for dinner. my mom made me chocolate cake with strawberries on top. i guess that was it. i got a 92 on my history test from last week!! so i think i might get a B in that class (my first test was like a 73 or somethink like that) so if i do well on the final i could probably get a high B or an A!! so this morning i woke up with a sore throat and my nose dripping . always when i am having a good time, my body always gets revenge and makes me sick or injured or something.

April 24, 2005

my birthday!!!

i am now 19!!! yeah!! i got an ipod mini from my parents. it is blue. i am currently setting it up. two days until this site is a year old!!! 2 weeks until finals. this afternoon we went bowling!!! it was fun. i won the first game we played and then got second on the next game. and you know what is amazing? i already have written my thank you cards!! i usually take forever. exspecially on the ones for graduation. but i had to write tons of those. i just had to write 3 today. i have a lot more time on my hands these days.

April 22, 2005

countdowns and the weekend

here is my countdown list:
my birthday:2 days
blogs 1 year anniversary: 4 days
so my birthday is on sunday. i am not sure what we are going to do. i think we might go to TGI Fridays. i like that place a nobody ever wants to go there except for me.
the past 2 weeks i have been really good about going to the gym. but i am really going to go everyday now. before i would go in spurts like i would go everyday for a week and then i wouldn't go for like 2 weeks but now i sorta look forward to going to the gym. i don't think i would have ever said that. oh well i have lots of clothes that i want to fit again!! once i get to my goal i am going to go on a shopping spree.

April 20, 2005

school and stuff

last night i registered for my fall classes. i am taking 2 at willowchase and 3 at cyfair. i think my earliest class is at 9am i think. that is not too bad. i could not do 8am classes expecially if i have to drive 30 minutes. i am taking:
Bio 1408
chem 1411
arts 1304
hist 1302
govt 2302
i am taking bio and hist at willowchase and the others at cyfair just in case you are interested. i am so excited about my bowling class this summer. we are having a free day in my computer class so that is why i am on here talking about pointless stuff.
in 3 weeks are finals. yeah. i was looking at my math grade and i noticed that if i got a 0 on my final which is 150 points i can still get a D!!! i thought that is so cool. when i told my parents that they were like we don't want you to get a D. we want you to get better than that. i knew that but i just thought the idea of just not doing anything for the final and still passing was cool. i am not going to get a 0 on the final!!
my birthday is on sunday. i think we might go to my church's spring festival on sunday. i don't know what else we are going to do. might go out to eat. oh well.
i can't wait to see murphy (my brother's dog). he is so pretty. and such soft fur!!! a bit hyper though but what do you expect from a puppy? my dog used to by hyper but no so much anymore since he is like 12 or 13 i can't remember which. but still he is getting old. but he is my little buddy too.
it rained a little bit on the way home from school yesterday. it is a little cloudy today too. i like rain.
oh i had an idea to increase the amount of people reading this and thought that we could have like a daily question submitted by you the readers. so if you want to submit a question you can leave a comment with the question or e-mail me!! i got the idea from a guy who had this interview thing up on his page.

April 19, 2005

i am worth something!!

I am worth $1,428,020.00 on HumanForSale.com

April 18, 2005


so less than a week until my birthday!! :) so last week my history teacher gave us a take home test!! yeah!! so that is what i worked on this weekend. i think i did pretty well. so while i was doing the test yesterday i was watching all 3 lord of the rings movies mainly for background noise but at my favorite parts i would take a break and watch.

April 13, 2005

school and stuff

so i am going to work the junior high swim meet tonight. yeah!! i have nothing better to do with my time and i was asked anyway. :) makes me feel good to be asked. anyway i don't know anyone that is on the junior high teams that know how to do it!!

April 11, 2005

1 year will be on....

...April 26!! so in 2 weeks from tomorrow this blog will be a year old!!! who knew i would stick with it so long??!!

i don't have a good title

so it is less than 2 weeks until my birthday. here is a list of what i would like if anyone is interested:
-an ipod
-cable in my room
-if i get an ipod i would like a gift certificate to itunes
-barnes and noble gift card
-sack of money (just kidding but if you really want to...)
-probably any gift card to anywhere.....i like to shop!!
-preorder harry potter and the half blood prince for me!!!

not much of a list but still. i signed up for a bowling class for this summer!! it will fill the requirements for the PE thing. i thought it sounded so cool. i haven't bowled in a long time!! so if anyone wants to take it with me i will tell you which bowling class i am in!!

so it was storming outside when i was driving to school. it looks better out now but i think more is to come. i love rain. but i don't exactly like driving in it!!

and i will have been doing this blogging thing for almost a year!! i started in april 2004 but i am not sure on the exact date so i will look it up and i will probably make a big post on the day so yeah!!

April 06, 2005


i got so wrapped up in the grade things that i forgot to write all the other stuff. my dad's birthday is tomorrow. so i am going to make birthday cake after school tomorrow. yummy. we have had 3 birthdays in the past month. so we have had 3 cakes. 2 chocolate cakes and then my dad wants white cake. he doesn't like chocolate that much. so we all know who we got the chocolate gene from!! my birthday is in 18 days!!! i hope that someone will make me birthday cake because it is wrong to make your own cake!!! and i am the one that has been making all the birthday cakes!!!


well as usual i am updating from my computer class. i took a math test yesterday. i think i did really well on it. i know i got the bonus right so if i got anything wrong hopefully the bonus will bump my grade back up. i am aiming for an A in that class. since the grades will end up showing up in letters like A,B,C,D,F it will be hard to tell what you actually got but i am going for the 100 or i guess A+. i think my test average right now is a 97 and my homework is a 100 and that is without the new test and without dropping the lowest grade. so that would be cool to get a 100 on this test and drop the first test we took which i got a 90. oh well. we will see. i still have 1 more test and the final in there.

April 02, 2005


so i am at my mom's office right now. i love the internet here and i am not bothered by anyone to get off. like last night i was online looking for a test that could help me figure out what i want to do and ainsley comes in at like 11pm saying that i need to get off so she can just sit and talk on her instant messager. how stupid is that?? that is all she does on the internet. i know wish i hadn't taught her how to do it. and i was actually trying to do something important. so like 10 minutes later i yell down the hall that she can get on and guess what?? she doesn't get on because she sleeping in front of the tv!!!! oh well. i think soon we will get to my dad. anyway in a year or 2 i will be moving out so it won't matter. if i move out that fast. anyway ainsley will be going somewhere in a year and half so it will be all mine anyway.