November 09, 2004

a summary of the weekend

so this weekend wasn't too bad. i didn't get much sleep but it was ok. most of the time i watched tv or movies that i had rented or i would chat with people on AIM. i got to take care of 3 cute little kitties this weekend too. and i get to take care of them this next weekend too!! yeah!! and they pay very well too!! i got $30 for saturday and sunday!! isn't that awesome?? did i tell you guys that i got a new dvd player for my tv? yeah my first one was a cheapy one that i got for $30. i spent a little more than that on the new one. anyway it is the same maker as my tv and my tv works pretty well. i need to return my movies tonight. i will probably do that after dinner which i am making!! i love to cook!! yummy....spagetti!!
i can start registering for classes on-line today. but i really haven't figured out what i am going to take. i know i am going to take a math class. probably college algebra. i will probably take english and a history. maybe a science class. not sure what else. i would like to take 15 hours. but i guess i should figure out which classes i want to take and then see what kind of a schedule i can make.

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