December 29, 2007

what goes around comes around...

so today i was on acebucks and saw that the guy that "sold" me the psp got a bad rating. i clicked on it to see what it said and it was the girl that sold me the macbook pro! she kinda got scammed herself! i had to laugh!! :) basically she bought something with her acebucks and the item said no shipping but when she talked to the guy he expected $500 for shipping or maybe just the item in generally i am not exactly sure what but still she got scammed.
i am still hoping that i will eventually get the macbook pro.
today is also kinda sad because we have taken down most of our christmas decorations down. but we still have our tree and lights up but everything has been taken down.

scammed continued

well i e-mailed the people that are supposed to help you if you have problems when you buy something. hopefully they will be able to get my money back or get the macbook pro. i would really like to have the computer but if i can't get it then i would like to get the money back. hopefully i will know in a couple of days...

December 28, 2007

i now have google adsense

it is kinda cool and easy way to make money on your website. i am not sure if you just have to visit my site or you have to actually have to click on the links. but i am still learning.

i think i have been scammed....

so on facebook you can earn acebucks. then you can bid on stuff and now they have it that you can buy stuff from people on there. i have been scammed so many times. first was for an apple computer. only a 1000 acebucks. so i bought it. never heard from the person. tried to e-mail them. never ever heard from them. big scam. i couldn't even get a refund! then i tried to buy a psp. then the person told me that he didn't have it anymore. why would you list it if you didn't have it? at least i got a refund and the person actually told me that he didn't have it. he didn't ignore me like the first person. so now i bought another apple computer a macbook pro. a really good computer. the person was really nice and told me that she would send it out and it might get there before christmas or the day after. it has been a week since i bought it and i haven't gotten it yet. and it was one that i actually had to pay her for shipping. she hasn't answered my e-mails since either. i have been asking to see if she had a tracking number or something so i would know when to expect it. not a word. and then this morning i saw that she got a bad feedback rating. someone was saying she is really nice and everything just to get you to buy something and then you don't get anything. so now i am really worried. and i am not sure exactly what to do. i am so mad at myself that i could actually get something really nice for myself for cheap.

December 27, 2007

i am a joke

while i was doing the dishes tonight, i was thinking about this time that i answered the phone. it was for my dad and he wasn't home at the time and so i was like can a i take a message? the guy asked who i was and i told him. then he was like i have never heard of you..... who actually tells you that? thanks a lot that makes me feel GREAT! you should never tell some one that. i don't care if you have heard of me or is just plain RUDE to tell someone that. it ended up being some swim coach.
so then after that i started to think about how i am the joke of the family. mom and dad are both smart and have great jobs and all that. sister is super smart and skinny and great swimmer and athlete. brother is smart and a pretty good swimmer and skinny. and then look at me. lets just say i can swim. i am average in brains. and then my body......lets just say i am not skinny but i am not that fat like the people on tv who can barely walk or get up or whatever. i am no where near that but i am no where near skinny. somewhere in the middle. i am not someone who is ever going to get asked out or anything. can you believe i am 21 and have never been kissed or been on a date? i went to prom dateless. at least i got to go in a group thought. but i am the family joke. my parents are just hoping i can get through college. i am a senior in college with no idea what to with my life. i don't even know what degree to get.
i am going to stop there. i don't want to be one of those people that just complains on their blogs. i am not even sure if people read this anyway. it doesn't even matter anymore. i just need to disappear.

December 14, 2007


so today i did most of my christmas shopping. i just have to get something for my dad and grandma. i love christmas. we got our tree last weekend and we have started to decorate it. we have decorated the outside too. the weather has been crazy here. it is hot, cold, or rainy. all over the place.
if you haven't gotten a christmas card from me and would like one just tell me and give me your address!