November 04, 2004


my parents are leaving today to visit andrew. so i get to be home alone. i am happy, sad, and scared. i am always scared of burglars and stuff like that. like what would i do if someone broke into my house while i was there? other than calling 911? let them find me? hide? or what if they find me before i can do anything and they kill me? yeah i am a scared-cat. the cool thing is that i can do whatever i want. but i am sad that i am not going with them. i am trying to find a friend to come stay over one night but no success yet.
yesterday we went up to cy-fair college and i applied and everything. i talked to a counselor. so i am all ready to register on november 9th. i am ready to go back to school. that is sad. oh well at least it is true.
i am glad bush won again. it will be interesting to see what he does in the next four years. anyway kerry gets to go back to his rich wife and continue on being a trial lawyer. my mom said that is what he did before he was a senator. at least i think it was a trial lawyer.....well some kind of lawyer. and his wife is rich because she was married to a i think it was a hienz and he died so she got all his money.

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