December 15, 2006

christmas vacation

so it is now christmas vacation!! yea!! yesterday was my first full day of vacation. i have been decorating my house for christmas. this is my favorite holiday. i sent out christmas cards the other day. if you want one please comment! today and tomorrow i am working a swim meet and hopefully i will get paid so i can go get the rest of the christmas presents that i need to get. i just need to get 3 more people their presents 2 of them i know what to get but i have no idea about what to get my sister. blah. i have 10 days to think about it...

December 10, 2006


we got our christmas tree yesterday!! i love the smell of christmas trees!! so last night we were trying to figure out how we are going to decorate the outside if we should do all white or all of one color or the multi color ones. we didn't get very far. i wanted to do the multi colored strings of lights and my dad wanted to do all green. it will be interesting to see what we will do!

December 09, 2006


so 3 finals down and 2 finals left! i am so glad that the semester is almost over! i have one final on monday and one wednesday! i have moved home most of my stuff from school already and i am going to move the rest of it on monday after the final.
here is my spring semester class schedule:
No classes!

Accounting 3367 10-11:30
Entrepreneurship 3310 11:30-1
Accounting 3337 1-2:30

GENB 4350 11:30-1

Accounting 3367 10-11:30
Entrepreneurship 3310 11:30-1
Accounting 3337 1-2:30

No Classes!!

but i am taking 1 online classes (INTB 3350) so that will make it a little harder. but it is still a pretty cool schedule!