September 16, 2004

i dropped my art history class. so now i have 13 hours instead of 16 hours. so now on MWF I don't have classes until 11am!! i have class at 11am, 1pm, and on just MW i have class at 3pm. on TR i have class at 8am and 11am. i hate getting up early to go to my 8am class but it is only 2 days a week. most weekdays i can sleep in!! i love to sleep.
i sent some letters today. i love mail. i wish i got more mail! mom is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow. i hope i can go home this weekend too. it isn't what i expected here. a lot of people leave on the weekends. a girl on my floor has already left for the weekend!!! can you believe it? it is thursday and people are already leaving!! my roommate says that there are like 3 parties every night except for sundays because people i guess rest and study.

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