November 20, 2009

so my parents are coming home tomorrow from their vacation for their anniversary. i am glad they are coming home because it has been kinda lonely here with just me and the dog. but at least i get to do whatever i want to do without anyone critizing me or being disappointed or anything. i have already gotten my christmas cards all ready to go! a little early but i had the time. i sent out my thanksgiving cards at the begining of the week. if anyone else wants a card from me, please tell me by monday. monday is the last day i can send out thanksgiving cards so that it gets to you before thanksgiving. also if you want a christmas card tell me!
i actually sold 2 things on e-bay this week! i am happy because it has been a while since i have sold anything and i am glad to finally get rid of some more things. i don't make much though. just enough to spend on other things on ebay. i generally buy things that i can't get here like Dear Canada books and My Story books. they are kinda like the dear america series except dear canada is for canada and my story is for the uk. there is also a series called my story for australia but they are pretty expensive because of the shipping from australia. so i don't have any of those yet but i have a lot of the dear canada i think about half and a few of the my story for the uk.
this week i also got a box full of yummy chocolate and brownies from my very best friend! i was soooo surprised! i love surprises. :) thank you!!
last week i had a job interview. i thought that it had gone well and the person that interviewed me seemed kinda impressed with what i had told him and all and i left with a good feeling. i had even sent them a thank you note (handwritten!) and i haven't heard back from them yet. how long would it take for them to get back with me? he said he had interview through tuesday and now it is friday. do you think he would have called by now if i was going to get a second interview? i guess i am getting nervous and i am having a feeling that i if i don't hear soon i probably won't get this one either. this is so frustrating. this was a job that i actually think i would like too. i guess i should seriously start thinking about going back to school even though i am not sure what i want to do anymore. a lot of the things i am interested in i have no talent in. it is sooo unfair. i sound like a brat.......i am so ashamed of myself and so disappointed. how can someone feel so many different feelings?

November 15, 2009

so i am not sure i have ever told anyone this and i feel like talking about it to someone but i don't know who so i guess that is kinda why i have a blog is to admit things and talk about things. i have always wanted to be a singer but i never thought i was that great so i guess that is why i never joined choir and only sing when no one is around. i also want to learn how to play the guitar. but i am saving money for a nice one. i am not sure why i am admiting this. maybe because i am not sure anyone actually reads this. maybe there is someone out there that can talk to me about it or whatever. i don't know. i feel stupid for writting this. but also good. i am so all over the place right? no wonder i haven't accomplish anything by now

November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

so today is suppose to be unlucky. but for me it has been lucky. i first got $5 from a scratch off and then i had a very good interview that i think will hopefully turn into a job. this was the best interview i have ever had. maybe i could win the lottery and it would be a perfect day. usually i am unlucky so maybe on a day that is suppose to be unlucky i will be the opposite and be lucky. just a wish! i probably won't win the lottery. but i sure wish i could.

November 11, 2009

so i was looking at the post where i put up my new years resolutions. some of them have gone well and some haven't. here is the post with my resolutions. tell me your opinion on how you think i did on them.
  1. my first resolution was to get a job or get into graduate school. well i have applied for all kinds of jobs and had a few interviews but no jobs. and i have been looking into graduate school but i have no idea what i want to do so i have done nothing towards that
  2. lose weight. that will still be on my resolution list next year. i lost 10 pounds so far this year but i need to lose a lot more but it is a start. at least i didn't gain weight like i did last year.
  3. Yeah! i actually completed a resolution. i finished scanning pictures! but last weekend we found some more pictures that really old. my mom is worried that they will tear if we try to take them out of the photo albums so i don't know if i will get to scan them or not. anyway some of them are duplicates of some i have already scanned so it isn't too big of a deal. but i scanned like 3000 pictures this year so as far as i am concerned this resolution is finished!
  4. it has not moved since i made the resolution. i haven't been able to find a lot of our home videos and my computer still freezes up when i try to edit and put them onto dvds so i think this will have to be on my resolution list for next year too.
  5. well i did get a wii and i am walking more so this resolution is still going ok but i still should go to the gym more. and i would like to get more of the wii games that help you be more active.
  6. i did travel once this year! i went to new york this summer for my cousin's graduation party and we went to new york city too so it was a lot of fun. i got to see the statue of liberty and i got to go on my first taxi ride and train ride and we went to central park and all kinds of stuff. it was fun. but i still want to go to the UK and take a big road trip and visit every single state. so i am part way there on this resolution.
oh! and i have my first follower! hi!! i didn't think anyone would follow me when i put that on there but i am glad i did! :)
next week i am going to be sending out thanksgiving cards. if you want to get a card from me, please comment with your address by the end of next week. i like sending out cards. i love thanksgiving and christmas. we have been going through our house and doing a massive cleanout/organization. we went through our closet that has all the sheets and blankets and stuff. that closet has been collecting all kinds of things for the past 20 years ever since we moved into the house. we got rid of half the things in there. we had all kinds of mismatch sheets and things with stains and all so those we got rid of and the sheets we won't use ever again. so that is probably the only area that we have had total success in but we are slowly working on the rest of the house. for me i just wish i had more bookcases to put my books up in. every once in a while i go through my books and take some to half price books and some i try to sell online. selling online hasn't gone very well recently. august and september were great selling months for me but october and november haven't gone too well. plenty of people seem to be interested but no one buys.

November 08, 2009

i guess my blog must be pretty boring because not many people visit or comment or anything. i guess i shouldn't complain about commenting because i don't comment very much myself. but since there is really only a few blogs out there that i read, i am not sure if i would comment a lot anyway. anyway i don't want to appear stalkerish either. so what can i do to make this blog more exciting? if you guys comment with questions, i could answer them or suggestions for topics that i could blog about or something that you would like to see in a blog. would anyone be interested in seeing reviews about books i read? since i read a lot that is something i could really do a lot of.

November 05, 2009

i am never sure if anyone actually reads this blog. but i guess people do because my visit counter says that i have had over 11,000 visits to my blog. i guess no one comments. i totally understand because i only occasionally comment on people's blogs but there are some blogs i look at every day to see if they have been updated. if your blog isn't on my links colum to the right i probably don't read your blog because i don't know it. sorry. today i went to barnes and nobles to get my fix on gossip girl, the clique, private, and the it girls series. yea! no wonder i have too many books in my room and am frequently told that my room is a fire hazard. i guess it is because i know i have at least 1000 books in my room. someday when i get my own house, i am going to have a room just for all my books. i guess like a mini library. which i probably would combine with my office if i need one. i don't know about the office part since i don't have a job yet but i might need one. today i also went to check out the youth building at church because last time i was there they were building classrooms in the old church. it looked neat. they had also put up the art work i helped put together. it was neat to see it hanging up on the wall.

November 04, 2009

so amazon is having 10 weeks of sweepstakes for its 10 year anniversary. last weeks prize was 10 kindles plus accessories. i am sooooo jealous of the person that one that week. the week before that was to go see the jonas brothers in concert in london which would have been so awesome to win too. i never win anything. so have you guys been watching what has been going on with lindsay lohan? every day recently i have seen new things on her. between her being in court late and out of it to her weird father saying she needs help so much but she won't listen to anyone. i wish i could go and straighten her out. i loved her when she was young and she has soooo much talent. she is just wasting away on alcohol and drugs. they say she will be the next health ledger. she has too much talent to die young. if anyone knows her and you are reading this, tell her allison says that i want to support her and help her and be a true friend unlike most of the celebrities out there that probably just make things worse instead of better.

November 03, 2009

so what do you guys think of the new look? did anyone notice the new look? so it is finally november! november and december are my favorite months. i like the cooler weather and they have my favorite holidays! i love thanksgiving and christmas! all the food, music, parades, and family time! does anyone want to be on my card list? i will send you a card if you want. if you want to send me a card, my address is already on a previous post i think in june or july. i still haven't gotten a job yet. :( i am thinking about going back to school and i have thought about a couple of different degrees that i am interested and i am looking into where i can get them and what it is like in those programs. i am not sure if i can get things in gear before classes start in january but maybe i can get things moving before next summer. i wish i had really paid attention to what i wanted to do during high school. i think i would have done things totally different. there are so many things i could have done differently. i am sooo lame. today is election day. i am going to go vote later after the morning rush.