August 01, 2004

a week gone by

i can't believe that a week has gone by and i haven't posted here. but i have posted on my other blogs so if you would like to see what i posted look at them. the links are in posting below.

the biggest news in the past week is that i got my hair straightened on friday. it is a little bit longer now. i like it a lot.

next biggest news is that andrew got a dog.

i saw harry potter again last thursday. amazingly the theater was pretty crowded. but we were in one of the smaller theaters but still. and it has been out for almost 2 months.

the past 5 days have been fun. everyone is coming home tonight. they won't be home until like midnight but still. they haven't seen me with my new hair. but i have had fun. i rented lots of movies. i rented Agent Cody Banks 1 & 2 and all the Austin Powers movies which i think are hilarious. and i also rented Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen movie. i think it is pretty funny too.

i got my roommate assignment yesterday. my roommate's name is amber. she lives in paris.......... Texas. which i think is close to nacogdoches i think i will have to look at a map but all i know about it is that it is a small town. anyway i hope we get along. i haven't talk to her yet but i will eventually. i still can't believe that we still have 4 weeks until school starts. i am getting really bored. i can't believe that i am going to say this but i am ready to go back to school. at least i will have stuff to do. even if it is school. but this year will be different. don't have to be in classes for 8 hours straight and you can pick your classes and times and stuff. so it isn't as bad.

well we are suppose to be going on vacation in a week. i don't think that the plans have been made yet. surprise surprise.

ainsley starts school in 2 weeks.

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