September 24, 2006

the weekend is over :(

so i took 2 tests yesterday (on a saturday!) anyway it was in accounting and marketing. the accounting was a lot easier than i thought it would be! i thought it was going to be really hard but maybe i am understanding it a lot better than i thought i was..... oh well. can't wait to find out my graedes.
i was not ready to come back to school but i kinda had to i guess. i really want to live at home next semester and commute to school kinda like when i went to cy-fair but with an hour commute. maybe if i get a good schedule that is pretty easy on a commute maybe i will like 10am class for first class of the day kinda thing instead of 8:30 or something.

September 22, 2006


Ten of your favourite songs (in no particular order):
01) Welcome home-Brian Littrell
02) Best of both worlds-Hannah Montana
03) you'll be in my heart-Phil Collins
04) Seasons of love-Rent
05) Wake up-Hilary Duff
06) Breaking Free- Troy and Gaberiella (High School Musical)
07) a dream is a wish your heart makes- Disney channel circle of stars
08) Fly-hilary duff
09) any BSB song
10) i want my mullet back- billy ray cyrus

Nine objects you can find in your purse/bag:
01) Wallet
02) pens/pencils
03) textbooks
04) notebook
05) keys
06) waterbottle
07) food
08) planner
09) a book

Eight places you've visited:
01) Disneyworld
02) Mexico
03) New York City
04) Corpus Christi
05) New Mexico
06) i have driven through many states on vacation
07) many beaches
08) Washington D.C.

Seven things you've done in the past 24 hours:
01) Went to school
02) gone to randalls
03) come home
04)seen coach harwood
05) Took a shower
06) gone swimming with murphy
07) laundry

Six things you've recently bought:
01) shoes
02) books
03) food
04) videos on iTunes
05) music on iTunes
06) new clothes

Five of your favorite TV shows:
01) The Simpsons
02) King of the Hill
03) lots of shows on disney
04) lots of shows on nickelodeon
05) house hunters

Four song lyrics that amuse, touch, scare and depress you:
01) Amuse: Car Wash(Shark Tale mix)
02) Touch: Welcome Home-Brian littrell
03) Scare: i am not sure
04) Depress: i am not sure

Three things that calm you down:
01) watching tv
02) Sleeping
03) Talking to friends and family

Two objects you can't live without:
01) A book
02) A car

One reason why you filled out this meme:
01) Boredom

September 21, 2006

thoughts about the day

so i just got back from hearing the speech given by Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale! i suggest if you have the opportunity to go see a speech given by him you should! he is really entertaining! his start is pretty amazing!! he started out with only $5,000!! and look where he is now! if you have seen his commercials and seen how enthusiastic he is, that is how he is in his speech. he has an amazing begining!
so i went on the klein website today and you can see the list of teachers for each subject and everything. so i went through each subject to see if any of my teachers are still there and most of them are not there anymore!! it made me sad....well for the ones that i liked. i was thinking about going and visit some of them tomorrow because i am going home tomorrow. but i will probably just stop by the pool tomorrow.

September 18, 2006

Harry Potter

so i was on and i was reading about Book 7. very interesting theories and stuff. it is suppose to come out next year. also Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix movie is suppose to come out july 13th i think. go to and there is a list of release dates.

September 17, 2006

begining of the week blues

so i am back at school for the week. i have 2 tests on saturday that i need to start studying for. it is kinda weird to have tests on saturday but i guess the teachers don't want to waste class time by taking tests. all my other classes have tests during the class period. i got a B on my first economics test that i had last tuesday.
i can't wait for next weekend so i can home again. but at least now i have a nice new computer that i can use while i am not at home!

September 16, 2006

New laptop!!

so today i got a new laptop today!! yea!! i am so excited!! i got a toshiba satellite. i am busy putting stuff on it. it has a 120GB hard drive. it was a $949 with a $200 rebate so it is a pretty good deal! so far it is working great! my mom is going to have my old laptop.

September 14, 2006

this week..

so this week is a lot better than i thought it would!! i think i got an A on my accounting quiz that i took on tuesday. i haven't gotten the quiz back yet but we went over the quiz in class and i think i got all but one right so i will just have to keep checking webct for the grade.
i also had an economics test on tuesday and i think i did ok.... the teacher hasn't posted the grades yet. but in class the teacher said that the average was an 81 and there were 2 100% so maybe i got a 100 but i am not going to get too overcomfident about getting 100 because i am not sure that i did get a 100. we will just have to see!
i am home for the weekend. hopefully my mom will get off work soon because i think we were going to meet for dinner! the dogs were so happy to see me when i got home! i have found that the commute home isn't too bad! it takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. it isn't too bad. i sure wouldn't mind do it everyday but i would need to get an EZtag because i have been going on the tollway because it is definitly the easiest way to go because when i come home after classes on thursday it is traffic time on the regular highway so when they are going slow i get to go 60. but i am running out of quarters so hopefully i can get an EZtag soon!

September 10, 2006

i am so crazy

so i am doing it again. i am going crazy. all i want to do is stay home. i don't really like living on campus. it is kinda lonely because my roommate is never around. my internet doesn't always work either. so it makes stuff harder and home more and more appealling because the internet actually works here all the time!! also the fact that i actually like being home and miss my family and pets. so i am probably the only one to ever admit that i would rather live at home and commute than live on my own. i am so confused!!

September 03, 2006

first cold of the fall

so i think i am coming down with a cold. blah!! my nose is all stuffed up and my throat hurts pretty bad. so i have been just watching tv and reading some books that i got the other day. but i did the homework that is due this week so i am free for the next day and a half and i won't have to worry about it.

September 01, 2006

it is september!!

i am glad that it is september. it means that it is going to get cooler soon!! i love fall.
my mom is coming home tomorrow!! i think i am going to go to barnes and nobles today to get some more books in this series that i have been reading. it is called diary of a teenage girl by melody carlson. not much is going on.