October 11, 2004


well i have applied to 3 different places: Randalls, Krogers and blockbuster. i hope i get a job soon. and you know what is interesting is that all 3 of them you can apply online!! so i did that for randalls and blockbuster. i did the krogers application there because they had a desk with a computer so i did it there anyway i didn't dress nicely to just come home and apply online. but i guess most places you can apply for a job online. oh well.
i had a really weird dream last night. i was at college but it was all different. anyway i was in my dorm which was really different because everyone stayed in this big room and you had a bed and a desk. anyway it was the weekend and annie comes to visit me!! i was so surpised. then hilary duff and frankie muniz come to visit me! then my computer went freaky on me and everyone left. so after i ficked my computer i went to look for everyone. and to get out of the dorm you had to swim across this pool. then i found hilary and frankie at a restuarant. then i woke up. weird dream. don't know what it means. oh well.

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