August 19, 2004


hey!! not much has happened. i dropped my sister off at school today so i could have the car today and i went to visit some of my favorite teachers lik Mr. Rock and Mr. Schrader. it was fun. i saw Coach harwood after school when i went to pick ainsley up from school. when i was driving there it was pouring rain and i could barely see where i was going!! it was a little scary but i knew where i was going so it was ok.
my parents are thinking about taking me to school on the day that the dorms open on August 26th. i am ok with that. that is the day that my roommate is moving in too. we haven't totally decided yet but they suddenly changed their minds about when we will move in. i don't really care but oh well. did you guys see the women 800 free relay?? that was awesome!!! Dana vollmer is from Texas. she swims with FAST according to ainsley. but ainsley would know because ainsley has swam against her. i can't wait until i don't have to use dial-up. my room is such a mess right now because i am going through all the stuff that i want to take to school.

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