September 23, 2004

i hate school

today has not been that great. we got back our essays in english today and i failed it!! i don't really understand how she got the grade i got on it. i asked her how she got it and she said she averaged the grade on the rough draft and the grade on the final draft together. but the rough draft is out of 50 and the one on final is i guess out of a 100 because i got higher that a 50 on it but i don't think something out of 50 should be averaged with something out of 100. it is like adding 1/4 with a 1/3 if you know what i mean. they have to be out of the same number of points right? so i should have gotten a passing grade if they are out of the same number of points. then i had a psychology test and the stuff that wasn't suppose to be on the test was on it!! so i probably failed that too!!!
but the good thing about today is that i deposited the refund of the art history class!! so yeah!!! i got lots of money today!! the walk to my bank felt longer than i thought it would be but i made it to and from in 30 minutes and i felt really good afterwards. but i was stinky so i took a shower. i feel really good right now. but when i came back into the room and amber had some guy in here that i don't who he is and that was really embarrassing. i am not really mad because she wasn't here when i went to take a shower so i don't blame her but it was really embarrassing
i need to do laundry today. so that is what i am going to do after i post this.

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