December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!!!!

hey!!! sorry i haven't posted in a while!!! Merry christmas!!! it is almost 2005!!! hopefully i will be able to accomplish my resolutions. i will post them when i know them!!! anyway i have had a christmas. i got a lot that i wanted. i got a digital camera!!! i have already taken some pictures of Murphy. i will post them when i get them off my camera. i got princess diaries 2. some giftcards. lots money. i didn't get a lot but i didn't exactly want a lot. but i got money and giftcards to buy what i want. and i had said that i didn't want any clothes so i didn't get any. i think we might go shopping this weekend. i want to get another pair of jeans. i got some jeans at the beginning of the school year that are very comfortable. i want to get another pair. and some more shirts but i am so picky so i want to go pick them out myself. i am going to go up to college station with my best friend Robin when she moves back in and stuff. we will definitly go to Freebirds!!!! and maybe we will tour around. it will be fun!!! 18 days until school starts. i can't believe it. i am going to go figure out where my classes are during the 18 days i have left. and i might get my books.

December 22, 2004

harry potter!!!

harry potter and the half blood prince is coming out july 16!!!!!

family is a pain

i hate it when people get on you about your faults. i know i need to lose weight. i don't need to eat salad all the time or drink water all the time. at lunch today i was going to just have a sandwich and then andrew says that we need to get ride of the lasanga we had last night so we can go shopping for the food for christmas and so i was like ok i will have that instead. so i get a peice and warm it up and i sit down and get ready to eat and then grandma was like you should have a salad instead. well we don't have salad!!! and then they were like you should drink water instead of milk. and they get all on me about my weight and hello??? i am not a rabbit!!!! that is what rabbits eat!! i eat salad but not all the time!! and you know what? whenever something has been eaten like in between meals or whatever it is always blamed on me because i am the fat one!!!! you know what?? i maybe fat but i don't eat junk in between meals expecially cookies. my dad had gotten the fudge mint oreos or something the other day and yesterday we opened the box up and the first row of cookies were gone!!! and who gets blamed for it!!! ME!!!! it isn't fair because i didn't even know that we even HAD them until they were pulled out!!! and everbody was saying that they didn't eat them and i didn't either.... someone is lying and letting me get blamed for it!!! just because i am fat!!! you know i don't eat tons of junk! i just have a really REALLY slow metablism and it is really hard for me to lose weight. it doesn't just fall off. and i really hate it when people are like so how much weight have you lost or are you working out or similar questions. it not like i sit around being a slug. and then last night my dad was like yeah she sleeps until 11am but i don't sleep that late!! i have been getting up at 8am every morning!!! (or around there but certainly not that late) but i get up between 8-9 am!! it is like everyone thinks that i am the worst kind of person in the world but i don't think i am that bad. i even have low blood pressure. JUST STOP ASKING ABOUT MY WEIGHT!!!! as long as i can fit my pants and still do stuff i am not concerned. yes i am working on it. no i don't know if i have lost any weight or gained any or even how much i weigh. so stop asking!!!

December 15, 2004


i am very happy that i have gotten over 2000 visits to this site!!!! thank you!!!

alan alda

Alan alda is going to be on the tony danza show today at 3pm!!!!!! you guys should definitly watch it!!! i am!!!! i am very excited!!!


it has been a long time since i last posted!! well a week. i have been doing lots of stuff. we got our christmas tree this last weekend. we haven't decorated it yet but we will soon. my mom got a new car. i think i am going to get her car. well anyway we all will get a car because we have 4 so there is plenty to go around. i have a dentist appointment monday morning. andrew is coming home on sunday.

December 08, 2004

don't you just love mail?

i got lots of mail today. well only 2 things but that is a lot for me!! i got a christmas card from my best friend!!! and a letter from Annie!!(finally!!) so i am in a happy mood tonight!!! and i have been on a cleaning thing lately. so my room is pretty clean. and i have been going around making all the beds in my house!! i know i am wierd!! but making your bed makes your room look a lot cleaner even though there is a lot of junk on the floor. i really found that out when i was at school and had to share a box with someone!!

December 05, 2004

I got spamed!!

for the first time i got spammed on my site!!! if any of you guys saw that i am sorry!! but i deleted the comment so hopefully no one else will have to see it!!! anyway i have had a good weekend. my mom and i got andrew a new bed yesterday. it was a good deal. it was only a little over $300 including delivery and a box spring. and the guys that delivered it assembled it too!! and we had seen the same bed at another place for over $400 and that was just the bed and it didn't include delivery and a box spring. we already had a mattress from his previous bed.

December 02, 2004

i don't have a creative title to put here

i can't believe it is december already!! wow!! i have gotten a few people's christmas presents already. i still have some more to get. i actually went to the gym 3 days in a row this week!! since my mom has been out of town i get to use her car!! but i amazed myself!! we put up some of our christmas decorations. still need to get our tree but we will do that soon. that is pretty much it.we have to be carefull where we put the tree too because andrew is bringing murphy home and we know that murphy is just going to run into it somehow if we put it where we usually put which is in the middle of the living room so we are going to have to put it in a corner so he can only hit it from one side if he wants you know? anyway for all of those who don't know who murphy is he is a golden retriever puppy. i have posted pictures of him here. i think he is barely 6 monthes old but he has gotten so big. i am not sure if he is used to wood and tile floors either because i haven't seen andrew's new house so i am sure he will slip and slide like ben does sometimes.