August 17, 2004

Ainsley started school today. it felt so wierd to not go with her but i am don't totally to miss it. it just felt wierd. i just miss a couple of people. and once everyone goes off to college, i won't see them until thanksgiving or christmas. but i am somewhat excited about going to college. i changed the layout of my blog but i think i had it before but i like it. Ainsley has Mr. Rock for pre-cal. yeah!! i liked pre-cal.
i got my checks for my own checking account!! i think i will be getting a debit card in a couple of days.
i am going to move-in in 11 days. yeah!! i am sorta excited about going to school again. probably more because it isn't high school and i got to pick the times, teachers, and classes. also no one knows you. you are starting all over. no one knows anything about you and you haven't done anything stupid in front of them.
i hope i get along with my roommate. that is the one thing that i am most nervous about. i don't know much about her except a few thing. i have never seen her. i am sure i will get along with her. i am going to go into this thing with a good attitude because if i don't then it won't work. i am going to be living her for 9 months. unless i switch rooms when they do the hall change stuff. but that is such a pain i would have to move all my stuff again. and i am on the 3rd floor!!

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