December 22, 2004

family is a pain

i hate it when people get on you about your faults. i know i need to lose weight. i don't need to eat salad all the time or drink water all the time. at lunch today i was going to just have a sandwich and then andrew says that we need to get ride of the lasanga we had last night so we can go shopping for the food for christmas and so i was like ok i will have that instead. so i get a peice and warm it up and i sit down and get ready to eat and then grandma was like you should have a salad instead. well we don't have salad!!! and then they were like you should drink water instead of milk. and they get all on me about my weight and hello??? i am not a rabbit!!!! that is what rabbits eat!! i eat salad but not all the time!! and you know what? whenever something has been eaten like in between meals or whatever it is always blamed on me because i am the fat one!!!! you know what?? i maybe fat but i don't eat junk in between meals expecially cookies. my dad had gotten the fudge mint oreos or something the other day and yesterday we opened the box up and the first row of cookies were gone!!! and who gets blamed for it!!! ME!!!! it isn't fair because i didn't even know that we even HAD them until they were pulled out!!! and everbody was saying that they didn't eat them and i didn't either.... someone is lying and letting me get blamed for it!!! just because i am fat!!! you know i don't eat tons of junk! i just have a really REALLY slow metablism and it is really hard for me to lose weight. it doesn't just fall off. and i really hate it when people are like so how much weight have you lost or are you working out or similar questions. it not like i sit around being a slug. and then last night my dad was like yeah she sleeps until 11am but i don't sleep that late!! i have been getting up at 8am every morning!!! (or around there but certainly not that late) but i get up between 8-9 am!! it is like everyone thinks that i am the worst kind of person in the world but i don't think i am that bad. i even have low blood pressure. JUST STOP ASKING ABOUT MY WEIGHT!!!! as long as i can fit my pants and still do stuff i am not concerned. yes i am working on it. no i don't know if i have lost any weight or gained any or even how much i weigh. so stop asking!!!

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