August 13, 2007


so i am now on my 1 week vacation. i am ready for the fall in the sense that i have paid for my tuition and parking and all the stupid fees and that i have money for books but i am not ready because i just finished summer school last friday! i haven't gotten my grades yet either but i do know that in my INTB class i got a 100 on the final. but we had a paper in the class that they haven't finished grading yet so i can't figure out what my grade is but hopefully an A! i don't know about my other class. probably a B. i guess i will just have to wait.
my brother and grandfather are coming to visit next week which is also the week i start school. at least it is the first week and i probably won't have much work to do. just buy books and all that fun stuff.
and after a month i finally got my car back. no work done to it either! stupid state farmer people. i told my parents we should rethink renewing our car insurance with them. but my mom said that we have our house insurance with them too so i don't know if they want to change all that. oh well. maybe they will rethink about paying to fix it but they are being really stupid about it. now they want to put an "unrepairable" title to it. when i heard that i thought it was so stupid! it is a couple of dents and a small crack in the window. does that sound "unrepairable" to you? NO! unrepairable to me is something like the front end being totally smashed in like you ran into a wall and to fix it you would have to fix the engine and the whole front of the car. but a couple of dents and a crack is not that bad.

August 01, 2007

lots of stupid stuff!

so summer school is almost over. finals are next week. so i have enjoyed my operations management class so i have decided to try the next class which is supply chain management. might end up double majoring. i am not sure yet.
i got the 7th harry potter book. i pre-ordered it and got it delivered on July 21st! so i got half way through it and tada! there were pages missing. yes i was one of the hundreds of people that got the misprint books. not knowing that people were selling them on eBay for $500 i returned it to Barnes and nobles and got a new one! so i finished it in a couple of days. i enjoyed it. it was very different from all the other ones. kind of disappointed with the epilogue chapter. i am excited about how she might write a harry potter encyclopedia. i would buy it if she wrote one.
fun car ramblings now! so at the begining of july we took my car to get the hail damage fixed. all is happy. so in the meantime i am driving my mom's car and my mom and dad are riding to work together. so on the way home from school one day the car breaks down and i am stranded and have to wait for a tow truck. it was a timing belt and a pretty easy fix as long as it doesn't really effect anything else. so i get it back and drive it for about a week and a half. then yesterday morning i am getting ready to go to school and the battery is dead. so i call AAA and get a new battery. by this time i have missed my first class. but i am able to get to my 2nd class. then on the way home the car dies again. i have to call AAA again and get towed again. the funny thing was that the same guy shows up to tow me 2 weeks ago towed me yesterday! so i have had to call AAA 3 times in the past 2 weeks. a record! so when the timing belt broke we were down to 2 cars and one of them is a 2 seater and the other one is my sisters who spends all of her time at her boyfriends house. so we basically have 1 2seater car! fun right? so my mom decided that it was probably time for her to get a new car. so she got a 2001 lexus. it is a nice car. so i am suppose to get my mom's car back tomorrow. now you are probably wondering what happened to my car that we took to get the hail damage fixed. well apparently the insurance company and the fred haas toyota repair place that we took it to are debating if they really want to fix it because the car is not "worth it" so it sat there for a month with nothing done. so we wanted to get some stuff out of the car so i went to the fred haas place to get the stuff. when i get there low and behold it is not there! where is it? the insurance company had it towed to avoid have to pay storage fees or something stupid because the place had not even started to work on or something. it has really made us mad because we just want it fixed. so now my car is at a salvage place until we can get it back or fixed or whatever we end up getting done. but we were able to get our stuff out of it. so now we are fighting the insurance company. that story i guess is to be continued.
i hope that story is entertaining enough for anyone that actually reads this! but the good thing is that school is almost over!