April 28, 2006

blog birthday!

this blog is now 2 years old!! it was actually 2 days ago but i forgot to mention it.
i am reading chicken soup for the college soul. i love those books! some of the stories are really inspiring.
i broke my pinky toe yesterday. it hurts. it has gotten all swollen and it is starting to bruise too. it hurt to put my shoes on today so i have just been wearing my sandals. this afternoon i got inspired to clean my room up a little bit too. i really don't know why! it is suppose to rain today. i love it when it rains.

April 26, 2006


yesterday i got some more birthday presents!! yay!! :) i got harry potter and the goblet of fire (the one with the 2 discs!) and full house season 3 from robin!!! thank you!! and i got this cute little necklace and top from my grandpa.
today i went to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks. i am terrible about going sometimes. but i am not that sore....probably should work harder....i did walk a mile in under 30 minutes though! i know people run that in like 4 minutes and are laughing at me walking it in less than 30 but i will never run again in my life. running hates me and i hate running. for those who do not know, running is what caused me to have knee trouble 2 years ago and i had to have knee surgery because of it! i think i did it in like 25 minutes.
1 week left of classes and 2 weeks from tomorrow, i will be taking my last final!! yay!! it seems like my finals are late. because i have read other peoples blogs and they are like finals are next week gotta study thing.
new summer school schedule:
Sociology 1301 Introduction to Sociology
Summer Session I
Accounting 24o1 principals of Accounting I
8:00-10:00 lecture
10:20-11:30 Lab
Math 1325
so now i have a break for lunch. does anyone know if willowchase has a cafeteria? i have never been there before so i am not sure what it is like. i just know it is so much closer to my house then where i currently go and it will make the 8AM class so much easier!
i have gotten the new Internet Explorer 7. does anyone else have it? i like it. it seems so much sharper.

April 25, 2006

My birthday!

so my birthday was yesterday. it was good. i got 2 movies: dodgeball and memoirs of a geisha which i am currently reading the book. i got a barnes and nobles card too and an iTunes card too. we went to stracks for dinner where i did have chicken fried chicken. i had a craving for it and it tasted so good!!
it was suppose to rain but it hasn't yet. i hope it does. i like rain and we haven't gotten much rain this year. just a little over 2 weeks left of school. my last final is on may 11 i think. sometime that week anyway. then i have a few days off and then i am taking a minisemester class and then i am taking the summer session 1. i am taking july off to get ready to transfer to u of h (yes i decided to go there!) then i think we are going on vacation sometime there at the end of july/begining of august before everyone has to go back to school. i think i start august 21st or somewhere around there. ainsley doesn't have to be at school until the next week for orientation i think. i think andrew starts the wednesday before me. i am not totally sure but it really doesn't matter.
oh and if you noticed i changed my summer classes. i decided to take accounting instead of government and economics. i am still taking the math class.

April 24, 2006

My birthday!

hey!! i can't believe that i am 2o!! :) i only had 1 class today so it was pretty cool. i have gotten a lot of happy birthday comments on my facebook!! yay!! thank you guys!! :) so far it has been pretty good. my mom made me blueberry muffins for breakfast! then tonight i get to choose what i want to do for dinner!! yay for birthday dinners! i am thinking about strack's because i am craving chicken fried chicken but i am still open for suggestions. i have only gotten 2 cards in the mail: one from my grandma and one from Robin. my mom thinks that my grandp forgot my birthday unless something comes in the mail today. oh well.

April 22, 2006

worn out

i am so worn out. i washed everyone's car today. blah. oh well now we have clean cars. some of them were really gross too.
only 2 regular weeks of classes left. 4 of each class left except for government which only meets on wednesday so there are only 2 classes left of those!! and i have nothing due until my major paper for english which i have written and just need to revise. so all i have to do for the next 3 weeks is work on my paper and study and take my finals!!

random things

my birthday is in 2 days! ainsley has my birthday off from school. i am glad that i only have one class that day!
i think i am going to go to u of h. i sent in my housing application last night. yesterday i went to visit sam houston. but i think i like u of h better. i have my reasons but if you guys have any reason that i should/shouldn't go there please comment. i need all the help i can get!

April 12, 2006


my computer is making me mad right now!! i want a new computer so badly. it has just been getting so slow lately. but it worked so well until last may i think when i got the stupid virus and it hasn't worked as well since. i need more memory and RAM. anyone like their computers a lot and have suggestions on what to get? Do you like Dell or compaq or hp or gateway or apple? desktop or laptop? you know the basics about your computer that you like. so hopefully i will know exactly what i want if i can get one. i think my mom will let me get one because she was like look to see what the schools you are transfering to require in computers. i have looked and they do require more memory than i have currently and more RAM too so hopefully i can comvince my parents to let me get a new one! Andrew had been through 2 computer by the time he was a sophmore but that was because his first one got stolen but still and he just got a new one so it isn't exactly fair. i have the money to get one too but it is all in the bank and last time i tried to put money in/get cash out they were like you need to have a parent with you and some crap like that because they still think i a minor or something because my mom started my account for me or something. it is really stupid. you know i am almost 20 i think i can manage my money by myself.

April 11, 2006


i think i got into U of H!!! because you can check on your status online and it said my status is approved!! i am so happy!! but know the tough time is here where i have to decide if i want to go there or to sam houston. if anyone has any advice about either like if you go/went there tell me why!! last friday i went to the u of h campus for a tour and info sessions. i liked the campus a lot better than i though i would. mom and i are going to visit sam next friday. they are both about equal distants or at least maybe equal driving time. sam is about an hour/hour and half away and u of h is about 45minutes/little over an hour depending on traffic. so that isn't going to be a problem.
2 weeks until my birthday! yay!
4 weeks until finals.

April 10, 2006


here is a haiku that i had to write for my english class at the begining of the semester. i like it and my teacher liked it. i even read it out loud in class because all the ones that people were reading out loud were sad and she was like are there any happy ones and i said that mine was kinda happy. it isn't exactly happy but it is definitly not sad. tell me what you think.

Fresh cut grass in the
summer air fills up your
lungs with sweetness

April 06, 2006

random stuff

i can't believe that i have had almost 7,000 visit to this site over almost 2 years. i never thought that so many people would come and read my thoughts and see what is going on. also this site will be 2 years old on April 26 i think. yay!
i also finished Gilmore Girls Season 3 i think last week. so i have started watching season 4.
just about a month until finals start. i can't wait till this semester is over. i hopefully will like my new classes in the summer! and no more english!! yay!! at least i hope so!! :) i will also not have to drive so far!! that gets a super YAY!! i am down to 1 paper in english and 1 test or less in each class not including the final except for english where this last paper is sort of the paper because it is due on the last day of regular classes.

April 01, 2006


it is april fools day!!! no one has played any jokes on me yet! i don't think anyone will either which is ok!!
my birthday is in 23 days! :)