September 25, 2007


so this semester i have been trying really hard and studying and reading the textbook and everything you know? so why am i practically failing everything? i have no idea. i got a 16 on a major quiz in my java class. i don't know why i am trying so hard. this semester i have studied the most for my classes and i am failing. i didn't used to study as much. i don't know if i can make it through college. maybe i should just go back to community college where i actually got good grades.

September 23, 2007

so i have gotten into buying things on so i recently started a seller's account too to sell some old or duplicate books that i have or just books that i don't want anymore. i think there are only like 5 things on there. but here is a link to my seller's account. if anyone that reads this would like me to sell something for them then just tell me. also i have made a wish list on there. so i was thinking that i can keep that up to date and then i won't have to keep telling everyone at christmas and birthdays what i want. because i can never remember what exactly i want when i am asked. so this is kind of easier. and any random person can buy me something if they feel like it i guess since it is public. i wonder if i can make it so that only a few selected people can see it. like i know i can make it either public or private but is there something in between? oh well here is a link.

September 16, 2007

its been a week....

i still can't believe it. but i am ajusting a little bit. but i am still really lonely. anyone have a dog that needs a good home? i would love to have another dog. almost any kind as long as they are friendly and lovable. yea right anyone that reads this is going to give away their dog. my mom says that we should wait a while. but i am getting ready. by the time we find the right one, i will be ready.
school is ok. i guess it could be worse. ummm.... we didn't have school on thursday so i have had a 4 day weekend! yeah! but i can't focus in school. i still don't know what i want to major in. i don't know what i want to do with my life. that makes going to school even worse. because i feel like i am going there for no reason.

September 10, 2007

A Tribute to Little Ben

i can't believe this. it is so sad. i can't believe i have to write this. i can hardly believe it. little ben died yesterday around lunch time. it was so horrible. i can't believe this. i have been crying so hard since yesterday. i can't believe i made it through today and all my classes. it was so hard. i know you are probably thinking that it is stupid because he is a dog but a dog can be like your best friend sometimes. he was always there. i can hardly remember a time without him. we got him when i was in the 2nd grade so i was only 7 or 8. but it was a long time ago. i was the one that took care of him the most. he was one of my best buds. it was so hard today to come home and not have him there and to feed him about 5:30 when i usually do. it was so hard yesterday. i can hardly think of anything else. my eyes hurt from all the crying and i feel so empty inside. i am just glad i was there when he died. i think it would have been harder if i just came home from school and found him. i am just glad to think that he might be in heaven with my grandpa because they were buddies too. i just don't feel the same anymore.