July 30, 2008


summer school is almost over! there is like 2 weeks left. that includes finals! i am ready for my week and half off before my last semester in college! that is kinda weird to say! but it feels good to say too.
so i have been taking a thyroid medicine and been on the crazy diet for a while and i have lost 20 pounds! i am so happy/excited. i have a week and half left on the diet. but i am so glad to have fruit back in my regular diet. you would laugh when you hear what i had for lunch.... applesauce and an apple! overdoing it i guess but i can't have bread or cheese so there goes my turkey and cheese sandwich that i used to have for lunch before the crazy diet. but not too long before i can have it again. i don't think i ever want to do this diet again.

July 27, 2008


i am going to be laughing in the face of that guy that returned the phone!! it has been less than 1 day and it is already up to my reserve price of $75! so i am getting almost double what i paid to have it fixed! and there is still 6 days left and i am hoping that more people will bid on it. in your face jerk!

July 26, 2008

more summer

so i did pretty well the first summer session. an A and B+. it raised my GPA. i don't know if the second session will go as well. finance is hard. but i am doing a lot better in it than some people are. i just have 3 weeks left of summer school. this will hopefully be my last summer school i will ever have to take. graduation is in sight. i only have 4 classes to take after summer school is over. i am just scared that i won't get a job after i graduate. i am planning to go the career services soon. i have been updating my resume because i think that will be the first thing they ask for. oh! and i finally got my diploma for my AA from cyfair! i am excited. i might get it framed with my UH diploma or at least in matching frames. i might even do the same with my high school diploma.
so my parents took me to this doctor they had heard about on the radio. they thought that they could help me get better. anyway i am on this crazy yeast free diet. the main part is a month long. there is a super long list of things that you can't have especially anything with yeast and sugar. mainly you can have some meats, lots of vegetables, nuts and after 2 weeks you can add back in fruits. so i am almost to that point where i can have fruits again. the past 2 weeks have been so hard. but i am about to be on the easier side and getting closer to when i can add back in my favorite foods again. they also comfirmed how i thought that i had a really slow metabilism. i have been taking this thyroid medicine. i have been on the diet for 2 weeks and the thyroid medicine for almost a month. i have lost close to 20 pounds. i hope to lose 30 pounds total before the month is over.
i have been selling stuff on ebay this month. i put some old calendars on there at first. amazingly people have bought them. 2 were old backstreet boys calendars and 2 were simpsons calendars. then today i sold a peanuts calendar. then i listed an old cell phone that had a cracked screen. i put it in the description that it was cracked and even put a picture up of it. someone bought it. then it got delivered. and the buyer didn't even give it 2 hours before demanding a refund and sending it back even after i told them where they could get it fixed. so i got it back and got it fixed and i am hoping to get triple what i sold it for originally. i would love to laugh in that stupid person's face. so i am going to try to sell more stuff on ebay. i have a store on amazon but my stuff doesn't go too fast on there. once i have sold the stuff i already have on ebay, i will transfer some of my amazon stuff to ebay. if anyone has anything they want to sell, i can try to sell it for you or suggest you start one of your own. basically on ebay you take a picture of your item and write a description and choose a price. then the website does the rest for you. its pretty much the same for amazon but you don't take a picture for amazon.

July 01, 2008

vacation and graduation

so i have 1 more class before the first session of summer school is over. i know i got an A in my management class! i can get as high as an A- in my history of globablization class. it depends on how well i do on my final. if i get a 1 on my final i will pass with a D-. i think i have to get a 91 to get an A-and i would have to get over 100 to get an A. but i am hoping for an A- or B. either one will help raise my GPA. i am working on raising my gpa. last semester i was able to raise it up a little. but since i am getting an A this semester i think it will bring it up even more. anyway i have my final on thursday. then i have a long weekend with the 4th of july. then on monday i start my new classes. another management and intro to finance. i have heard that the teacher for finance is really hard but hopefully she will be easier in the summer. it is either it is finance or statistics in the summer and i am not trying statistics in the summer. anyway i just need to keep thinking that i will be graduating in less than 6 months so i can take the pain for a little while. that is a little scary to think about that i am graduating so close. i guess i am more scared about getting a job. what if no one wants to hire me? i didn't want to go through 4 years of college and no summers off and trying to figure out what i want to do to not get a job. i think the most awesome place to work would be google. it sounds like the best place to work. go to youtube and search for google videos. it will give you a bunch of videos on google and how awesome it is.