February 28, 2006

gilmore girls

so last night i finished watching season 2 of gilmore girls. i can't believe how it ended!! like i knew that chris's girlfriend ends up pregnant because i had already seen the baby shower episode but i didn't know that chris and lorelie were thinking about getting back together before they found out about the baby. and i was so ready for jess to be gone but coming back?? wow!! on to season 3!!!
i am ready for spring break. only a week and half left!! yay!!!

February 24, 2006


so today i went shopping! i love shopping! i bought so many dvd's! here is what i got:
-Mr. Holland's Opus
-10 Things I Hate About You
-Ice Princess
-The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
-Jurassic Park III
-Jimmy Neutron
-Full House Season 2
3 of them i got for $25 at Hollywood Video. the others that i got were either $11.99 or $9.99 except for Full House which was $22.99.
i went to the gym today. 2 days in a row.

February 23, 2006

i had today off!! so i went to the gym, walked the dogs twice, and i went to barnes and nobles. i love going there! i got 3 books: The Pretty Committee Strikes Back by Lisi Harrison, Ready or Not by Meg Cabot, and Cooking Round the Clock by Rachael Ray. the Rachael Ray book is for my mom's birthday. she loves her 30 minute meals.
on the way home from school yesterday, i saw the trail riders riding along the highway going to the rodeo. it was pretty cool.
while i was out shopping today, i saw they were building a Freebirds!! i love that restuarant!! such good burritos!! i can't wait until it opens!!

February 20, 2006

sorry about not updating here. i have posted a lot at my Xanga. i think there is a link under my links column.
so i only have 2 days left of school this week. because we have thursday off!! weee!! so i have a 4 day weekend!!
my mom and i were looking through all of the old school pictures and sports pictures and stuff. made me remember all the good times. in the first grade i was on a soccer team called the pink hot peppers!! LOL!! isn't that so funny!!
i have gotten through most of season 2 of gilmore girls!!

February 01, 2006


today is the first day of February!! tomorrow is groundhogs day. it rained today. i love rain but i wish it didn't rain when i was driving because i don't really like driving in the rain! i love rain when i am at home.
i got to see Chris today! i am still not sure what he thinks of me. but at least he is not running away from me when i go to talk to him. he seems to somewhat like talking to me. hopefully things will eventually evolve into something....i am going to try to not do anything stupid and hopefully things will work out. i really like seeing him and talking to him and everything. he is growing his hair out so it is getting a little long but not too long and i like it.