August 31, 2006

labor day weekend

so i am home for a 4 day weekend!! since i don't have friday classes and there is no school on monday so it is a 4 day weekend! also mom and dad are moving aisnley into school. so i am home to take care of the dogs and cat. but i don't mind!! i love being home. i am not ashamed to admit it. i am the opposite of a college student. most can't wait to get away from home but i can't wait to go home. i love my family expecially my parents. when i came home yesterday and realized my sister wouldn't be here, i really started to miss her too. we have shared a bathroom for as long as i can remember. i have found that i don't mind commuting. so maybe next year i will live at home and commute to school. i am a wimp. today i got this cute little teddy bear from the school store and i bought it a cute little u of h shirt to wear. maybe i will post a picture of it later.
school hasn't been too bad. my favorite days are monday and wednesday because i am done by 12 and friday because i have no classes!! tuesdays and thursdays are really long.

August 25, 2006

first week of school

so i have finished my first week of school!! i have survived!! yay!! so my internet does not work very well at school. so i am now at home and it is working wonderfully!! the internet at school will work for a while and then stop working or it won't work at all. stupid internet. and a lot of class stuff is on the internet like homework for 2 of my classes are on the internet and the answers to another class is on the internet. so this internet thing makes it hard to study so i am glad i will be home on the weekend to get on the internet!! :)

August 22, 2006

first day of school

so i have had my first day of school. my classes don't seem to be too bad.....but what is with all the saturday tests?? in like 3 classes they are having us take the tests on a saturday!! i don't want to be here on a saturday!!
i have spent about $230 in the past 2 days. mostly it was spent on my parking pass. my parking pass was $161 but it is for the whole year so that isn't too bad!! then i had to buy some extra things for some of my classes. like a clicker...has anyone else had to use these?? my government teacher is making us buy them so we can do attendence with them and take polls during class. blah! but those clickers are pretty expensive!! you have to pay $17 for the actual clicker and then you have to register it!! so that isn't fun.

August 20, 2006

new school year

so tomorrow is the first day of school...i am nervous. i moved in on friday. i stayed over night on friday. on saturday i went to this new student reception at the business school. then i went home for saturday night. now i am back at school.
i got some new posters to put up on the wall. my roommate has put her stuff in the room but i still haven't met her. i am sure i will meet her soon. i am nervous about that too.

August 17, 2006


So my move in is tomorrow! I am excited and nervous!! So today I will be packing which means packing up my computer here. I maybe back on tomorrow night or Saturday but no promises!

August 10, 2006


so in a week from tomorrow i will be moving into the dorms! i am kinda nervous and scared. but also excited!! i have been shopping for things that i will need for my dorm room like a refrigerator. we have been looking for a good microwave for cheap but we haven't found one yet. i got a lot of new clothes last weekend att the tax free weekend. so i have been trying to think of all the things i would like to take to school and how to pack it.
oh i got the bill for next semester. you know how i got a letter saying that i got a scholarship for next year? well it isn't showing up on my bill and nothing has been taken off of the bill. so we e-mailed the contact e-mail that was on the letter. but then we got an e-mail back saying it couldn't delivered!! grrr and there is no phone number to call about it either!!

August 05, 2006


so today i went shopping!! i do love to shop!! i got a mini refrigerator from lowes. that was the big thing i got. this morning my mom and i also opened up a new checking account for me! so now i have my own checking account! i also got more ink for my printer and a new mousepad. shopping makes me tired. tomorrow i think we are going clothes shopping!
i hope everyone is enjoying the tax free weekend!!

August 02, 2006


so u of h finally got my transcript with all of my summer classes!! that makes me feel so much better because like a week ago they sent me a letter saying that i was signed up for a class that had a prerequisite. but of course it was a class i took this summer that they hadn't gotten yet. so now hopefully they won't kick me out of that class in the fall.
16 days until move in! i am getting kinda nervous. i hope i get along with my roommate!