October 02, 2004


well i have just spent my first night in my private room. i am really lonely. it is really quiet here. sorta miss sharing a room. at least there was someone there making noise and stuff but a lot of the time it wasn't at a good time. i miss tv. i don't have a tv in my room anymore. because i have a tv in my room at home and then amber brought a tv so i have had a tv in my room for a while now. but of course my parents won't let me bring my own tv up here but i don't know if i will be here that much longer...... there is nice one downstairs but if there are more people in there than just you than you pretty much have to watch what they are watching!!! this is really hard. but i got my wand!!! hehe!! i think i might watch harry potter today and practice wand movements and spells with them!!

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