September 21, 2004

orlando bloom

i so love orlando bloom!!! i printed out some more pictures of him to put on my walls. he is so hot!!! i love his smile, eyes, hair, and accent!! i so wish i could meet him or even marry him!! but i would be lucky to even meet him!!! the closest i will ever be able to see him is in my dreams and on tv and in my thoughts!!! Orlando Bloom if you are reading this: comment or e-mail me!!
today another one of my classes was canceled. they didn't say why but it is so wierd to have 2 classes canceled in one week. i am a little nervous because i have my first psychology test on thursday and the professor has not talked that much about psychology except for today. today he started talking about the brain. but all the other days he seems to center it all about physics and chemistry. oh well i am going to read the chapters in the book and hopefully that will help me at least pass!! i have a couple of test next week that i need to start studying for.
i was craving for pizza tonight so i ordered a small cheese pizza from papa johns. good pizza. then when i went downstairs to wait for my pizza, i was talking to the person at the front desk and she told me about this place where you can order pizza and get it for free!! i don't know if it applys to all colleges but i know it does here!! yummy!!
i got a couple of cards today to send out to friends and stuff. hopefully i will send them out tomorrow!! so hopefully they will get to the people i send them to by the end of the week!!

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