October 02, 2004


I think I am going to withdraw on Monday. I would have already but reality keeps me grounded. Like how I would get all my junk home. I don't have a car with me so that would be a little hard. And whenever I talk about it with my parents they are like you are not a quitter. But I am. They say I can transfer next semester if I have good grades but that isn't going to happen. I probably won't get higher than d's considering my test grades. *hangs head in shame* that is why I would like to withdraw now and start clean next semester somewhere closer to home. Maybe U of H or something like that. I could probably even commute to U of H if I wanted too but my mom says that the drive is a killer which is probably true. But at least if I lived there it would be so much easier to go home on the weekends and maybe at nights during the week. Or I could even go out to lunch with my mom because it is somewhat close to where she works. So tomorrow I will pack up my stuff and see how I will get me and all my junk home. Hopefully one of my parents will come up and help but if they don't I think I might look into renting a haul truck or borrowing someone's car. We will see but of course in a perfect world my parents will come and help but we know that it isn't a perfect world because if it was I would totally adapt being here or I would have withdrawn a long time ago. anyway i was thinking about getting a job at randalls or krogers until next semester if i am able to go home which hopefully will happen but with my horrible luck i know my parents will be like stick it out. but i think i will stand up for myself for once and just do it. yes, i think i might just do it. no matter what myparents say.

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