September 24, 2004

the weekend

ugh. it is raining. i hate walking in the rain so i am going to skip my last class. i have this fear of getting struck by lighting. i know that the chances of that happening is very low but still..... but i do like rain when you can just sit in your room and not have to go out. i am going to clean up my stuff because it is parents weekend and everyone is going to be coming in and out of my room and i don't want to embarrass amber by having a trashy side of the room and embarrassing her in front of her family. anyway i don't want to look like a pig in front of my own family anyway. so i started out and made my bed!! then i sit down here to type out my thoughts here and look at other people's blogs to see what a normal person acts like. JK!!!
i finally got the stupid atlas that my geography teacher wanted us to get. she seemed to be in sorta a bad mood today. i don't really care.
i am really glad that the weekend is here. i so wish i was home this weekend.

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