October 07, 2004

so when i was talking with my mom today, she suggested taking a correspondence course. sounds like a good idea. need something to do until i hear from potential employers. not that i haven't been doing anything. i am cooking tonights dinner. and i am going to make a cherry pie!! this summer i found that i really like to cook. actually i liked to cook before this summer but this summer i actually made dinners for my family. that was something i missed when i was at college because you couldn't cook your own meals. you could warm stuff up in a microwave that everyone has to share but that is pretty much it. no fun to that. and it has been raining out so i can't really take my dog for a walk. i like doing that too except for when it is really hot out but in general i like it. it is a form of exercise. i need to start going back to 24 hour fitness. thank goodness my mom didn't cancel my membership!! maybe once i get a car i can go during the day when no one is really there so i can use the machines whenever i want and in the order i want. because oround 5-6 pm everyone that works during the day comes to work out and it is really busy so sometimes you have to wait for a machine. while i was at school i actually lost like 5-10 pounds. but most of it was from stomach aches......if you know what i mean!! and i am sure some of it was from walking too.
i am sorry for being so mean in the last post. i was just tired of everyone saying the same thing. i know you guys were just trying to help.

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