August 30, 2004


1. Starting time: 5:59 PM
2. name: Allison
3. School: SFA
5. Gender: Female

Have you ever...?
6. Been so drunk that you blacked out: no
7. Missed school because it was rainy: don't remember probably
9. Kept a secret from EVERYBODY: yeah
10. Wanted to hook up with a friend: nope
11. Cried during a flick: yeah
12. Ever liked a teacher: yeah
13. Ever thought an animated character was hot: nope
14. Ever prank called someone: no
15. Been on stage: yup
16. Fought with your parents: yup
18. Laughed until you cried: almost
19. Watched a sunrise or a sunset: yup
20. Went to the beach at night: no
23. Are you happy: i'd like to think so
24. Are you talking to someone online right now?: yep (hi Robin!!!)

26. Shampoo: Pantene
27. Soap: don't know
28. Color: blue or purple
29. Day or night: night, it's cooler
30. Kind of music: almost anything
31. Soda: coke
32. Car: taurus
33. Perfume or cologne: perfume
34. Favorite radio station: 106.9
35. Web Site: other people's blogs
36. Subject in school: none
37. Least favorite subject: english
38. Food: almost everything
39. Movie:
40. Place: my bed
41. Holiday: christmas and thanksgiving
42. Lace or satin: satin
43. Place to chill at: friend's house where there is a tv and food
44. Ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
45. Cartoon character: the simpsons

Friends and Crushes
46. Have a bf/gf: no no
47. Loved anyone: yesDo you believe in...?
59. God/Devil: yup
60. Love at first sight: sure
61. The Big Bang Theory: no
62. Heaven/Hell: yupMisc.
63.Who named you: my parents
64. When was the last time you showered: yesterday
65. What is right next to you: other than my computer??
68. What was the last thing you ate: crackers
71. How's the weather right now: hot
72. What's the weirdest thing you have ever eaten: chicken gumbo
75. Scary or happy movies: happy ones
76. Talk on phone or in person: in person
79. Boxers or briefs:don't care, just wear something
80. Bacon bits or croutons: croutons
81. How long can you hold your breath? not very long!!
82. Disneyworld or Disneyland: disneyworld
83. Do you do drugs: yuck!!
84. Do you make fun of people: no that is mean!!!
85. Have you ever been convicted of a crime: nah
86. One pillow or two: one
88. What's your bedtime: whenever i want
89. Adidas, Nike, or Reebok: adidas
90. Most embarassing moment: which one?
91. Do you attend church regularly: somewhat
92. What do you look for in the opposite sex: eyes
93. Favorite quotes: "Frank, it's after six, you can stop being snotty!" Henry Blake
94. Do you like to swim: yup
95. Do you have a job: no
96. Pools or ocean: pools
97. Pencil or pen: pen
99. Do you sing in the shower: all the time, but who doesn't?
101. Best way to die: in your sleep
104. Would you ever go bungee-jumping: no never
105. Would you rather be short, semi-tall, tall: semi-tall
106. Do you enjoy reading: yea
108. What was the last movie you saw: princess diaries 2
109. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes
110. What is your zodiac sign: taurus
111. Would you ever have cosmetic surgery: nope
112. Do you like to dance: not really
116. Do you think men and women could ever be just friends: yea!
117. Do you bite your nails: no
118. What is your worst habit: don't know
120. Who in your life is the biggest role model: not sure
122. Do you organize your cds: yeah in order that i get them
123. Who makes fun of you the most: i am not sure
124. Ending Time: 6:11 PM

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