October 30, 2004

so we get another hour of sleep tonight!! i look forward to that!! i watched the original Psycho and Casper.... the one with christina ricci in it. i only got to see a little bit of it but i watched as much of it as i could. i haven't been to a halloween party yet and i haven't been invited to one either. maybe next year i should just through my own halloween party. maybe i should start earlier and have a christmas party or something. we'll see what i feel like doing. i might feel up to throwing a party. expecially since my dad finally fixed the spa pump.
i think my mom is seriously going to let us get a better internet. probably whatever is offered through time warner because they provide our cable too so i think my mom is going to go with the cable/internet/phone plan thing all through time warner. because right now we are going through 3 different companies. so i think we might be getting that installed this week if we get it because mom will be home. that is something to look forward to. last night i was up until 1am downloading the antivirus stuff. took me 3 hours. it was 29.9mb and you can imagine that on DIAL-UP!!! ugghh. and then i got up early to go help out at the jv invite. i trained someone on the computer. i am glad i did that because i am not sure if i want to keep going back. i mean i don't mind if ainsley is swimming but if i don't have a real reason to be there i don't want to be there. anyway we all know that a certian coach who i will not name hates me- if you really want to know ask but it really doesn't matter. i never did anything to her and she hates me. i hate people that do that!! i got a catalog from tomball today. so i have been looking at all the classes that they offer. they offer a lot more than i would expect. they even have a swimming pe class!! because everyone has to have a pe credit to graduate or move on from there or whatever you wanted to do. but it is a lot more than what i expected. my dad was trying to convince me that they let everyone in but i know for a fact that someone didn't get in. can you believe it? i can. because it is true.

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