February 21, 2008

things have been busy...

so i have been working really hard at school this semester and i am getting good grades!! :) i am pretty happy about that. i actually got a 103 on my statistics test!! yay! but that was over the first 3 chapter which is the easy stuff. i just hope i can keep it up. and i think management is finally the right major. so i am planning to stick with it. and i should be able to graduate in december or next may. depends if i want/can do summer school this summer. if i can get enough classes in the summer then i will be able to graduate in december!
so i found another macbook on acebucks and bought it. hopefully it won't be a scam! i will post pictures if i actually get it! i really want a macbook. i don't really want a macbook air. i don't really care about how thin it is or anything. it doesn't even have a cd/dvd rom on it because there is not enough room to fit it in. you have to get an attachment. no thanks.