November 15, 2004

why try to come up with an interesting title....i just went on and on and on

so i was able to get up at 4am this morning to go to practice. and i got there at about 4:20am. i was the first one there!! i was pretty surprised. anyway only one other person showed up and none of us had a key to get into the pool area so practice was cancelled. i will have to try again on wednesday. so anyway i love driving in the real early morning. no one is on the road. so i went home and had breakfast with my mom and i helped get ainsley up for her practice. and i made sure my mom got off to work because she was tired and didn't feel too well this morning. and then about 6:45am i went back to bed. i slept for a little while and then started doing laundry and started dinner. we had spagetti. and i like to let it cook in a crockpot all day long with meatballs or sausages in it. that is pretty much all i did today and read. oh and my mom sent me more pictures of murphy that she got from andrew. he has gotten so big. and he is still a puppy. i will try to post some pictures later.

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