August 16, 2004

hey!! i am back. vacation was very fun. Ainsley got to see Kelly. they are so stupid together. they boiled a JELLYFISH!!! have you guys ever known anyone that has done that??
anyway. ainsley starts school tommorrow. it sorta feels wierd that i am not going with her you know? i have been going with her to school for 2 years (at the same school). but we have been starting around the same time forever. and i don't even move in for another 2 weeks. and i start school on August 30. but anyway at least i can be lazy for another couple of weeks. yeah!! anyone want to go see princess diaries 2 with me? you know julie andrews sings a song in it? that is so cool. she hasn't sung a song in a long time because of that stupid doctor that messed up on throat surgery or something. we went to the beach. it was sorta gross because there was so much seaweed. so after i went swimming in the ocean and went into our condo to take a shower. when i took off my swimsuit there was so much seaweed on me and even more in my suit!! it was so gross!!we played put put golf one day. i think i got the highest score. kelly won. but it was fun. that is the point. mostly we spent our time on the beach. but it rained almost every day except thursday and friday and saturday because of the tropical storm bonnie. but then it changed direction so we didn't get any rain after that. we had tons of seafood. i gained weight. but i am hoping to lose lots of weight once i get to school because i will be doing tons of walking and i am on the 3rd floor of my building and there are no elevator so i will be climbing lots of stairs. expesially on move in day because i will have to get all my stuff up to my room. i hope my roommate doesn't hang up all these wierd things before i move in you know? i mean i don't care if it is like on the wall by her bed or whatever but if she puts stuff all over the place then i don't know if i would like that unless i like the stuff she puts up. but hopefully she will stick to her side of the room. it will be an interesting day. i am going to go get some posters to put on my wall. maybe of orlando bloom or someone like that. i have two weeks to figure it out.

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