December 30, 2008

no jobs here

so christmas break has been pretty good. but it seemed like anyone wanted to talk to me about was if i had gotten a job yet. did i have any interviews that day or any question related to getting a job. it is really getting on my nerves ok! NO i don't know what i want to do and NO i haven't had any job interviews recently. i am sorry that not that many people have jobs open and no i am not going to apply to mcdonalds.....i didn't just spend 4 years in college to work there. i think i should get a better job than that. i guess that sounds bad but seriously! i wouldn't mind being a manager there but not many of those jobs open right now. sometimes i just want to get up a leave and go somewhere else but every time i say that, my parents laugh at me saying that i wouldn't do that. ha! sometimes i just want to show them. i just don't know what i want to do.
sorry for all the complaining. it just bothers me that everyone seems to be on my case.

December 11, 2008

winter fun

so last night it actually snowed here! it was awesome. it didn't stay on the ground where i live but there were lots of nearby areas that actually had snow stay on the ground! :)
so i am working on christmas shopping. i am like half way done. tomorrow i am getting my hair cut. i am also going to try to finish up shopping tomorrow.
in a week ainsley and my grandma are coming home. and in a week from saturday, i will be graduating! i hope to have my shopping done by the time everyone comes home. christmas is in 2 weeks.
i went to the dentist the other day and it ended up i have cavities so i went today to get them filled in. so my mouth was numb.

December 05, 2008

i am done with school!

so i am done with school! :) i already know i have an A and a B but i am not sure about my other 2 grades. i know i at least got a B in one other class. but i am not sure about statistics. it feels good not to have to worry about studying or doing homework.
i was able to sell one of my statistics books yesterday but i have another copy to sell. i have someone that is interested but we haven't really set a day/time to do it. so it is not official.
it is pretty cold outside. we actually have the heat on and i am wearing long pants and sweaters and stuff.

December 03, 2008


so i put up flyers around school to try to sell my stats book. they won't take it back at the bookstore because it is one of the books that is not bound so once you open the package, they won't buy it back. so i finally got someone interested. but we haven't actually met to exchange money/books so it isn't officially sold yet but i am on the way there. and i guess yesterday started my good luck in selling things again. someone bought one of my listings on amazon. i have sold 12 things so it averages out to be once a month because i started selling stuff last november on amazon. after school is out, i am really going to go through my room and clean it out. i really feel like i have too much stuff. i might sell some of it but i will probably end up donating a lot of stuff. i hope a lot of people buy a lot of my listings for christmas.
so today i took my 2nd to last test of college! tomorrow i have my statistics test. it will be my last test of college unless i go back for graduate school or something. i already know that i made an A in one of my management classes. and i think i will be getting Bs in my other management classes. and i am not sure about statistics. i can either get a B, C, or D. i can't get an A because i would have to get like a 115 or something. and i can't fail because i would have to get a negative number for that so i am feelling pretty good about it.

December 02, 2008

the end of the semester!

i only have 2 more days left of school! yay! i just have 2 tests left! i am 99% positive that i will pass and graduate! i can't believe that it is almost here! i sent out graduation announcements today to a couple of people. if you want an announcement, just e-mail me or comment on this post. i am also getting ready to send out Christmas cards. if you want one, do the same as above!
when i ordered my graduation announcements in october, i got a comfirmation e-mail. it had a spelling mistake on my name. so i e-mailed them to correct it and they said they would. well guess what happened? they still had a spelling mistake! but thank goodness, it was just in the address labels. so i still sent out some to people that really know me and know how to spell my name. and i am not sure how many will notice it. oh well. i email them and they are going to send me new address labels for free. so i guess i will wait to send out more. i am not sure who else to send them to anyway.
the good news is that i have started christmas shopping! :) well i ordered something online so i needed to do it early anyway. i think i can get the rest at the regular store.