January 26, 2006

that is my new background on my computer! i thought it looked cool! anyway i just finished my 2nd week of school. 14 weeks left! i officially love mondays! yea for no morning classes!! :) i saw chris yesterday!! he is growing his hair out...i like it too!!

January 18, 2006


i was kinda excited about going back to school but now i remember why i love vacation so much.... can i have my christmas vacation back?? so far i like my classes so far but it seems like i am going to have write so many more papers this semester.....i hate english classes!!

January 13, 2006

schoo and stuff......

so i got my books today. not as many as last semester!! i am happy about that! and it cost a lot less too! :)
so in the mail today i got my very first jurory summons!! the fun stuff about being a registered voter! but lucky me i am exempt because i am a student!! so i just send in this thing saying i am a student and then i don't have to go! i am glad too because i would be missing 3 classes on the day i was supposed to go! i am sure they will eventually get me but for the next 2 and a 1/2 years i can get out of it. but i think it would be kinda fun to do it someday. and if it would be on like a friday when i didn't have classes i would go. my mom says i should go and see if my government teacher would give me extra credit. but of course the day i miss would not be goverment because i wouldn't have government on that day.
i cant believe that i start school on tuesday. i am kinda dreading it and kinda not. it will be good to go back because it will give me something to do but then again it is school.

January 07, 2006

Gilmore girls part 2

yea!! i finished watching the first season of Gilmore Girls!! saw some episodes that i had never seen before and some that i had seen before and hadn't realized they were in the first season! i also saw some that i had seen parts of and so i got to see the whole thing!! yea!! on to season 2!!

January 03, 2006

gilmore girls

yesterday i was looking at the best buy ads in the newspaper and i noticed that they were selling gilmore girls seasons 3 and 4 for only $24.99!! so today i went and bought them!! yea!! so now i am up to season 4 in gilmore girls even thougth i am still watching season 1 but i am watching episode 12. i would have bought season 5 too but it was regular price and i didn't have that much money with me. oh well i should watch the ones i have first and then i will go get it.

January 01, 2006

he replied!!

so he finally wrote back. turns out he was on vacation but didn't exactly address the liking part. i copied it into here. maybe you guys can make something of it. or at least give your opinions on it. don't you just love the 2 line e-mails?? and he just puts his anitials at the end instead of his name.
sorry i have been in the desert, over the holidaysa out near del RIo. Devil's River to be exact. sorry for not responding, happy holidays, hope everthing is well. CP

random stuff.....

so i have been watching my gilmore girls dvds and i just finished episode 9 of season 1. i am saving some of my christmas money so when i finish seasons 1 and 2 that i got for christmas i can get season 3 and watch that or wait for my birthday for it. i don't know which. it will depend on how fast i finish it.
well i want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!i can't believe that it is 2006. i stayed up until like 2 am this morning but i could still hear people setting off fireworks at like 3am!!
we are taking down our christmas decorations. i think that it is depressing!! i keep reminding my sister that she starts school on tuesday!! i don't start until January 17!! i think i will go get my books next week.
still haven't heard from him.... it is depressing but maybe he actually has a life like i don't.....

1st post of the new year!!

so this is my first post of 2006!! :)
but i still haven't heard from him....how long does it take to say i am not interested?? maybe he is on vacation???? oh well....