June 30, 2004

What is my fate?

You somehow instantaneously permenantly tranform
into a human sized cat. In order to avoid the
authorities or ending up on a freak show, you
escape by ship with other mutants. You keep
them in line, but sometimes they like to chase

What is your Fate?
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go figure!


I just saw Spider-man 2. i thought it was good. i love going to the movies. i got paid last night. a cute little kid sat next to me at the movies. he kept grabbing my shirt. but it was so cute because he had this hand. little babies are so cute!

June 29, 2004

Rupert = Ron
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General Stuff

Starting time - 10:48 pm
Full name - Allison
Zodiac - Taurus
Chinese Zodiac - no idea
School - SFA
Hair color - brown
Gender - female

Have you ever

... been so drunk that you blacked out? No.
... set any body part on fire for amusement? No.
... kept a secret from everybody? Yes.
... wanted to hook up with a friend? Yep.
... cried during a movie? Yes.
... ever liked a teacher? mr schrader, mr rock, mr jackson!
... ever thought an animated character was hot? not really
... ever prank called someone? Yes.
... been on stage? Many a times.
... fought with your parents? yes
... laughed until you cried? no i stop when i can't breathe
... watched a sunrise or a sunset? Yes
... went to the beach at night? No.
... been mean? Ask Ainsley
... been sarcastic? Yes.


Are you happy? Yes.
Are you talking to someone online? yes
Eating? Nope.
Drinking? no


Shampoo - Pantene Pro-V
Soap - scented
Color - Blue
Day or night - night
Kind of music - oldies
Soda - coke
Car - silver taurus
Perfume or cologne - none
Favorite radio station - "Good time and Great Oldies" at 107.5 KLDE
Website - Pathea.com
Subject in school - computer class
least favorite subject - physics
Food - pasta
Movie - i like so many...
Place - my room!!
Holiday - Christmas
Lace or satin - Satin.
Place to chill at - my room again!!
Ice cream - chocolate chip cookie dough
Cartoon character - the simpsons


Who named you? my parents
What was the last thing you ate? mashed potatoes and chicken
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? someone i love and can live with and get along with
How many buddies on your list? 28
First son's name? alex
First daughter's name? catherine
Do you make fun of people? Yep.
One pillow or two? one
Piercing or tattoo? two piercing on each ear.
Favorite quotes? now that is tastless without being gaudy
Do you like to swim? Yes.
Do you have a job? computer operations with the swim team
Pencil or pen? Pen
Who's better, boys or girls? don't know
Do you sing in the shower? no
Would you ever go bungee-jumping? No
Do you enjoy reading? very much!
What was the last movie you saw? The Terminal
Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? maybe liposucsion
What is your worst habit? Procrastination.
Do you organize your cds? by when i buy them
The best way to die? in your sleep
When do you want to die? before i get to old to be able to do things

Ending time 11:26 pm

got this survey from Julia's blog. i am excited about tommorrow... i am going to see spider-man 2....got paid today. school starts exactly 2 months from tommorrow!!

June 28, 2004


it is starting to thunder. this morning looked so nice and sunny and it didnt rain which is a first in like 2 weeks!!we had to end the swim meet early because the thunder knocked out a transformer or something. and before they could give us power they had to restart the whole school!! anyway i cant believe that only like an hour ago when i went to the gym it was nice and sunny and then on the way home it got all dark. at least we got a break. it suppose to rain all week again. jurrasic park is on usa. sort of fits in with todays mood of rain.

June 27, 2004

Cool page that Elijah Wood put together on Lord of the Rings
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another cute picture of Orlando Bloom on Jay Leno
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Orlando Bloom on Jay Leno
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My weekend!

Well i am home now. i am so tired! it was a very long weekend. the lights went out at the end of the meet today. so we got to cancel the end of the meet. it is supposed to rain until wednesday. i love rain. hopefully i will be paid tommorrow. i think i might have pink eye which i got from ainsley who got it a couple of days ago. anyway....i have a headache too but i think that is from waking up too early two days in a row. i don't know all i know is that i am going to sleep in tommorrow!!i can't believe i still have 2 months until school starts!! wow!!

June 26, 2004

long weekend

i am pooped. i got up at 4:45 AM!!!if i get up that early for you... you know that i really like you. still haven't been paid yet but hopefully i will be paid on monday so i have money to go see spider man 2. after all this swimming stuff...guess what i get to do!! clean out my room!!! because ther is a whole bunch of stuff in my room that i will probably never use!! but i think i will spread that job out over the rest of summer. i still have like 2 months of summer. ainsley only has 6 weeks!i am thinking that i could have a garage sale at the end of summer. anyone else want to join me so we will have more to sell? it is just a thought. no definite plan yet. don't even know if i will get past the cleaning out part. i probably need clean sweep to come to my room and help me clean out my room. anyone else seen clean sweep on tlc? i am thinking about going and doing a whole clean sweep but not in 2 days more like 2 months. but i am lazy and if i finish cleaning out my room this summer that would be a very good accomplishment!!! anyone notice how i finally figured out how to get only one comment link on my page? because Blogger builds in a comment link into your page. but i like Halo better because it just brings a little pop up page on top of the blog page. but the way blogger's comment works is that it brings up a page with just that one post and the comments below it in the current window so you can't see all my post just one. i hope you guys understand what i am saying. i know what i mean.

June 25, 2004

the weekend

got a long weekend ahead-swim meet.

June 24, 2004


hey!! do you guys like the fellowship picture?? it is a good picture!anyway not much is going on right now. anyway i am almost done with laundry! i will be $20 richer soon and aisnley owes me money too. and hopefully i will get paid soon!

The Fellowship of the Ring
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June 23, 2004

hey! it is almost the end of june!! i am starting to get real bored. so now i am reading all my books in my room. anyway i don't have any new news to report. i am almost done with my job!! i just need to get all the stuff together to pass on to the next person that is going to do the job next year.

June 22, 2004

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

hey!! i am almost done with my job!! i just have to get the results in from this coming weekend and then i am done!! it is thundering like crazy outside!! i want it to rain!! it is driving the dog nuts!!

June 18, 2004

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?

First ...

Job: Computer person for the Raveneaux Racers
Screen name: Hawkeyepierce04
Pet: 1 dog and 1 cat
Piercing: 2 per ear
Tattoo: none! i respect my body
Credit card: none
Kiss: never been kissed! unless my relatives count
Best friend: many :D
Wedding: went to kari andersons and my best friend's brothers wedding

Last ...

Car ride: silver taurus
Kiss: never been kissed
Movie watched: the terminal
Beverage drank: coke
Food consumed: pretzel
Phone call: mom
Road trip: to SFA
Time showered: thursday
CD played: the simpson soundtrack
Time you cooked from scratch: brownies
Time you cut your toenails: last week

Now ...

Single or Taken: single but wish i was taken
Sex: female
Birthday: April 24
Sign: taurus
Siblings: sister and brother
Hair color: brownish
Eye color: blue
Shoe size: 9
Height: 5'4.75"
Wearing: blue shorts, port aransas shirt, socks and shoes
Drinking: nada
Thinking about: aaron jackson and a special hug from a special person at graduation
Listening to: the tv as i am typing this

got a survey from other people's blogs and some fun quizes to relieve my bordom but i am bored again!

phil of the future is premiering today! and there is a lizzie mcquire marathon today! i don't have much to say today. i am downloading some critical updates from windows update. i went to see the terminal today. it is good. not many people to talk to. i am so bored!! i had the weirdest dream last night. i was at a pep rally with all my friends and then all of a sudden they got mad at me. i didn't know why. and people were there that didn't even go to my school! it was crazy but then i woke up. anyway people call me or e-mail me!!!

June 16, 2004

hey! i am back from orientation. i got to sign up for my classes yesterday too!!i got the scedule i wanted too. i only have 1 8:00am class and it is only on tuesday and thursday. i also got it so i am done by 12:15 on most days. i have sfa 101 at 3:00pm on mondays and wednesdays but that isn't too bad. it gives me a very long lunch break and then i am done after that class. i also got my student id made. it looks horrible! i have this weird look on my face and i am all red and everything. but the cool thing is that they made it right there and gave it to you like a minute after your picture is taken. anyway i had fun! but they ran us ragged. we had something to do from 8:00am to like 11:15pm! i was so tired then when i came home i had to help finish up entries because they were due last night and i had a board meeting to got to and i didn't get home until 9:15! i was so tired! i just got up like an hour ago!! anyway this weekend is going to be so busy!! because i have entries to do for invitationals and a whole bunch of stuff to do for the banquet on sunday. i hope it rains some more today i like rain when you don't have to go anywhere and stuff. but this fall i am taking sfa 101, geography 133, pyschology 131, political science 141, english 133, and art 281. all of my classes are morning classes except for sfa 101 which is at 3:00. and english is my only 8:00 classes all the other ones are at 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00am so it isn't too early or too late and i will have the afternoons off! but i will probably be doing homework or something so i will be busy but the afternoons will be on my time!! yeah!!!

June 11, 2004

hey! um....well not much is happening. trying to get my parents to let me go on a trip. i would like to go to london or san fransico or at least somewhere exciting. i am dying to get away from here.not much to do here once the season ends.

June 10, 2004

hey! not much is happening. i am trying to get plans to go somewhere on a trip. i hope it can go through. i have been doing research for my parents so hopefully they will let me go!

June 09, 2004

well my parents found out about my tv. they aren't going to take it away!! yeah!! not much is happening right now. i have been just working on swim team stuff and in between i watch tv and play gamecube and try to rid the world of viruses and trojans (or at least my dad's computers and the team computer-hopefully i won't get any viruses on this computer!!) people who make viruses have too much time on their hands!! and i guess i don't understand why people would want to make a virus. someday it is going to turn back on them. hopefully i will have something fun to do soon!!

June 07, 2004

hey! i am back! i got an antenna today for my tv and a whole bunch of hook ups so i can have my dvd player play on my tv. my parents still haven't figured out that i have a tv! but my dad is the only parent home and he never goes into my room. ainsley got home yesterday. i realized how much i enjoyed her not being here. she is just a pain in the butt!!! anyway she hasn't noticed either. i am sure the first one to notice will be mom but she probably won't notice until wednesday.the team computer is acting funkie it has a virus that i can't get rid of because you have to have some subscription to get rid of it and i don't have the money to get it and i am not going to spend it on a computer that isn't mine!!i am suggesting to the board to look into a new computer for next year. don't know if they will because they probably spent all their money already....hope they can pay me!! i know last year they ran out of money before they could even pay andrew!!! it was bad!!

June 06, 2004

i got a new mouse today for my computer. i think the team computer has a virus. not sure what kind but the internet isn't working to well and it is getting slow. i think that is how dad's virus started. i just hope that this computer won't start getting a virus but i have pretty good anti virus protection. i can't wait until i am done with my computer job. on friday i got a tv/vcr combo and a dvd player for only $120!!

June 03, 2004

yeah! i am going to see harry potter tonight!!at midnight!! yeah!! i am excited!! i am going with some very close pals(robin!!!! and christine!!!)!!! lots of excitement here if you can't tell. i can't wait to see the part were hermione hits malfoy!! that is so cool!! yeah!!anyway i think iam going to get a tv and dvd player tommorrow for my room. i probably wont take it to college but i want to have one in my room so i can play my gamecube as loud as i want without being yelled at to turn it down or someone saying turn it off. anyway the tv that i have my gamecube on is like as old as i am!! i had to get a special connector to be able to play on it!! it doesn't have those a/v outlets! doesn't that tell you something?the coloring of it is awful! anyway later i will report what i think of harry potter! you know it is like $9.50 a ticket!! that is so expensive!! and i thought $6.50 was expensive!

June 02, 2004

i can't believe it is already june!!i just have a couple more weeks left of my job too! 3 weeks left! we have this weekends meet against norchestar. next week we are swimming oak creek village. then we have divisionals. then the invitationals. then i am done!! yeah!! i am still trying to get my parents to let me go somewhere! anyone have any suggestions? in just a little over a week i have my freshman orientation!! my parents are saying that is a vacation but yeah right! that is school!anyway that is only 3 hours away!! ok i was just looking at the norchestar information sheet and their computer person doesn't have an e-mail address!! i hope that doesn't mean that i have to go up to norchestar and give him the entries on a disk! that is too much work. i am getting paid but not that much!!ok i am just lazy!anyway i will call him and see what is going on. he might have an email address and just not written it down. lets hope so!

June 01, 2004

i saw raising helen today. it was pretty good. there were only like 4 people in the movie theater!!it started at 10:15am so that is probably why. i like going that early because there are no lines and not a lot of people there to bug you. i hate it when there is a little kid behind you kicking your seat and being totally annoying and you can't concentrate on the movie! but you don't want to turn around and bother more people by yelling at the stupid kid. it is june 1st!! yeah. it is really starting to feel like summer other than the fact that it is 93 degrees outside and but it feels like 100 degrees. 2 summers ago when i went to visit my grandma in august...it felt so good!! it was like in the 70 which isnt that cold but they didn't have the humidity like we do so it felt so much cooler. it felt so good!!i was flying on delta and the one i was riding on was one of those small planes that can't pull up to one of those arms so you have to go down the stairs and walk to the terminal you know? so when i first stepped out at cincinnate i was like wow!! i totally wasnt expecting it!! it felt just as good in new york!! but it started warming up towards the end of my trip! and then i went to my first real train station on that trip too because my dad was riding up on the train from charlottesville to come home with me. he was helping andrew move in. and it was perfect timing with my trip so my grandma and i went to pick him up from the train station. i wish we had passenger trains down here. it would actually be a good idea to have one that comes from out here to downtown but i don't think they should extend the lightrail. that thing is so terrible! my mom has ridden it once when we met her at the rodeo and she was coming straight from work. instead of moving her car from her parking lot where she has unlimited access to the rodeo, she just rode the lightrail. she said it was real slow and it pretty much goes in a straight line and she had to walk a ways to get on it so it is pointless. and it has been in like 40 accidents so far! it has only been open like 5 months!! i want to ride on a train! i have been on the subway in washington dc but that isn't the same!! anyone have any ideas on road trips or just plain trips? i want to plan a trip and make it look like i did a good job in research on a trip so that maybe my parents will see how bad i want to go on a good vacation this year. most of the time our trips involve swim meets!! last year we went to port aransas and stayed praticly on the beach. you could walk from the hotel to the beach! that was pretty good! but i would have like to stay longer and it was sort of rushed because we finally got it planned onlyu a couple of weeks in advanced! and we came back like a day before school started. i know that won't happen this year because ainsley starts before i do but still.