November 12, 2004


so the week is almost over. ainsley gets to go to court tomorrow for her stupid ticket. some policeman gave her a ticket for not wearing her seatbelt on private property!! yes klein high school is private property. that is why they have their own policeman. and the guy that gave her a ticket was a sheriff not with klein police. so i get to take care of some kitties again this weekend. i like taking care of pets. i want to go see polar express sometime soon. i think it just came out. i also want to see the incredibles. but i would like to see polar express first. might go with my mom soon because she wants to see it too. we have the book. we got it when it first came out because we were little back then. ainsley has a swim meet tomorrow. i might go help i might not. depends on how i feel. i will probably at least go watch. i will probably go and bring a book to read. ainsley is moving to klein aquatics. i think it is a good move. brian (coach) is cool. i can't wait for the holidays. lots of people come over and lots of food and presents and fun. i am still trying to figure out which classes to take next semester.

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