December 27, 2009

so this is our christmas tree. it is kinda fuzzy but it shows the lights the best out of all the pictures i tried to take. i got a new camera for christmas. that is probably the best thing i got this year but that is ok because i don't really  need anything. anyway the things i really want are too big to be christmas presents. i got a couple of gift cards. i got harry potter and the half blood prince and the new backstreet boys cd. i hope everyone had a good christmas!

December 17, 2009

Mac Pro

so every once in a while i will go on the apple website and build an imac or macbook or something and see how much it would cost and what they have added and stuff. i had never looked at their mac pro which is their big desktop computer. so i decided to look at it and see what it would be like to build a customized one. it has 4 hard drive bays and you can have up to a 2 TB hard drive in each one. that means 8 TB total!! that would last you a long time! i was so amazed. it could also have a 32 GB memory card! to have the best of this computer would make it over $10,000!!!! wow i sound like a geek but wow! i wish i had the money to buy something like that but that is like buying a car! i think i will just get the regular imac. :) now the ipod nanos have cameras in them! i am a little jealous but i just bought a new ipod classic this summer so i am not ready to trade it in right now. but i am ready to trade in my computer. i have had it with the one i have. it does so many weird things and never does exactly what i want it to do. does anyone else go and build their favorite computers? i do the same thing with my favorite cars.

December 15, 2009

wow. today i was fired. i think that is the shortest time someone has worked anywhere. i think i lasted 3 weeks. unless you count the girl that trained with me that never showed up after that day. maybe she had the right idea. oh well more time spend with my family because i think i was suppose to work next week. now instant vacation again! and on again the job search/soul search/ where is my future search. at least i like the weather. hopefully i have a good christmas. i don't deserve anything at all but hopefully i will be surprised.