July 28, 2005


i don't do very well about updating here. umm....nothing is going on. i keep asking people if they want to go bowling but no one ever does. i think i will go tomorrow by myself. i need to practice.

July 26, 2005

new additions to my page

so if you guys go down the side bar i put in this section a list of classes that i am taking this semester. i will update it each semester with a list of classes i am taking.
so wow i haven't updated in a while!!! not much is going on right now.
i am still in summer school but there is only 4 weeks left!!! yeah!! i can do it . so far i have an A in chemistry, a B in religion and i have no idea what i have in bowling. i think my teacher is going to do a lot of our grading on our average in leauge play and she gave us this scale at the begining of the semester saying if our average is this number you will get this grade and all. well so far my bowling average after the first week of leauge play is a 74. that is an F on the stupid scale. i am probably the only one that is going to fail that part of the class. i am sorry if i am not a great bowler!! i have practiced a lot this summer and i have improved a lot but i have not gotten over a 100 in bowling. you have to bowl over a 124 to get an A. so i am a little scared about that. i think it should be more of if you have improved over the semester than what your actual bowling average is. there are lots of people that are bowling well in my class and i feel that i am the only one not doing well. i don't want to fail.
so this morning our refrigerator stopped running (i could tell a stupid joke here but i really don't feel like it.) well it was running but not cooling so my mom called some repair people to come over and look at it. if the repair is going to be too expensive we are just going to get a new refrigerator. but if the repair man can fix it for a resonable price we will just have it repaired. it would be cool to get a new refrigerator because we have had this one for at least 10 years probably more. we were looking for the paper work on when we got so we can see when we got it but as of when i left this morning we hadn't found it and the repair man just got there so i am not sure how it turned out!!
right now i am taking care of the dogs that live across the street from me. i am taking care of them for almost 3 weeks and they are coming back this friday. i took care of them in june for a week and they gave me $50 for it. i am kind of excited to see what they are going to pay me for almost 3 weeks!! if it is a lot i will put some of it in my savings account. i haven't put much money in there recently but i haven't taken any out either. i think from my summer jobs and graduation money i think i have somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000. no one think about stealing my money!!(the little that i have!!)
last night i went to see the march of the penguins!! it was so cute!! i think everyone should see it!! oh and in the previews i saw a preview for harry potter and the goblet of fire!! i can't wait until it comes out!

July 21, 2005

harry potter and stuff

so on saturday i went to get hp and hbp. i have already finished it. i thought about going to the barnes and nobles party friday night but my mom had past it when she was out shopping with my brother and it was really crowded and it was only 9:30pm so i decided not to go. but i was able to get it saturday. when we went there was a huge pile of them in the front and by the time we left they were almost gone!! it was nuts and they also had tons of boxes full of them behind the check out!!
so only 4 more weeks of summer school. i have an A in chemistry. i think i have a B in world religions but after todays test i am not so sure. we will have to see on monday.
so it has been raining almost every day for the past week or so. i like it unless i have to drive in it and i can't see where i am going.

July 15, 2005

rain rain go away.......not really

so it has been raining here everyday for the past couple of days. i like rain. but yesterday i had to drive in it and sometimes i could hardly see where i was going! ben is scared.
but i went to north harris yesterday to do this wellness unit that i have to do with my bowling class. so you look at this slide show first to get all the info. it took me like 3 hours to copy all of it down. then you take a test. you can take it twice. so i took it once while i was there and i got an 80%. so i am going to study the info for a little and take the test again in a week or two. i just knew that if i didn't take it then it would be the week it is due and i wouldn't have any time to take it.
so it has really started to rain and thunder and lightning. i was going to go to the gym but it is raining so hard i am not sure if i could see where i am going.
i think i might go to the midnight harry potter party if someone would go with me.

July 13, 2005


i started a new class. intro to world religion. i want to learn more about other religion. my teacher seems really cool. but we have this project where we have to go to a church service of another religion that isn't your own. like i am christian so i can't go to like a catholic service or baptise service i have to go to like a muslim or buddhist service. i think i am going to a jewish service because i have been interested in the jewish religion but it isn't christian you know? so i am a little nervous/scared about that but other than that i am excited. my teacher has put all the notes on his webpage and all the studyguides and homework sheets so we can download it and just write on it in class. i like that. so you don't have to be busy writing down the stuff on the slides. you can actually listen to the teacher and understand the stuff.
we got some of our chemistry homework back and i now have an A!!!! after my test i had a high B but with my good lab report and homework i now have exactly a 90. but she drops your lowest test,homework, lab report, and worksheet. so with my lowest grades dropped i have like a 91.
i am taking care of some dogs for 2 and a half weeks. they paid me like $50 for a week so think what i am going to get for almost 3 weeks!! :)

July 08, 2005


so after like a month of no rain, we get 2 nights of thunderstorms!! i love rain!!so i am half way through summer school. i got my lab report back and i got a 99!!! i guess that is all the news i have for right now!!

July 05, 2005


so still nothing going on. i signed up for another class for during the second session. it is intro to world religions. it covers all different religions around the world. i think it would be interesting to learn about other peoples religion. so i will be getting 8 credits this summer and will have 21 credits at the end of the summer. so i think i am now only 3 classes behind. that is better then the 6 classes that i was behind.
so we didn't shoot any fireworks off yesterday. i watched some of the fireworks shows on tv though.
i am trying to plan my fall schedule. i am trying to wait to see if any of my old teachers are teaching any classes this fall so i can take their class.

July 02, 2005


so nothing exciting is going on. i got my first chemistry test back. i got an 82%. i think most of the points she took was wrong but of course she won't change it even after i ask her about why she took it off. she is just like look in your book. oh well at least i didn't fail. and she drops the lowest grade at the end of the semester.
andrew gave me a whole bunch of books out of his room. he actually used to read fantasy books. he has a whole bunch of star wars books. and other ones that i had never heard off. i am going to start reading them soon.
i finished reading the DaVinci Code. it was really good. my brother let me borrow angels and demons by the same author that wrote the DaVinci Code. it is good so far.

Happy 4th of July