August 25, 2004

well i am avoiding packing. so i get on the internet and look at other people's blogs, update my own, and check my e-mail. i will eventually get bored so i then i will get off and start packing. i pretty much just need to pack clothes because a lot of stuff i am leaving in the bags we got them in.
i hear that it won't rain tomorrow but it is suppuse to be hot so joy!! anyone want to come help me move in?
i saw Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement on Monday. it was good. i think i like the first one the best still. it is hard to say. but i would suggest that you go see it.
my family went to Hido last night as my last meal at home thing because my parents won't be able to go out tonight because they have some meeting tonight.
i better get to packing. i will probably start with throwing all the clothes i want to take on my bed. that way i will have to pack if i want to go to bed tonight. then i will throw other things i need to pack on my bed and then actually pack them. next time i post i will be at college and all moved in and stuff!!

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