May 27, 2006


so today ainsley graduated from high school! tonight we are going to taste of texas for dinner. we are going to open her presents before dinner. i think i will be more excited about her computer than she will be. but the stupid thing today was that ainsley didn't get her actual diploma because she had a book hold but she had turned in all her books so i have concluded that the school is stupid and a pain.
my minisemster is almost over. 3 days left of class. no school monday because of the holiday and no school on wednesday because my teacher has a doctor appointment or something. final is on friday. i think i will get an A. i got an A on the midterm so i think it will go well.

May 24, 2006


i am enjoying my sociology class. it is pretty interesting. we had a midterm on monday and i got a 94!!
Ainsley is graduating on saturday. kinda scary. my grandma is coming here tomorrow. so we are cleaning and making our house look great. i think i am more excited about finding out what kind of computer ainsley is going to get than she is. i am not sure ainsley really cares. i will probably end up setting it for her anyway. i like doing that kind of stuff so i don't mind!

May 18, 2006


i like my sociology class. i like the time too. i can slowly get up and not have to hurry to get there. the school isn't as bad as i thought it would be either because i have had time to sorta look around. ainsley got her laptop the other day but we are going to give it to her next saturday when she graduates. my mom is going to get her towels with her name on it. i am going to get her a cd player/radio thing that can fit into a shelf or something. i got my housing contract yesterday. so i all i know so far is that i will be either in the quad or moody towers. it didn't exactly say. so i signed in all the places and sent it in today.

May 15, 2006


today i start my minisemester class. i am kinda nervous because it is at willowchase and the only time i have been there was to buy my books. i probably should have walked around when i was there and found my classes but i didn't. i hope they don't cancel my class because there are only 12 people signed up for it.
my speech teacher finally posted my grade and i got an A!! so my gpa is a 3.34 now. it went down a little bit because all my other grades are B's. but i am really going to try to get all A's this summer to bring it up a little bit.
Ainsley is doing the senior skip day thing today. i never did that.

May 13, 2006

yesterday i got the rest of my summer school books. willowchase looks nice on the outside but the inside is kinda least that is what i got from it when i went to get my books. their bookstore looks like it used to be a classroom. i guess i am just used to cy-fair's bookstore because it is a lot bigger. so i thought i would try to read the first chapter for my sociology class so when i get there on monday i will be prepared. i am kinda excited and kinda nervous. starting out at a new school even if it is only for the summer. i will probably be feeling the same way in august when i go to u of h.
my speech teacher still hasn't posted the grades. the only real good grade i have gotten is in finite math were i got an A. all the other ones are kinda disappointing. i still have a 3.30 GPA though(i am not trying to brag though)

May 11, 2006

its over!

i am so glad it is over!! the semester is done! i was able to sell back all my books and got over $200 for them so i will be able to buy my summer class books. i haven't gotten any of my grades other than english. that is ok. i don't want to know them.
the weather here felt so good. it was actually comfortable! yay!

May 10, 2006

1 left!!

so i took 2 more finals today. none of my teachers have posted my grades yet except for english which i think i have already said i got a B. i have one more final tomorrow. it is finite math. i think it is the one that i am most confident about. i will probably get an A in that class. probably the only A i will get this semester. but hopefully i can get 3 A's this summer to make up for it!! :)

May 09, 2006

1 down 3 to go!

so i took my first final today which was speech. i think i did ok on it. i will probably end up getting a b in the class. my english teacher e-mail out our grades and i got a B!! i seriously thought i would get a C because on 2 of the papers i got C's but on the third paper i got a B and on the major paper we just handed in i got a B too and that major paper was worth more so i guess it was just high enough to make my grade a B!! i definitly don't mind getting B's. i don't want to get any C's or lower in college. i have 2 finals tomorrow and 1 on thursday and then i am done!! yay!!

May 05, 2006

the day after the storm...

so i swept up the front yard today. we had tons of leaves and branches in our yard. so i swept up the driveway, the front walkway that leads up to the front door and all the leaves next to the curb. i thought about raking the yard but by then it was hot and i was getting tired and sweaty so i quit. there was still the backyard to finish because we cleaned up the backyard a little bit yesterday. anyway people will see the frontyard and not the backyard unless they actually come in a look out the back windows.
i went to the store today and when i got into my car i noticed that i had a crack in my front window from the hail. it was kind of towards the top and when i was coming home i thought it looked like it had gotten bigger since i went to the store. and i have dents on my hood from the hail. hail hates my car.
it is suppose to rain tonight/tommorrow morning. i love rain but hopefully no more hail! i like regular storms.

May 04, 2006

severe thunder storm!!!

so i was saying before how we were having some rain. it turned out to have tons of thunder and lightning and tons of hail. my pool almost overflowed!! our power went out for about 45 minutes. the news was saying that there were wind walls or tornado walls or something like that that is how tornados start and it kinda looks like there was a tornado went through the neighborhood. there are tree branches and leaves everywhere. a real mess. no houses were flattened or anything. my mom thinks that there might have been roof damage to the people behind us from the hail. i took a picture of a pile of hail after it stopped raining. so the pile of hail is like 30 minutes after it stopped raining so they had melted a bit.

school is almost over!!

today was my last day of regular classes!! my last english class too!! i turned in my paper and now i am done!! i only have 4 finals next week.
it is storming right now! i love rain. and i have gotten everything done that i need to get done so i don't have to go anywhere so it is all ok!

May 03, 2006

last day of school

i just finished my last english paper!!! yay!!! it is actually 6 pages long!! i will be done with my last english class tomorrow!! tommorrow is the last day of regular classes. next week are finals. then i am done for the semester. i am ready!

May 01, 2006

its may!

i cant believe that this is the last regular week of school!! next week is finals and then i am done for the semester!! yay!! but too bad i have a class right after that but at least it isn't until 2:30pm so it won't be too bad and it is sociology so i don't think it will be too hard.
i can't believe it is may!!